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Date: Mar 01 2007

Themes: Work


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“It’s been a great ride.”

Jamie Foxx talking about his career up to this point.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

experience; time; series of events

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Jamie Foxx is talking about his career—making music and acting in films. He’s saying that it’s been a great experience so far. It’s been a great ride.

You can use ride to describe a variety of experiences. If you are trying to tell someone you had an amazing time on your trip to Argentina, you can say it was an amazing ride.

Time spent at a job, in a relationship, or even out on the town can all be described using ride:

I have hated this job since the day got here. It’s been a terrible ride.

I love you and it’s been a wonderful ride. Will you marry me?

Out on the town:
We started drinking at noon yesterday. By dinner, we were at a fancy sushi restaurant downtown, and at midnight, we were dancing under the moon on the roof of one of the city’s tallest buildings. What a ride!


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“I quit my job. It was a great ride, but it’s time to move on.”

“A couple of years ago, I spent three months traveling in Thailand. What a ride that was!”

“I have an opportunity to teach English in Japan. I think it could be a very interesting ride.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

ride means journey of his career.
by timothy2006
ride here means 'career'
by María Marta
nostsaber the way to success
by nostsaber
i guess it means the process.
by ce135
"it's been a great ride" he meant he has experienced a great period of time in his career
by thuhuong
by jason wang
Igor!!! I think he is talking about his life. And "a great ride" means that he loved it!
by Igor!!!
sara06 achievement, success, job.
by sara06
great journey of life from strugling actor to estblished star
by tejas
klaeus It means an experience, or an entire life, lived.
by klaeus
wubai in my mind, it means an experience,an particular experience for him. and have a great effect on him
by wubai
amarillo He have enjoyed his career. "Ride" in this case, is when something in life have been a good adventure for someone.
by amarillo
move to any way
by charlyn
gulkaiyr it has been a great time. the success was in my side
by gulkaiyr
amado journey of his life in acting
by amado
Katka J.Foxx means it was a great time gaining his career and the position.
by Katka
hormosapi it's been a great ride means that he enjoyed his career. Altough it had up and down, finaly was good.
by hormosapi
by lhixl90
joselox1 it has been extremely good, He has succeeded all along his career.
by joselox1
trayectory, his actor life
by SergioTirado
Jamie Foxx meant his career was very good experience.
by helenhorse
raise, ascend...
by serefarisoy
leca1983 He´s talking about his journey.
by leca1983
JazzThing He likes the way things happened in his life.
by JazzThing
by guigron
It´s been a great experience, fun.
by wonkapet
di3s3l Jamie Foxx wants to tell us his live has had lots of great moments, fun. I would use this expression when I refer to a book: Shakespeare is a great ride.
by di3s3l
it means challenging,humbling and demanding adventure.
by Bukky
it has been fun
by daniloprates
hareturhan a chance,a luck of doing something
by hareturhan
His career life/ experiences up to this point was fantastic.
by seabird2201
"It's been a great ride" means being satisfied with everything that has happened or that you have accomplished during your career life.
by luciab
amlan it has been a pleasurable experience.
by amlan
anano83 It's been a great time, grand life way...
by anano83
ElBeam It's been a great adventure and opportunity for getting experience.
by ElBeam
a good life
by vna
nugroho great oppurtunity in his career
by nugroho
the way he lived his life. various tips and turns of life.
by i.sharad
He is talking about the steps how he reached on this point his all struggle, his efforts and all ups & downs Tahir
by Everwelwisher
by periwinkle.chic

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

a great experience.right?

08:23 AM Aug 20 2012 |




really cool slang:)

11:22 AM Dec 30 2008 |




people i don´t know to use here
please help me

05:17 PM Mar 02 2008 |




09:39 PM Mar 22 2007 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

a memorable period or event in the life or career

08:46 AM Mar 04 2007 |




I don’t think so.

08:53 AM Mar 03 2007 |

dont say no

United Arab Emirates

i think greet mind hes say marry me ,fantastic

11:47 AM Mar 02 2007 |




Joining in this club is a great ride.

11:26 PM Mar 01 2007 |




“I love you and it’s been a wonderful ride. Will you marry me?”
There should be no “been” in this example.

10:54 PM Mar 01 2007 |

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