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xiaoyan liu


November 24, 2010

a little girl live inside of my heart..so probably i don't want to grow up and i don't want to admit how crude this society.

my phone lie down on my table . it seems she is waiting someone's greeting.one text or one phone call.. but usually she is just silent.

when i woke up. at that moment my eyes opened up. i realized..everything ..i can remember...Everything ...i can forget...and Everything ..i can forgive..

maybe am such a strange girl.sometimes i want to drop tears.my tears flow down my cheek by a quiet way.i need to forget something

since i faint again..i found myself is so weak..even though i study in another city. so i need to care for myself..no one can do that without my parents..we are all selfish..

at this time i don't want to worry about anyone..i don't want to cry for anyone..who did care for me?

but fortunately i have a little teddy bear.when i am sad i can hug little bear to sleep..he can warm me so much...

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