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Man only make friend with beautiful lady ?



I am so sad, no one want to friend me after they know how I look like…and this is my 3rd encounter…

Man only want to make friend with beautiful lady ? 

04:43 AM Nov 23 2007 |

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  I was that kind of man before. because appears is a very important part of judge a person when one don't konw you before . But now I was more concern about one's insight . But to konw a person is a difficult thing . It may cost your a lot of time . What will you do to snath male ? hey , it woule be a challenge ! So, please don't gambles!

04:00 AM Nov 28 2007 |



what you think is wrong i think,men  do like beautiful women,but  only few men ,such as stars can have beauties, in fact ,beauty is easy to lose,but charming will lost longer,if youare both unbeautiful and  uncharming ,then its really be a problem,otherwise ,you neednot feel sad,you will be find your princess,open your eyes.

04:34 AM Nov 28 2007 |



agreed, but i would like to consider those guies as superficialness to comfort myself.Tongue out

05:07 AM Nov 28 2007 |




02:46 AM Nov 30 2007 |



you really think man is so important to you??..friendship is from two parts you don't need to worry about it..

02:52 AM Nov 30 2007 |



no, as a man , i want to make  female friends who are kindess, cosiderate and with a beautiful mind. The phisical appearance is not important.Smile

03:08 AM Nov 30 2007 |



Viet Nam

Sometime beauty brings trouble to the girl who look nice.Cause many men want to talk to her, date to her…

03:14 AM Nov 30 2007 |



Not that man is important to me… just sad that they don't want to talk to me after they know how I look like..

I will like to make friends with girls too…

04:28 AM Nov 30 2007 |



Hello yuki,

 You are wrong. Its not always that people look at, as you think. But try to go further deep. Real meaning of friendship is not just lust, this last no longer. right. I believe in clear and transparent friendship irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Come now, and start emailing to  

Take care,


05:37 AM Nov 30 2007 |



yes as you have said :

Sometime, as a girl, looking is very important to you in all area! Just my personal view.

but if a girl want to find a job in my country she must be very super in skill

03:59 AM Dec 01 2007 |