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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

May 9, 2013

in the name of god

as you see each year esaeel make a celebrate ( i think it is better to call celebrate) for crying the people who was died on holocast (killing jews grouply by fire in second war) and the president of that country say we must care of jews and in this case they kill thousend people of countries who are around each year...

for example killing serya people by charjing terrorist or sending some aircraft and etc....and do that hell to palestine, aljazayer , lebnan and ....

and after that they come on tv and speak about freedom (especially in speech), justy and humanity and peace... he he he ;)

i don t know what kind of freedom in speech is that as someone complaint or be disagree, being vanish from world...

hay guys, as i see some friend send me some mail..so thanks, i would answer it later..honestly i m studying for my tests which is being sooner for two months... ;( and if u ask why, it ias all cause president selection in iran

take care

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View all entries from saeed >

12:38 PM Jun 06 2013

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hay oscar....

esaeel help financial to terrorist of serya, who are killling innocent people, eating heart of soldier, fucking female unrole and male (like gay) and killing kids of sheieh (a girl with 7 years) or even baby who is not have 6 months...only for power and money they do this all sinister do...and esaeel help them coz his benefit...even some sonnie leader are against this terorist..

esaeel also send some of his soldier to guid them...now i must ask? who except devil for his benefit doing hell???

if u read books, u would know mankind and human for their needs doing sin and the god order to stop being servant of devil....

u say esaeel do this for his safety, i must ask, if u say trust why esaeel in recent 5 war, start sooner????

honestly i m telling these to viewer ,not u oscar, coz u know this better than me but for money and unvaluable world saying lie, crimp yourself and others if u can....wow..what a unblessed and miserable life...i m commiserate for you....

07:44 AM May 23 2013

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oscar, big lier.... what are u talking about..only 3days a go esaeel soldier shot a kid in palestine in front of all people eyes....you haven t listen to usa news  that said esaeel soldier being back from passway  of alghasir....


take a look and not say more lie anymore.... stop from this miserable job, to taking money and saying lie....

10:13 AM May 22 2013



A Dora incident Is fraud and deception of the Palestinian , a Dora was killed by the Palestinians militant , NOT BY Israel!

Israel never lost any war , that’s why we still here.

09:43 AM May 22 2013

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hay oscar...

are you still taking money for saying lie here.... no one believe your lie anymore...and as i see now aday ur president is really angry coz it is loooose a lot of money in serya war.with no chasing goal...... wow .... as i told, devil is failed at all....so don t try like a fly in a pent glass for escape....

and as i heared he went to mosco and get back with hand that is so longish than foot( it means pain with  no gain)..he he he...u and ur government are a looser and being loooser till world end....and if u ask why? easily..coz devil is looser and god want s devil being loooser...

here are some picture of esaeel in case of freedom, and demorcy and something you said in following website...take a good look in it...


maybe u could find more feature for ur contry

11:17 AM May 09 2013



Israel fight for it existence from the Arab Muslim aggression over than 100 years.

Its all self defense from the Muslims brutality.

The  attack on Syria was to stop weapons shipment to the "shia terror organization Hizbullah". the shipment arranged by the terror regime of Iran and killer Assad.

Iran is the devil , the "head of snake" to all the problems in the middle east and Arabia!