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May 11, 2009

I am still shocked by the fact that Depeche Mode, a band that I have loved for longer than some of you have been alive, is doing its first ever arena tour.  It seems surprising to me that a band of their caliber is doing its first arena tour ever, but perhaps I misjudged their stature.  I'll admit I haven't been as up to speed on their more current efforts , but whenever I listen to them I am instantly transported back to my teenage bedroom listening to DM on cassette tape and dreaming of what is to be. I associate them so much with a certain period of my life that they are an incredibly nostalgic band for me.
I am a fan of their earlier work, meaning most of the albums that came out in the 80's.  Their first release, Speak and Spell, has what I'd probably consider my favorite Depeche Mode song.  Hint: It's the one for which this blog is named after.  I would have to say that my favorite albums are Music for the Masses and Black Celebration. 
So here's to Depeche Mode for getting me through heartache, break -ups, crushes, and changes.  For a band that has been around for nearly 30 years, it seems to be about time that they synth-rock the arena world.

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View all entries from Marni's World >

07:35 AM Jun 04 2009


Russian Federation

You have a cute voice

01:24 AM May 31 2009



how are u u r friend fship ilikk


12:06 PM May 23 2009


Russian Federation

i've got the same feelings about DM...though i never was a big fan of them, they are defenitely assosiated with the time when i was younger...my student years...and, yep, there were tape cassettes Smile

03:59 PM May 21 2009