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xiaoyan liu


September 18, 2010

i don't know why am too sensitive..hehe..because am a girl?

this reason is too rediculous..hehe..

but i did cry tonight. why did i have bad experience before..nd when i think about this. i can not have open minded ..i really want to have a deep breathe...

my friend told me..to be brave girl..don't afraid.

good people also exist ...

i should encourage myself..smile..kiss

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06:42 AM Sep 20 2010


hey gal

how r u? i found a very decent girl in u n want to encourage u towards the ups n downs of life...this happens with everyone...so don't think that u r alone who is going through with this, m also like you n usually cry on small things, which we shouldn't. so as ur friend said be a brave girl. always smile n fight with ur weaknesses.....take care