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xiaoyan liu


October 15, 2010

ya..i was upset these time..but i try to forget

so i got a new tattoo to remember this..maybe am so crazy or so crude for myself..but something to feel painful is also wonderful..because i can set off some stress and sadness...Cry

U can cry for ur daddy and mummy...but NOT FOR MAN..

DONT look down upon myself...never do this for a man's words...what did i do? did i do something wrong? no way...u are so perfect and nice....just if he didn't cherish this friendship..just let it free..and relax...nothing is big deal..

i promise...from now on ..i live for on one..just for myself..for the person who love me so much..like my family..am independence..

give u more space...let u free..let u fly...then i don't care how not important in ur mind...just say fareware...

i will be a happy person...try my best..enjoy the sunshine everyday...even though the cloudy day...am freedom..my life is like a kate...i can fly to anywhere..no direction..no one can make me down...just dance in the wind...



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View all entries from everything interesting >

06:19 AM Oct 18 2010

xiaoyan liu

thanks for all ur guys ' advice

i appreciate them...and i will listen to u all

after all am the only one in this world....

05:26 AM Oct 18 2010


I read some articls from your,and I think you are a sunshine girl. Maybe ,you can listen  some songs which you like very much ,and it will help you come down and relieve  your sadness. Something has gone is gone forever so sometimes you shall forget  it. Look at the sky, take a deep breath,tomorrow is another day,so come on!

04:59 AM Oct 15 2010


Hi girl!

Hey, cheer up! Please, don't let anyone to bring you down. You have to be strong and keep your head held high. Let it go and don't be stuck on bad moments. I'm sure you're gonna find someone who will love you as mush as you deserve to be loved.

I wish you all the best, my dear friend. If you need something, you can count on me!