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February 23, 2012

         We always say after I found a very lovely man I may fall in love with him. But when he asked you what is very lovely, you can’t answer him, because you didn’t know either. Yeah, we always think that we are able to find a very lovely man, but we will feel how naïve we are when we suddenly look back. If we have never started, how do you know whether you really love him or not? Actually the very lovely feelings will be felt after you have experienced many things. Perhaps everyone also want to find 100 percent satisfying fere in their minds, but did you think that? Maybe someone dumbly loved you for a long time but you didn’t feel it, is it true? So you ought to look at the people around you carefully, maybe he has already been waiting for you for a long time.         

          If you are losing for love too, perhaps the words can give you some inspiration. Love a man, how to do? It needs to understand and be understood, apologize and thanks, admit and correct, considerate and understanding. What is love? It is to accept not abide, allowance not connivance, support not dominate, condole not assail, confide not complain, memorable not forgotten, communicate with each other rather than account for everything, silently pray for the other rather than many other requirements, can be romantic but do not waste, any time in hand but it should not break. When broken, can it come back? If it isn’t back, how should we do?  

         I dare not have wildly wishes I am a spending on whole life man with you, I only hope that I am a ever given you the most bone-deep feelings, engraved in mind and recalled with deep emotion man..

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View all entries from “曾经沧海难为水” >

08:01 AM Feb 24 2012



A lovely piece,

I'm surprised I'm the first to comment on it.I like the way you described "love",

Those paragraphs are filled with emotions and truth.

Well Arlam, some get it, some don't

: )