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Drowning in Debt

Drowning in Debt

Date: Jul 24 2007

Themes: How To


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

It’s so much easier to spend money than it is to make it, isn’t it? And there are so many ways to spend money. With credit cards you can order all kinds of things on the Internet or go out and buy cars or boats without a single dollar in your bank account.

The problem is you’ll have to pay for that stuff sooner or later. More and more Americans are living in debt. Somehow Marni and Amanda have managed to stay in the black. Listen to them talk about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So I got my credit card statement recently, and my credit card for me is a way to get air miles. I pay mine off monthly. I have no back debt. I’m so proud of myself.

Amanda:  I’m the same way. That’s how my parents raised me. No debts, no credit, or if you do have a credit card, pay it off in full every time you have a payment.

Marni:  Exactly. Well we are in the minority. I actually did some research on this because I was thinking, “How have I managed to be so lucky? I keep hearing about credit card debt, Americans are terrible about it.” So I went online. According to MSN.com, their money site, the last time they did a poll was in 2002, the average American has $9,000 worth of debt on their card.

Amanda:  You know, I was actually going to guess higher than that. But that’s still horrible.

Marni:  It is. It is. We’re a culture that lives off its credit.

Amanda:  Absolutely, beyond your means, I don’t understand it. Because you can slap down your credit card. If you’re maxed out they get seven more credit cards. But you know…the credit card company for sending it to you. Here you go, open it.

Marni:  It’s a cycle, yeah. We’re lucky.

Amanda:  We’re very lucky.



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Being the smart woman that she is, Marni only uses her credit card to get the free airline tickets you can earn from the credit card company. She’s proud of the fact the she has no debts.

Amanda doesn’t have any debts either, and Marni tells her that that’s unusual. According to a study Marni found, the average American is 9 grand in debt. Amanda would have guessed even higher because as soon as you max out one credit card, the companies continue to offer you more credit cards.

Are you in debt? If not, wouldn’t it be scary to owe thousands and thousands of dollars?



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I do not have any credit cards and I do not need.However,I have to buy something such as ticket on the net so I use virtual credit card.By this way no debt and able to buy on the net as long as you have money:)That's enough for me to be able to shop on the net. No need to debt  credit cards!

09:27 PM Aug 25 2007 |



yes, i agree with you Miss Tracy.  It is not bad to have a credit card as long as you know how to use it.  First, don't spend beyond your means.  Second, be responsible  and third maybe  always be aware (self descipline).  Just maintain one credit to be safe.  But if you want to have more credit cards that is a big problem.  Am I correct?

05:05 AM Jul 31 2007 |




I hate to be in debt. It really makes you feel like drowning.

02:42 PM Jul 30 2007 |




03:39 AM Jul 30 2007 |




Amanda and Marni aren't lucky: are INTELLIGENT. Credit cards may be helpful in very few opportunities; IMHO, the best thing is using the card as less as possible, making the pay off in full. Otherwise you can fall in a trap: as King Solomon said, "debtor becomes the servant of whom he owes to"

05:13 PM Jul 28 2007 |




We’re very lucky..very good

03:22 PM Jul 26 2007 |

A lover of Ebaby

South Korea

Since i am not a big spender, i'm not in debt.  You should remember this word,"Easy come, easy go."

01:25 AM Jul 26 2007 |

t k awan

t k awan


Before spending check your pockets and always lay your legs accoring to your cloth.

03:35 PM Jul 25 2007 |

t k awan

t k awan


We know that once you entered in to the world of credit/debt cards it is your choice but it is like that only one jump is sufficient for enter in to the deep well but for coming back you may jumped for ever but of no avail.so it is up to you and choice is yours.

03:29 PM Jul 25 2007 |

Longking Penn


The credit card is a good way to increase your personal credit status which could help increase the amount of load you could borrow from the bank for your possible commercial ativity in the future, the more you use, the better your credit status will be; moreover, it's a way to get short-period finacial support for your daily lift, sitll it's very convenient. You'd better have enough income to pay back on time, otherwise, the credit card would be a devil to you.

03:55 AM Jul 25 2007 |




I need a credit card! :D

10:04 PM Jul 24 2007 |

Tracy Li


Well, it is not that scary to stay in debt if we have a careful plan on how to pay it off. In fact, I force myself in debt once a while to get some big things I really need such as home renovations. In this way, I afterwards force myself to save every penny until the debt is paid off. All and all, it is a matter of self control and self discipline, isn't it? :)

05:06 PM Jul 24 2007 |



There is something interesting about this idiom "in the black" meaning "profit" here in Brazil in the "blue" (estar no azul) means "profit".

Usually here in Brazil being in the black is a bad thing or situation and the US feeling the blues is feeling sad and depress.

Brazil                           US

red or black=debt          red=debt

blue=profit                    black=profit

What color codes mean profit or debt in your country?

02:34 PM Jul 24 2007 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i think it is a good idea for the users of the creidets but in my country we dont have cridit cards alot.but i think it is agood idea to  relaxe

01:53 PM Jul 24 2007 |



Keeping Your Feet on the Ground in Times of Change.

12:49 PM Jul 24 2007 |



I have no debt in my life, and i never use credit credit card.
If anything i want in i buy it by cash. I never ignore it because it’s useful in our life someway you reamain safe by robbery.
you know….
“owe nothing to anyone, accept yourself”.
I agree with “realkatef”.

12:34 PM Jul 24 2007 |




I think debt credit card is good, i want to buy some useful things,but now i dont have enough money,so i can use debt card and buy the things i want ,though i must pay one day,but now i needn't,i can use it at first,and  pay it later step by step

11:55 AM Jul 24 2007 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Every days after evry times which you say :

"How much do I owe you ?"

You are drowning in debt little by little …

11:45 AM Jul 24 2007 |



i don't know have a credit card is good or not,maybe conveniens but also easy in debt.

08:35 AM Jul 24 2007 |



Well i'm from Perú and it's not common here to use credits cards because we have a low incomes but .. in the last few years that numbers increase and more and more Peruvians are getting in debt so i think it's very irresponsible to spend more that you earn because it's not a very good way of life. Here we call it consumption. Well i don't have credit cards because i have 18 and my parents never let me to get one .. so .. jejeje i have to go bye

02:41 AM Jul 24 2007 |

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