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Will You Marry Me?

Will You Marry Me?

Date: Feb 16 2007

Themes: Romance


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

To close out our week on love and relationships in honor of Valentine’s Day, we had to talk about marriage.

In the US, gay marriage, also referred to as “same-sex marriage,” has been a hot topic. In the 2004 presidential election, many states voted on their own gay marriage initiatives. The far right has successfully lobbied against it, and it is one of the main issues that still divides the country.

Since marriage itself seems to be the topic of controversy, some states are working instead for civil unions, and a few states have been successful.

A look around the globe shows that the US is once again behind the times. For example, gay couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples all over Europe.

Listen to Amanda ask Kevin what he thinks about gay marriage in the US.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  So, Kevin.

Kevin:  Mm hm?

Amanda:  How long do you think it’ll take for our country to follow in the footsteps of some of the other countries in this world with allowing gay marriage and legalizing it and having it be a non-issue?

Kevin:  I would say…

Amanda:  In our lifetime?

Kevin:  Fifteen years. Yeah.

Amanda:  So yes.

Kevin:  I do think so. I mean, because what we’ve seen now is we’ve seen Massachusetts we have gay marriage.

Amanda:  Yes.

Kevin:  In five other states there are civil unions…

Amanda:  And that’s it, right?

Kevin:  ... which is very close.

Amanda:  Out of the entire country right now?

Kevin:  It’s sad, but…

Amanda:  Very sad.

Kevin:  ... baby steps, you know, it’s… I guess I hate to say it’s better than nothing.

Amanda:  I suppose.

Kevin:  But it is… You know, when, when we look at ourselves compared to western Europe, you know, we talk about freedom, but that’s really not the case... in many respects, but especially for people like me who one day would like to get married.

Amanda:  Absolutely. And like you said just takes one state and hopefully the others will follow.

Kevin:  Yeah.

Amanda:  Five is better than zero, so…

Kevin:  We’re waiting. And pushing forward.

Amanda:  Yeah.



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Kevin is hopeful that same-sex marriage, or at least civil unions, will be legal and socially acceptable in the near future. He thinks that the US should follow in the footsteps of Europe, where most countries extend the same rights to gay couples as they do to heterosexual couples.

What rights do gay couples have in your country?



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In my country they legalized same sex civil unions a short time ago but it still is a hot issue because many States have tried to find loopholes in the law to refuse recognition of that type of union. So the gay community keeps pushing forward so the law is actually obeyed. I think my country has become more tolerant to gay people but there is still a lot of prejudice.

04:09 PM May 04 2012 |


Viet Nam

I think it's normal, loving someone isn't a mistake and we don't harm anyone. But in my country now, people don't accept it

02:10 AM Sep 30 2010 |




i can understand that people how they feel enjoyment that thinks  to poke themselves cucumber to each other from back  :S

10:06 AM Feb 02 2010 |




I think that you should demand for human rights or even animal rights rather than demanding for the legalization of gay marriage because there are many more important issues than this one which is against human nature and aginst any religion or culture

02:31 PM Feb 01 2010 |



Please,take off such topics…!!!,It has nothing to do with neither culture,nor customs of any religion…I wonder how you put such topics!!!!!!!!!!

02:11 PM Feb 01 2010 |

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It's not true,that gay couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples all over Europe…

09:08 PM Dec 22 2009 |




If someone is happy and directed to someone whom he/she feels contented and satisfied, its his respected right and decision to go on such  thing- "gay marriage". Anyone who has the feeling of homosexuality would not be blamed because this feeling is unintentionally. However, doing such thing without a proper wisdom would result only to an unproductive life. Remember, life is short. Try to be fruitful whoever you are. Before you go on, think of it also, homosexual has the right to marry or to have a partner of opposite sex. We should respect the decision of the opposite parties when they want for a continuation of our species.

07:25 AM Jul 20 2009 |


Russian Federation

it's not right to legalize same-sex marriage. we should respect those people who has some aberrations. nevertheless all this commotion with all these marriages induces other people that are initially normal to change their lives. they begin thinking they are not hetero anymore for some reason. but it is the society with its intrigues, scandals that provoke normal people's doubts about themselves.

06:46 PM Jun 16 2009 |



however to say , in my opinion , i dont agree on same-sex marriage .with the development of society , many things comes up ,but i think different sex occour sweetie .nice sweetie .but it is only my own opinion .

01:43 AM May 10 2009 |


Lao People's Democratic Republic

it’s their right

03:20 AM Apr 02 2009 |



great, of course they can get marriage.

12:10 PM Nov 28 2008 |



we were born equal, with equal right to live, to love and to marry, and enjoy life as long as we feel happy

04:16 AM Aug 20 2008 |



i'm sorry. I want to get a friendly 

04:37 AM Apr 21 2008 |




i just don't know how to say, because i havn't seen anyone like gay in china, although i think it is reasonable, if it is turn for me(some girl loves me)i think i can't accept.Embarassed

06:16 AM Jan 14 2008 |



       gay marriage should be accepted.i think all the people fall in love can marry.they can same sex or different country or different skin coulor.

02:46 PM Jan 08 2008 |



In my opinion gay married would be legal, because they have got the same right to marry with the person we love

12:59 PM Dec 18 2007 |




oh welwisher
if you are interested then please approach through proper channel

12:15 PM Feb 17 2007 |



Nida… Will you Marry Me?
oh.. this is today’s lesson…
but you can concentrate…
HA ha ha

06:54 AM Feb 17 2007 |



United Kingdom

the topic is interesting how ever maybe it is abit informal. but i got some nice things from it

11:04 AM Feb 16 2007 |

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