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July 31, 2011
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Well, since I haven’t write your letter for along time, so let me tell something about myself. How have you been recently? Sorry that I haven't write to you for quite a long time. so I have many things to tell you about in my life. First of all, from March to May, I attended BECHigher training course and I finished that on May 21th, and now I got reallygood results, and I passed this Exam smooth fully… Secondly, during Mayto June, I was kinda of busy for my next exam for the final semester.. and Iseldom to write email or check it, so I am sorry… also I was busy for my final Japanese Exam, and yes, no pain, no gain! The good news is : I passed that successfully! And it was a really big challege for me, and I do think that I didn't done a good job on that one, but I am really lucky guy... Hows your Chinese Learning? well, got pretty handsome progress, right? Since my summer vacation start, so I started my travel from July 16th to 28th. During July 16th to 19th, I have travel to Shanghai, the biggest city in China. I went to somewhere which is famous in Shanghai, its really amazing trip, I think I rreally love shanghai, not only the service is pretty good, but also what is makes me surprised is that almost everyone can speak and understand basic english there! And, oh yeah, I enjoyed quite good service there.... Then after that I went to Beijing from July 19th, and went back to Changsha city on July 28th in hunan Province. I have been stay in Beijing for ten days. During this time, I visit some awesome places such as The Summer Palace, Forbidden City, The Heaven of Temple, Lama Temple, Houhai Park, Nanluo guxiang Lane etc. The only tourist site that I haven't been is The Great Wall, I guess I may go there with friend next time.... since it belongs to World Heritage Site...And I meet many bag packers from All over the world, especially from European, I was quite surprised by the number of tourist from France, Holland, Austria, UK, etc... It was quite a fruitful trip, I traveled alone by myself, I book the International youth hostel, live in 6-people bedroom, eat cheap foods, and also earn some new friend there... I also been sick for two days in Beijing, but I fight over that finally... I really proud of myself, I mean Travel is another style of life, only through travel, then I can understand the happiness of life, and I would treasure my life more in my future... And yes, I already achieved this purpose, and I feel satisfied for this trip.... And now I return back to my parent’s home and start to review my homework for this summer vacation. During..I will try to visit other places for next time… alone. The rest of days I would stay at home, just for practice TOEFL exam for November. I will attend the programmer like Work & Travel USA, and I will come to USA next June ~~ Now I finished my exam and my trip in two big cities in China, so I can relax and rest in my space, and also today I download some really awesome music , it comes from Dubai Chill Lounge Vol. Its only For that 7-star Hotel in Dubai, and I think it has so special and unique taste, and I really love this new album…..so. here I’d like to share it to you, and I hope you can enjoy this music and photos.

09:43 PM Oct 11 2013



hello,,i am chinese as well..my spoken is better than my classmate.im so glad to hear what you said..i suggest we can communicate with each other in skype or qq..

my skype:abuyoufa


add me plz,,thx so much

06:03 PM Jan 17 2013


ni hao ^^ 
hen gao xin ren shi ni 
really i appreciate what you wrote 
i guess it was a fantastic trip. i want to visit China one day I'm learning chinese i hope you can help me to improve it ^^ 

08:48 AM Sep 25 2012

French Guiana

I am chinese, I want to improve my english ,could you please help me ,give me some advise to learn English

05:00 AM Jun 20 2012



02:45 AM Nov 05 2011



It's a great story :)

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