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United States

September 15, 2010

Oh, Ebaby! members, I am sitting in front of my computer and I can barely type the words you see in front of you. Yesterday, I went to a class at the gym that nearly killed me. Now, I have taken this class before but it had been a while and so I figured after a month of hardly exercising that I could just breeze in, work out, and feel awesome again. Today, it hurts to even bend over and tie my shoes.

Now, I enjoy working out, but I was out of town recently and got out of my routine, which means I did not exercise at all. So yesterday, I forced myself to go to this class. I should have been more prepared for the intensity of the class, but alas, I was a little naïve about how out of shape I’d become.

The instructor is pretty interesting. She is tiny and fit and she makes you push yourself to do more. She would have made an excellent army drill sergeant. Basically I would have felt ashamed if I couldn't do all of the things she asked of us. In addition to this, most of the class was much older than I am so I really would have felt lame if I couldn't power through the exercises. Today, I am paying the price. I now realize that I cannot afford to go a month without exercising. As sore as I am in today, I plan on going back next week. We have a saying in the U.S. that goes, no pain, no gain. Let me tell you that the pain part is certainly true.

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View all entries from Marni's World >

09:34 PM Oct 25 2010


you are starting in the gym you should go slow and increase a few each time.......



01:15 PM Oct 08 2010

Syrian Arab Republic

Of course sports need persistent and patience. 

never neglect any day and and daily exercise, and you will surely see the result. 

 Good luck/best regards

02:40 PM Oct 07 2010

japon hüseyin

if you bored as me we will be just friend

04:57 AM Sep 16 2010

xiaoyan liu

no pain .no gian...when u didn't take exercise everyday..then u had better not do that too much once. i know u got sore....sorry for that..but that is ok..u will get better as soon as possible..if u can ..after shower..u shuld massage your little muscle..then it get recover soon...smile..diana