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xiaoyan liu


October 18, 2010

i read some carings of my web friends..

they care for me so much..thanks..i should be happy...why not? just change another way to think about which way i should hold in my life..i can not just keep this negative way to know this world..sometimes i need to imagine if i am in another different situation or occasion...yes..i admire someone who can study in a foreign university..

i don't know why am not that brave after studying in the university..i found my capable is limited..,,now i feel am a tortle..

i always plan to do something important..but just day by day...now i also can not hold my heart to be a serious way...am still on the GAME....flow here and there...

so tomorrow is another day..i need to do some change..

do i ? yes..i can not be a idiot one...i had too much leisure time..now it is time for me to come back to the original place...Kiss

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12:50 AM Oct 20 2010

xiaoyan liu

thanks for ur comment

07:30 AM Oct 18 2010


Saudi Arabia

Nice words

thanks my dear!Smile

have a nice day!