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Beach Trip

Beach Trip

Date: Jul 30 2002


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Hi Friends!
It really feels like Summer is here for me. The sun is shining, it is warm outside… This is my favorite season of the year!
Nedra managed to escape the city for a weekend getaway to the beach, so you can hear all about her latest adventures in this lesson!
Tune in below!


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.




Brett:  So I hear you went on another adventure last weekend.

Nedra:   Oh yeah. We went to, uh, Newport Beach, uh, it’s kind of the middle coastal area of Oregon.

Brett:   So were you camping, or did you, like, go to a bed and breakfast or something?

Nedra:   Um, it was really cool. We had a, kind of like an apartment with a kitchenette and we could take our dog. And, oh man, he loved it!

Brett:  Oh yeah, your dog must have been freaking out right on the coast there! With being able to jump in the waves and chase birds and everything!

Nedra:   Oh yeah! He was eating seaweed! He was trying everything out! He just kept jumping up in the water. He is just like a little kid! It was so fun to watch him do.. just.. He really got into it!

Brett:   So did the house smell like wet dog then, after you were done with the place?

Nedra:   No! Luckily he is still a puppy so he doesn’t smell that bad, but someday it’ll catch up with us! Um, it was really fun because, we were, um, playing frisbee and he kept trying to grab the frisbee, and he’s just… he is… Everything is so new to him! It is just so fun to watch it through his eyes!

Brett:   Yeah, puppies are great in that kind of, uh, environment! So, uh, did you do any, like, sports or activities while you were there, or did you just kind of hang out on the beach and walk around and explore the shore?

Nedra:   Um, we just hung out. It was really nice, and there was hardly anybody around us, so we just did a little bit of soccer, a little bit of Frisbee. Just kind of, taking it easy!

Brett:   That’s great! You got lucky! I mean, this time of Summer the Oregon Coast can be such a popular place to hang out that you’re lucky you weren’t, you know, swamped with a million other people while you were there.

Nedra:   Yeah, I think most of the people were actually at the tourist traps, so we were actually very fortunate.

Brett:   Salt water taffy....

Nedra:   Carmel corn!



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Doesn’t it sound like Nedra had a nice time at the beach? I think she had a very relaxing and enjoyable time on her vacation. Nedra’s experience at the beach was more about spending time with friends than doing tourist activities. Do you think Nedra would have liked her vacation to have been more touristy?
What do you like to do at the beach? What is the best beach you have ever been to? Come to the Life Goes on Message Board and share your stories and experiences with us!
Have a wonderful week friends,



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She relaxed good :)

01:31 PM Aug 26 2008 |

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