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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

August 18, 2014

time is ticking and we can never go back ...  we always spend our time on hopless and disuseful things ... but as we loose the time, we ll be regret and in other hand if we return back to that time, we understand we could do nothing else ... he he he

believe me..i m saying the trust....

even i m still look like younge, but my hair are start to turn white.now aday you could find a lot of white color hair between my brown-blacky hair....

maybe it shows weakness, but people belive they are show me more sceintefic...... someother suggest me to use sunglassess too...:D

anyhow, i m start being old.i buying oldness and for earning the cost of that, i start selling my youngnes.....

and my question is " who can stop this sale?"

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View all entries from saeed >

02:36 PM Aug 21 2014

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

dear Mr. Learne

thanks for ur comment , and i m agree with you ....

01:01 AM Aug 19 2014

Mr. Learner

Hi Saeed, 

That was a nice post trying to grab attention to the importance of time.
And yeah, no one can stop the sale, but everyone can gain profits from this sale if they knew how to manage things properly. :)

My sincere greetings to you.