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Drift Apart
Drift Apart English, baby! Video Lesson

Friendship vocabulary English lesson

Date: Feb 08 2011

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Sometimes, friendships end with a big fight or a falling out. But other times, you just notice one day that you aren’t really friends with someone anymore. You’re not sure when exactly it happened. You weren’t trying to end the friendship. You just sort of drifted apart.

When you drift apart from someone, you don’t speak very often. Then, you don’t really speak at all. You still like the person, you just are not close friends anymore.

Beren recently had a falling out with Marni and quit her job. When none of the rest of her friends quit their jobs, she accused them of taking Marni’s side. Watch as she comes to pick up her final paycheck.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.









Beren:  Hey guys, what’s up?

Jason:  Hey!

Ella:  Not much. What’s up?

Beren:  Trophy, nice. Jeff, always nice to see you.

Jason:  Long time no see!

Beren:  Yeah. Is Marni here?

Jason:  No.

Beren:  Good. I’m just getting my last paycheck.

Jason:  Beren, where have you been?

Beren:  I’ve been around…

Jason:  Well, we’ve been, like, calling you and stuff, and trying to hang out, you know?

Beren:  I kinda… yeah… I don’t know. It’s not you, it’s me. I have new friends now.

Jason:  You do? What do you do now?

Beren:  I’m in a moped gang. I do a lot of…

Jeff:  Moped gang?

Beren:  See, that’s what I’m talking about. You knock it, but it’s cool. You’re over here and I’m over there.

Jason:  But I mean, can’t we still be friends since you’re in a moped gang? I mean…

Beren:  No! I’m in a gang!

Jason:  Wow.

Beren:  I only hang out with my gang, pretty much.

Jason:  I guess we’ve drifted apart in this short time since you quit.

Beren:  Yeah. I mean, you know, a lot happens in two days. I’m going this way, you guys are going this way.

Jason:  Well, what…

Beren:  I’m changing, you’re not changing.

Jason:  Well, shoot, I mean, I guess I don’t know when I’ll get to see you again, so… Like, it’s been… Whoa, yeah, OK…

Beren:  Handshake.

Jason:  OK… Bye, I guess…

Beren:  Bye. Keep polishing that trophy. I’ll see you around, probably not ever, but… It’s been nice.

Jason:  Man. Can you believe it’s that easy to just drift apart from somebody?

Jeff:  What was that?

Jason:  Wow. We didn’t even think about it and just like that, we stopped being close, you know? Stopped being friends just by doing nothing, you know?

Ella:  I mean, we had a bond. I saved her life, you know? I paid ransom and everything, like… I kinda felt a connection, you know?

Jason:  Ella saved her from kidnapping! You know? That’s pretty…

Ella:  Kind of a big deal.

Jason:  Serious stuff, you know? We’ve known Beren for a long time, and then to just be, like, oh, we’ve drifted apart, I’m outta here...

Jeff:  Well, that shows you how much she appreciates that.


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Beren sneaks into the office to get her final check when Marni isn’t there. Jason says he has been trying to call her. He wants to hang out.

But Beren says she has new friends now. She rides tiny motorcycles called mopeds with a new group and that’s all she is interested in doing these days. She says that she and her old friends have drifted apart. She tells them that she is changing but they are staying the same.

Jason tries to hug Beren but she shakes his hand and leaves. He is surprised by how easy it was to drift apart. Ella remembers how she saved Beren’s life a couple of years ago. Jeff says he thinks Beren must not have appreciated her friends very much.

Have you ever drifted apart from someone? How did it happen? How did you feel?

This is Beren’s last English, baby! lesson. Read an interview with her on our blog.



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United States

It’s common nowadays. Which friends are in the school life it’s not possible to study at college together. When I was at school. I lots of friends consisted but after coming in the college everyone had gone extremely far except 1. Who sometime talk to me and he gives online essay writing help service to the students. Anyway the subject was nice as I expected. 

12:05 PM Nov 30 2015 |



yeah I did. It’s actually hard to keep a lot of friendships at the same time, because you know, after school you go to college, get new friends and it becomes pretty hard to keep up with everyone at the same time. I really didn’t want that to happen, but you know, if you’re the only one trying to keep the friendship going than it won’t work. It’s actually painful when you think about it, like you were best friends and then you go to different colleges and it’s like you never knew each other. It’s so sad.

01:15 PM Apr 07 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

yeah , my old love drifted apart me , and it’s like  if something did not happen 
and thanks god
I’m in a good way now  
maybe it is better for me .

الاستماعتقييم الترجمة 

11:01 PM Aug 05 2011 |




12:12 AM Jul 26 2011 |




I see that everyone has the same problem with relationships. I also  drifted apart with my my friends and we;re not friends anymore. sometimes i think what could it be if we met together by accident? mayby walked pass and did nothing..sad

04:37 PM Feb 19 2011 |



Hey!What's up?

12:20 PM Feb 13 2011 |




I've drifted apart from best freind.

so,we have loved same woman.

After all,i kept company with her,but …


10:42 AM Feb 13 2011 |




I've drifted apart from 2 of my girl friends. I still like them but just felt uncomfortable when I was with either of them… I guess this has been my problem..

That is something sad anyway.

07:52 AM Feb 12 2011 |


Russian Federation

I have drifted apart from a guy, which was my neighbour for several years. We lived and hang out together in a student dormitory. One day he began to knock my behaviour and lifestyle. It became our falling out. May be, he had another point of view on it… Officially we made up a quarrel afterward, but actually we have been drifting apart. He is outta here and we are not in the same hang now.

01:45 AM Feb 10 2011 |




Friends come and go!

05:07 PM Feb 08 2011 |




that´s life..I think I have already learnt that…It´s painful, but that´ts the way it is….

11:49 AM Feb 08 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

That is not good , I wish they be back freinds again

and Beren works with them becuse the are such cool togather


08:37 AM Feb 08 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

actually i've had a friendin elementary school who we were best friend but unfortunately this is a few years wich i've couldnt seen him,i just jog my memoryabout that years tht we've hang out with each other,,,,thx about this lesson….best wishes for directors and also managers of this nice  website.

07:14 AM Feb 08 2011 |




when I watched over this video,I just remind lot of friends who have so long not to contact,I missed them so much but infrequently to give a call,I feel guilty and must be do sth to retrieve.maybe picking up the phone to tell them "I miss U,Guys"just the best way to open.Luckily I have not lost them,no drifting apart from them~Wish friendship be forever!Wink

03:31 AM Feb 08 2011 |




when I watched over this video,I just remind lot of friends who have so long not to contact,I missed them so much but infrequently to give a call,I feel guilty and must be do sth to retrieve.maybe picking up the phone to tell them "I miss U,Guys"just the best way to open.Luckily I have not lost them,no drifting apart from them~Wish friendship be forever!Wink

03:31 AM Feb 08 2011 |



hi teache. My name is Tuvshinbayr.R. I am mongolian boy

02:03 AM Feb 08 2011 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Oh.. watching this video reminds me of what happened to my ex best friend (girl) and me :S

Honestly, It doesnt feel good when you know that someone who you had a connection with is no longer as close as before and then you realize there is nothing between you both.. It's so sad. I suffered for some months but I learnt to be strong and now I try not to be so close to some of my friends, because we never know what could happen… But I cant deny when I remember what happened I feel sad :'(

02:00 AM Feb 08 2011 |

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