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Father's Day

Father's Day

Date: Jun 15 2007

Themes: Family, Holidays


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Who designed this calendar? Just when you’ve gotten through Mother’s Day successfully, Father’s day rolls around a month later. In the United States, Father’s Day is this Sunday. And if you’ve got grandfathers and children around, things can get a little complicated.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  So Father’s Day is coming up. What does it mean to you?

Kevin:  Um, it means a day that I…Often my father will come that weekend to visit, which is very fun because we get to hang out, and that’s also Gay Pride, so sometimes he comes to the Gay Pride parade which is fun. But it’s a good day just to be with your dad and if he’s not here, send him a gift, make a phone call.

Amanda:  You know it’s interesting since I’ve had a child. You know all these years it’s been about my dad, and now it’s about my dad and my husband for my son.

Kevin:  So what do you do, do you do gifts? What do you do?

Amanda:  It’s kind of interesting, we have to split up the day because it’s not for one more than the other even though my dad believes it’s more so for him because he’s been a father the longer amount of time. You have to split it. You have to be fair.

Kevin:  So how do you do that?

Amanda:  Lunch and dinner. And then gifts not so much. What do you get? The tie? The clip? The money clip? I don’t know. I don’t know.



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Amanda asks what Father’s Day means to Kevin. He says that his dad often comes to visit on the weekend of Father’s Day and that sometimes he goes to the Gay Pride parade. Kevin says that to him Father’s Day is a good day to be with your dad, but if you’re not in the same place you can call or send a gift.

Since Amanda had a child a few years ago, Father’s Day has gotten a little more complicated. The holiday used to honor her father, but now her husband is a father too, so the family goes out to lunch and dinner, once for each man. Amanda thinks this is fair, although her father thinks the day should be all about him because he’s been a father for a longer period of time.

Amanda says she doesn’t give gifts on Father’s Day because the only things she can think of to give are cliche. What do you give your dad on Father’s Day? What do you think he would like?



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United States

Father day inpont to you Dad.

01:39 PM Apr 27 2015 |




In my country the celebrated of Father’s Day on December’5 in every year. That day is mean Birthday The King of Thailand and everyone fathers.

I would like to say to my dad “ I love you . My dad”  But He can’t to hear word from me Because He died.

10:30 AM May 23 2011 |




I’m living in USA and my Dad in Colombia, so we did not Cryspend the day together but he knows that I love him very much. Smile


10:13 PM Jun 21 2007 |

1 person likes this


United States


How Sweet!

05:46 PM Jun 21 2007 |

1 person likes this



Before i came to this city , even I don't know which day is Father'day , so we never celebrate it .

But now , I know which day is father's day , I will give a phone call to my Dad to wish him. even he  don't what's should be celebrate .

03:21 PM Jun 21 2007 |



well we don't have this Algeria i think it's unfaire we should have a father's day 
that sounds too good !

02:46 PM Jun 21 2007 |




father's day is more popular in chinaKiss

07:31 AM Jun 21 2007 |



As per my knowledge, we don't have Father's day in india. But in india Father's have to much importance. Father is a great example of Love, pride, Angry and so many.

06:24 AM Jun 21 2007 |



fathers day i went surfing. there are a lot of orlder surfers. so i gave some waves to them.
i was surprised that my american friends really treasured the day. all of my friends went back their house to celebrate this day. i just say "thank you" to my father in japan becaouse i live in usa.

12:41 AM Jun 21 2007 |




life becomes lie if letter 'F' is missed 'F' denotes friend so life is a lie without friend its happy to say that my life is not lie till i have friend like u….

01:05 PM Jun 20 2007 |



in China,we pay more attention to Mother's day than Father's.I had the lunch with my father,but no gift  for him.He's very happy.Every day is THE FATHER'S DAY.Cool

08:07 AM Jun 20 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

no father`s day in saudi arabia beacuse evry day should be is father`s day but for me i didn`t see my father since was my age 11 years i miss him i hope to he come only for 5 minutes to hug him , kiss him and celebrate with him. always i ask my god to see him in heaven…. please guy`s linten to my advice mother and father no body in the world can compensation them. take care for them and have anice time with them…


08:02 AM Jun 20 2007 |




We have Father's day here in Japan too. It's not so popular as Mother's day though. Like any other holidays, father's day is pretty much a marketing strategy in Japan. I don't buy anything for my dad. But my dad loves steak so, I just invite my dad to BBQ at our house. It's the thought that counts!Smile

06:45 AM Jun 20 2007 |


Viet Nam

In Vietnam, there is not Father's day or Man's day because everyday is their  Embarassed except for 8th March and 20th October ( Vietnamese woman's day)

01:55 AM Jun 19 2007 |



    at that  day,i called  my father,expres my  love to him ,and i received his happiness.father"s day is very important  as well as mother"s day.

01:13 AM Jun 19 2007 |




My prayers for my dad to be in heaven now….amen

07:25 PM Jun 18 2007 |




yeah i will give a nice present to my father he is a great man!! i love him so much now.

04:32 AM Jun 18 2007 |




happy father's day  greetings from Peru

04:30 AM Jun 18 2007 |

1 person likes this



Thank Father anyway;)

01:21 AM Jun 18 2007 |




i love you, dad, hope you and mom always happy,healthy,and young…

04:20 PM Jun 17 2007 |

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