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United States

January 20, 2010

As I sat in front of my computer last night I wondered what I should blog about.  I haven't been feeling well the past few days and now I have a full-blown cold.   My motivation to blog or do anything for that matter has been sapped.  Then it hit me.  I should blog about being sick because frankly, that is all I can think about.

I have been working because in America that is what many of us do, even though we shouldn't.  I wish I could afford to take the time off but sickness never comes at a convenient time, right?  Aside from working I am trying to take really good care of myself.  I have been going to bed early, drinking tons of tea, eating well, taking vitamin C and other wellness items like Echinacea.  I have been gargling with hot salt water and even started using a Neti pot, which is kind of weird but I like weird.  So why do I still feel like crap?  A friend of mine recently said, "you need to add whiskey to that routine," and so I did, but to no avail.

Now it should be said that I work with kids and kids are like little germ factories.  Still this is the third round of sickness I have been hit with this school year and frankly I am sick of being sick!!  I just spent the last hour in a steam room trying to sweat out every last ounce of sickness and yet as I am typing this, I want so badly to stick my head in the sand.  So if any of you dear English Baby members have a remedy you can recommend I am open to suggestions.  I don't know if there is a cure all out there but I know I sure haven't found it. So won't you please, please help me!! 

Ok, I need to lie down now.




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View all entries from Marni's World >

11:49 AM Apr 16 2010

angel without wings
United Arab Emirates

the thyme tea would be the best remedy for sure Smile or u can try the ginger tea too,, it works with me everytime ... hope u get well soon (; peace out

09:13 PM Apr 15 2010

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The best thing  that could help you to get rid of your sickness is doing workout.When i have cold,workout acts as an effective remedy  for me.Try it once and you wont regret it.You might say that you don't feel like doing anything,but you just need to push yourself a little bit and you will see the result.When you exercise,the bloodstream increases which result to kill germs in your body . Having a nutritious meal after workout is vital.

09:02 PM Mar 18 2010

Rigo Molina

Hello Marni, I live in Chile and I need to improve my English, I will like to talk with you..thanks! Bye

08:15 AM Mar 18 2010



Hi Marni!I'm sorry to hear that you are sick..I got a simple and cureall stuff..Mix fennelflower with a good quality honey and eat from it one or two teaspoon per day.It's a great cure for immune system but you should eat this always!!I hope you like to eat honey..;) Get well soon..

08:37 PM Feb 18 2010


Hi MARNI, I hope your get better now the only thing i can tell you is that you need more sunny days and a few diversion, each time I hear you, your voice sound very similar Britney Spears voice, maybe other thing than you can do is to sing, bye













08:45 PM Feb 17 2010


hope you feel better marni,i like earl gray tea,if i feel sick

03:25 AM Feb 16 2010



I've got exactly the same problem...and I'm sick of it too!! Cannot take days off because I've got exams now, the worst is that Im doing everything i can and nothing helps......

02:26 PM Jan 21 2010



A very traditional receipt to heal the flu or cold from Hungary is the boiled (mulled) wine. 


  1 litre        any kind of cheap red wine
80 gram      sugar or equivalent of honey 
  1 stick       cinnamon
  5 pcs         clove
  3 pcs         allspice
  a half chili pepper 
  lemon slices 

Put all ingredients (!! except the lemon slices) into a heat resistant glass bowl and make hot on medium flame while often mix it up. WARNING! despite its name it is forbidden to boil it up. It is supposed to be take off from the flame just before it begins to boil.

Put some lemon slices into a mug, pour some of the hot "boiled" wine on and enjoy its healing power. Take some tissue, well, you will need very soon indeed. ;)

This drink can be made without chilli pepper but it will be less efficient then. 

get well soon. take care.



08:04 AM Jan 21 2010


Saudi Arabia

I think you need to orange juice and some green vegetables if the symptoms associated with the high Temperature i think you should reduce the food which has a large amount of calories And drinking water and yogurt (it must be not very cold) And protect yourself from inhaling very cold air like wearing a or well-ventilated place

and  it  will  be very good  if u visit doctor  

dont  worry  u will be fine  

04:18 AM Jan 21 2010

Viet Nam

I think you should eat some hot chicken soup after taking medicine.

I often eat it when I get a flu.  Wish you can get over it soon.