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block it out

block it out

Date: Nov 16 2006


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“Even if a problem is huge and ongoing, some people, all of us I guess, have a tendency to block it out.”

Al Gore talking about how people deal with environmental issues.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

ignore; try not to think about; repress

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Al Gore is saying that we often choose not to think about our problems. He is talking specifically about environmental problems, but this can be true of anything.

When we have a problem that we don’t want to deal with, we block it out.

When we feel sad, but we don’t feel like crying, we block it out.

When we have bad memories that we don’t want to think about, we block it out.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“When your heart gets broken, you have to stay busy and distract yourself for a while. You have to block it out or you’ll go crazy!”


“People who go through a bad experience like being in a war or being abused often block it out and don’t even remember the experience.”

“Sometimes when I’m angry, I just block it out because I don’t feel like dealing with it.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

by lily111
to stop thinking about or remembering it
by priscilalaterza
by dirtygomez
to ignore something
by wonkapet
shut it out, ignore
by superlulu
I think it means that to stop yourself from thinking about an unpleasant memory because it upsets you. For example: He's trying to block out memories of the accident. Regards ebarals
by ebarals
ignore it. not think about it though we know it's there.
by kimmygdog
Y.Furu to stop oneself thinking or remembering something
by Y.Furu
Not to want to deal with an existing and known problem. People behave as if it would not exist.
by Michale
Turmeric ignore, pay little thought to the problem
by Turmeric
Block it out means 'try not think about or feel something because it is upsetting or painful'.
by jkb
to escape from; to run away
by susanchou0729
To block it out means to deny it. He's talking about people who don't want to see what's front of their eyes, they don't want to realize or perhaps they do but try to forget it so they won't have to deal with it.
by meli_rubi
ignore, not care
by oceangirl05
Just pretend a problem does not exist, no matter how huge this situation could be.
by dayman
talitapb Ignore it; prefer not think about.
by talitapb
To forget it or not to consider so relevant
by mrgiba
It is to take out off one's mind, to ignore and not to worry about it.
by Pamlyn Redrick
not care about
by xanaan_123
Block it out maybe mean people don't really want to face the problem directly,and even choose another way passing by.
by baby's baby

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Nice expression

06:47 PM Nov 19 2006 |



its true…u shud alwayz block out your past experiences.

08:22 AM Nov 17 2006 |



Everybody should watch Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. It’s awesome and shocking. We are on the verge of entering the next ice age in just a few decades.

06:41 PM Nov 16 2006 |


Viet Nam

Its a nice slang

03:36 PM Nov 16 2006 |




I feel like Block it out means somebody doesn’t want to face the problem which make people sorrowful,

10:09 AM Nov 16 2006 |

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