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Tea Time

Tea Time English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Mar 07 2008

Themes: Food


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

One thing that almost every culture has some version of is tea. It’s just so nice to drink something warm with a soft flavor. Tea has a little caffeine in it, but not enough to keep you up or make you wired. A lot of teas are good for you too.

There’s a tea for almost every occasion: breakfast, dessert, bedtime. But sometimes there’s no occasion. You just want some tea. Watch Amanda and Marni decide which kind of tea to drink today.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  So, I am so sorry it’s cold in here, but I think I have something that might warm you up. I’ve got some tea selections.

Marni:  I guess you do. I love tea.

Amanda:  Me too. It’s the new coffee.

Marni:  The new coffee you think? I guess it’s always been the new coffee for me because I don’t like it.

Amanda:  It’s easier on your stomach. It’s about a third of the cost. You might not look as cool walking around with a little tea bag…

Marni:  I never worry about looking cool.

Amanda:  Oh, you don’t? I do a little bit. But if I get a Starbuck’s tea, I’ll usually tuck that tag in there.

Marni:  Oh wow.

Amanda:  Looks like a cup of joe.

Marni:  I never tuck. So, yeah, these are very nice assortments. I’m a big fan of peppermint tea, very good for the stomach if you’re not feeling well. Chamomile, really relaxing…

Amanda:  ...if you’re a little stressed out.

Marni:  But today I’m going to with the spice rooibos ruby red chai that sounds very exotic.

Amanda:  Sugar? Cream?

Marni:  No just straight.

Amanda:  Splenda?

Marni:  No.

Amanda:  Straight up?

Marni:  Just straight up. Thanks, my throat…

Amanda:  I’ll be back in a jif, OK?



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Amanda apologizes that her house is a little cold, but offers Marni some tea to warm her up. She sits down next to her with more boxes of tea than she can carry!

Amanda and Marni both like tea, but Amanda thinks it’s cooler to drink coffee. Sometimes she disguises her tea as coffee in order to look cool.

Marni looks at the different kinds of tea and chooses the one that sounds the most exotic to her. Amanda gets up to make it for her and Marni says she’d like the tea plain.

What sort of tea is there in your country? Do you put sugar or cream or anything in it? Did you notice the Turkish tea that shows up in our wedding video?



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In Poland the most popular tea is black tea. We drink it with sugar, sometimes milk but some people drink black tea with lemon and honey. Although more and more people drink green and red tea too.

12:13 PM Oct 02 2018 |



I love green tea :D Yes I know nobody loves green tea but I think It’s great.And I want to lose weigth, green tea helps me for this

12:47 PM Jun 30 2016 |



oh I haven’t tea time .Beause I am so busy during the day.But I think  I should to build it- tea time.haha~

02:11 PM Apr 13 2016 |




here in our country SUDAN people have some traditionals and habits with the tea .

yes may be , you must take a cup of tea when the sun set , and you mix it by a peace of milk called shay almugrib .

12:32 PM Apr 11 2016 |




i like the picture so much coz it’s same color and atmosphere of my profile picture

Lets organize a tea party. 

04:47 PM May 30 2014 |



Tea is very healthy and gives an atmosphere.When I’will enjoy a nice afternoon with friends I offer a  cream tea:black tea and sccones with strawberry jam and double -cream

Very delightful 

10:13 AM Dec 05 2013 |




When  I go to library ,I will get some tea to have a fresh brain and make peace of mind ,so I like it

07:50 AM Nov 20 2013 |




Black tea is really important in Turkey. Homeowners serve tea to guests. People generally drink tea with sugar and always without cream :) when I am cold or have sore throat ı prefer melisa tea. İt is so good for me :)

09:27 PM Nov 17 2013 |




My faviourt tea is peppermint tea.In china,many people love tea even drink tea everyday.Tieguanyin,longjing is popular. I seldom put sugar or cream in tea, i prefer straight. Tea is helpful to our health,drink some tea everyday is a good habit.

09:14 PM Apr 04 2013 |



iam from country that we dont use lots of tea..but i am person who like tea..for me is cup of yoe..but alsou I am using when I am not feeling good..I use to take different kond of tea..peppermit , when i have problem with my stomack..camomile before i go in bed..herbal tea during the day, and its only tea that I like to put splenda in it..tea is also good when we are feeling tired, and after that I alwais back in a jif..

05:17 PM Mar 02 2013 |

sharya bachir


 i love peppermint teas..it is so refreshing..and according to what i’ve learnt in consumer behavior in the personality aspect ..someone who heavy tea’s drinker considered to be very individualistic..and seems to detached away from others..it is three personality group theories by karen horney..

10:04 AM Jan 09 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like tea much,but my mother u can believe it,she drinks morning,afternoon and at night

in all times she should drinks tea i don’t know what she see in the tea???????:(

06:53 AM Nov 29 2012 |




I like white tea, Jasmine Silver Needles. Very delicate taste. It’s being plucked in the form of white buds and scented with a rare variety of night-blooming jasmine that has a light hint  of gardenia.

From green teas, I like Dragon Pearls. Each of the pearls are hand rolled. I like to watch them unravel slowly when they’re in hot water and release the beautiful scent as though they come to life.

I like “Green cloud” as well. Picked up in Jiangx province

And I’m learning to drink Matcha “Matsu” that means ‘Pine tree’ It indicate excellence . It’s a powerded green tea used in Japanesse tea ceremonies.

02:58 PM Aug 20 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


I like peppermint tea most :)... I have my tea with little sugar…

Teas with cream are not so common here.. But there are some people like their tea without sugar and I think they have splenda instead..

02:43 PM Aug 20 2012 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Tea is nice when we’re too tired so when we drinking tea,we enjoyed. I drink tea with colleagues in the worke.

06:02 PM Aug 18 2012 |




i drink tea only in morning time,i like milk tea with sugur,

09:28 AM Jun 13 2012 |

one wish , one love


yeah am tea addicted especially in morning …......... :D

08:19 AM Jan 06 2012 |




i love tea. tea make me feel so warm. tea is a good friend to make someone feel good:)

04:14 AM Jan 06 2012 |

kinjal gadhavi


yeah…i like 2 drink  ...

no life without morning tea….................Tongue out

11:13 AM Sep 05 2011 |



i love tea and drink it evry time but i cannt get their talking becaus so fast


08:42 PM Aug 20 2011 |

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