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Over the Hill
Over the Hill English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Mar 12 2013

Themes: Soap Opera, Time

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Do you ever think about what shape your life would take if someone plotted it on a graph? Some people might imagine their lives as a straight line. Others might see their lives in a zig-zag pattern that has many highs and lows. Other people see their lives in a hill shape. They spend the first part of their lives climbing and climbing to the top, and then, at a certain point, they reach the peak and it’s all downhill from there.

When you get to the other side of the hill, you’re not so young anymore. In fact, you’re probably getting old. Being over the hill means that you’re closer to the end of your life than to the beginning. It also means that you’re getting out of touch with what young people’s lives are like. You can’t see what youth is like anymore, because that darn hill is blocking your view.

Of course, not everyone who’s over the hill realizes that they’ve already hit their peak. Find out whether Marni, Greta, and Amanda are over the hill or still climbing up in this age English lesson.




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Amanda:  Well, you have to pick one.

Greta:  But they’re all so uncool.

Amanda:  Come on, Greta. Thousands of men responded to this contest to date you. They want to go on a date with our spokesperson, movie star, Greta Vanderlake. So surely you can pick one guy you’re willing to go on a date with. How else are we going to do this big promotion?

Greta:  I know. I don’t know. I guess I thought the guys would be more hip.

Marni:  Look at that guy! He’s hip. He’s got a Sheryl Crow T-shirt on. I love her!

Amanda:  I love Sheryl Crow too, but I’m just not so sure how hip she is anymore, Marni.

Greta:  Yeah. I want to meet guys who like artists like Deadmou5 and Ke$ha.

Marni:  Is that a band?

Greta:  Uh, no. It’s two separate and extremely popular artists. Guys, no offense, but maybe you need some more youthful energy around here.

Marni:  Wow, I guess I’m starting to feel a little over the hill.

Amanda:  Over the hill? We’re not over the hill. Just because we don’t know what 15-year-olds like to listen to doesn’t mean we’re over the hill. Besides, over the hill means that you’ve peaked in life, and we’re just getting started, right?

Greta:  But maybe your knowledge of music, popular culture, and anything that’s cool has peaked.

Amanda:  Um, I’m pretty sure I own an Internet company, so I am what’s cool. Come to think of it, I think when you’re over the hill, you actually have gray hair or something like that, right? And I don’t. I’m good to go.

Marni:  Uh, Amanda.

Amanda:  What? Alright. Fine. So maybe I’ll hire a young intern or something tomorrow, but it does not mean that I’m over the hill. What was the name of that artist you wanted me to look up? Dead Rat or something?

Greta:  Yeah, Dead Rat. That’s it. You should Google that.


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Greta is trying to find a guy to date on the company’s website. Unfortunately, she thinks they’re all uncool. She thinks their music tastes are boring. She thinks Marni and Amanda might be a little bit behind when it comes to their knowledge of what’s cool, too.

Amanda is surprised that Greta thinks she’s over the hill. She thinks she’s still getting started in life. She also thinks that she’s cool because she owns an Internet company.

Marni points out that Amanda is getting old in at least one way. Amanda has some gray hair. Amanda decides that maybe she should bring in someone younger to work in the office, after all.

How do you know when someone is over the hill? Have you ever felt over the hill? How can you try to stay young?



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United States

I see the children n the USA are over the hill more the adults and twisted to a point of spoil. They all seem to be brain wached .  What ever happend to earning and working for a living. In USA all the youth are war crazed or on drugs and full of ditastfull attudes.  The media has many of our childrn  over the hill as soon as they open there eyes.  It’s sad and to judge over the hill by age, is a symble of stupidy.     

07:42 AM Mar 17 2014 |




I think that someone is over the hill when they don´t like the kind of music that is in at the present… 

09:00 PM Mar 12 2014 |




What if our life is not  a hill like but more a mountain range like? Every day is up and down, up and down. So we might feel more often  of being “over the hill”.

I think it’s definitely how we perceive reality. Yesterday I was on the top and today I’m downhill just to reach the  next top tomorrow. Life is black and white, made of stripes. Very often upset youth and happy adulthood. The age is in us not on us.

08:46 PM Mar 26 2013 |

david yun

South Korea

I work at a middle school. I’m a teacher. well.. I sometimes feel over the hill when I see my teen students. They tell me about some cool musicians, but I don’t think like that the musicians my students like are cool. so, well, I think it’s just generation gap between me and them.

11:32 PM Mar 21 2013 |



When people is over the hill, it’s like the autumn season when the leaves fall and is getting to the winter, that is to the end.  It’s sad when you’re no longer young physically, but I like Amanda’s reaction refusing to say she’s over the hill, but getting started.  Positive thinking can give you power and energy.

03:05 PM Mar 18 2013 |

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United States

In regards to the phrase “over the hill” has nothing to do with physical age.

I know many young people over the hill mentally.

I can recognize the hills as the shackles taxing the medias stereotyping.

Don’t be fooled by idiocrasies: We still have our brains , for expressing what our hearts s feel and see. Don’t see in any way that’s considered over the hill.

Government created slang , misleading our children to lack respect for there elders.

Oh by the way was Ronald Regan over the hill. Of coarse ( according to Gov. slang) or he would have never stood a chance to be a nominee as the same sad truth for Obama.

The following are great examples of people who refused to be stereotyped as over the hill,and kept trying.

F. Murray Abraham

got his first decent screen role as an actor when he was 45. The role was in the movieAmadeusand he won an Academy Award for his brilliant portrayal of Antonio Salieri. He had thought of giving up acting just two years before but thankfully didn’t.

Andrea Bocelli

didn’t start singing opera seriously until the age of 34. Some ‘experts’ told him it was too late to begin.

Phyliss Diller

became a comedian at the age of 37. She was told by many club owners that she was “too old” to become a success.

Stan Lee

, creator ofSpider-Man, was 43 when he began drawing his legendary superheroes and his partnerJack Kirbywas 44 when he createdThe Fantastic Four.

Julia Child

didn’t even learn to cook until she was almost 40 and didn’t launch her popular show until she was 50.

Elizabeth Jolley

had her first novel published at the age of 56. In one year alone she received 39 rejection letters but finally had 15 novels and four short story collections published to great success.Mary Wesleywas 71 when her first novel was published. Talk about not giving up!

Ricardo Montalban

had his dream house built at the age of 68. That was when he was finally financially able to do so and he went full-speed ahead with it.

Harlan Sanders

, the Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, was 66 when he began to promote his style of cooking and create an empire.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

began writing as a columnist in her 40s. Contrary to a belief begun by the TV series about her family, the popularLittle Housebooks weren’t written when she was a young girl at all. They were written and published when the ‘girl’ was in her 60’s!

All of these people were discouraged at times and afraid. Being human, they thought about giving up but didn’t; they kept their dreams alive and continued to strive for what they wanted. They didn’t assign an age limit to their dreams and neither should you.

If, as John Greenleaf Whittier says, the saddest words are “it might have been,” the next saddest have to be “I should have tried.”

Trying is in itself a form of succeeding. Succeed at valuing yourself and go for it!

09:14 PM Mar 13 2013 |

glassy heart

Saudi Arabia

I dont think over the Hill has anything to do with age or old people.we  all can be hips ,youngs, if we take all thos negative thoughs about our selfes and others, by shraing love ,respect ,understanding and overcoming our fears, obsecules,failors,and lack selfestem.Also its better to help  ourselfes and others feel  more energies to reach the peak instead of drowining in Zig-zag  and also site and listen  to positive thoughs funny people who can give us diffrent meaning of life…

For me i used to see my life as a hill shap,i was active  with umbition and kept climping and climpping ,neverthless there comes  atime for me when i felt so over the hell,  but now iam thankful to Allah and some of my freinds like Johne helped me alot to over come what i felt like its my downhill.. Keep Smilling :) live still beautiful,,,trust in God,,,

11:29 PM Mar 12 2013 |




What a topic :) Well, I am over the hill. Nothing to hide but I don’t feel like that exept for the broken toe that will never heal, the pain in my knee that sometimes make me walk like a robot and greay hair ;) But I do my ballet every day, I swim like crazy while the teens idly chatting in the water, I walk long distances. And I’m never grumpy :)))

06:02 PM Mar 12 2013 |



i was looking for an internship.i guess i’d like you to consider me :)). anyway i think being at over the hill.you gotta be behind the times.i’m young and i’m student i have no much money so i’m interested in items what i can afford them . neither i-phone 5 nor apple pc.

05:02 PM Mar 12 2013 |




I ‘ve got some grey hairs, my knee hurts after playing volleyball, my son doesn’t like my music taste …...  therefore I am over the hill? No. I don’t know, when I will die, so I don’t know, when I am over the hill :)))

04:26 PM Mar 12 2013 |



i thank whene the people 50 -60 years thay need love more than otheres in 20-40 year

about me ther is no body in the word Deserve love .

04:18 PM Mar 12 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

yes i agree with other friends when they say if you are between 55 and 60 you are over the hill.

04:16 PM Mar 12 2013 |




sometime i feel over the hill. As I’m mother of two kids my life is changed drastically, i can’t update my knowledge and so i feel like over the hill.

03:06 PM Mar 12 2013 |

Ya Nina



Oh, how does it sadly – to be over the hill… Seriously, it doesn’t simple – to stay young funny hip man or woman during all your life. Especially, when your age isn’t before fifty years, you already know what does it means – to lose your close people and you have a lot of problem connected with lack of money. After understanding these points your mood become bad, your happiness seems to stay behind and you are sure that all better in your life already gone. When you felt all such senses, certainly you haven’t desire to know the new trends and news. You haven’t interest to know what’s new is created in the world, what thoughts your grandchild has in his head and what books he reads.

Certainly, I describe ultra-situations but it exists and rather often. I say honestly that unfortunately I haven’t formula how we can stay young and happy during our life. But I admire those people who know it and stay active, positive and funny during their lives. One thing I know exactly – if we love life, love people, appreciate every day, every moment that God gave us we will be happy all our life. And we never know what does it means – to be over the hill.

12:34 PM Mar 12 2013 |




I have never felt over the hill because I’m young… but I think the good reception to avoid it is a lot of joy and a smile. We should set new challenges :)) 

The good frame of mind could give us good condition so we should train every day :D

11:46 AM Mar 12 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

People feel over the hill,

When they can’t enjoy their life!

When they never need to be love, to kiss or hug someone…

When they forget to walk in the rain, laugh a lot and cry loudly!

When they think, don’t have enough time to play with children, dance or travel…

When they are fed up with learning, teaching, reading and writing….

A person will be over the hill, when feels being alone, nobody wants her/him, doesn’t like his/her life at all…when has no wish in the world…

And Can stay young, when have got another way of seeing, visit friends, relatives more often, to have sense of humor, to be creative and be like child( laugh and cry a lot), travel, read, write especially have friends for rainy day, walk together in bad weather…in the rain…

10:19 AM Mar 12 2013 |

abdull qader


I am over the hill

09:27 AM Mar 12 2013 |




I think when you always have goals in life and when you want to accomplish things that proves how young you are and it has nothing to do with your age, sometimes you see young people have no goals in life and on the other hand you see old people have a youthful soul with many purposes to achieve so for me person with no goals is an over the hill and in order to stay young always go after your goals.

09:20 AM Mar 12 2013 |




Don’t  anyone over the hill to learn or study.  

07:31 AM Mar 12 2013 |




Being hip is one of the unique characteristic of young folks. However, everybody in any age has the possibility to be in fashion that means it depends on people how they are able to deserve juvienility in their entire life. Otherwise, they are going to be behind the times and consequently over the hell. many people believe that reaching the peak is the highest degree of skills which are significant in human being success in the future. It can be in earlier or older ages that it dosen’t mean they are over the hell.   

07:18 AM Mar 12 2013 |

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