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xiaoyan liu


September 25, 2010

am a big big girl in the big big world

 it  is not  a big big thing if u leave me....

i like this kind of song .so encouragement ..isn't ? i still remember i listen this song when i was high school at my first time..wow..it seems 6 years ago

when i was a little child..i always thoght time passed so slow..but at this present..i have a oposite way to think about that..time goes fast..i think i didn't catch him so well..sad..just like i can not master the interpersonal ...too complicated...

but here is a happy news..i will go home tomorrow moning by 10 hours then i can go home..probably...this little train will cross through the mountains..hehe

and i didn't tell this to my parents..because i wanna give them a big surprise..

and i should be happier..because of my heart...angel heart...and actually am nice..beautiful...kiss...good niteKiss


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