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The Truth About Devan

The Truth About Devan English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Aug 05 2008

Themes: Health, Soap Opera


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

If you’re just tuning in, Devan admitted that she smokes pot a few weeks ago. But Mason talked to her and she said she was going to quit. But Marni and Beren have caught her doing strange things and wonder if she is still using drugs. Jason agreed to talk to her about it, but it looks like he won’t have to. As he runs by, she flags him down and as they talk, the truth comes out.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  Jason! Jason! Hey!

Jason:  Hey!

Devan:  Hey!

Jason:  What’s up?

Devan:  Oh, how’s it going?

Jason:  Oh, just training for the Olympics, you know.

Devan:  Oh, nice! This is your training outfit?

Jason:  Yeah, yeah.

Devan:  Nice.

Jason:  How come you’re wearing this hoodie?

Devan:  Oh, it’s kind of cold, you know.

Jason:  It’s like 90 degrees!

Devan:  Well, I’m not that hot.

Jason:  Really? But you even have your hood on. How come you have your hood on?

Devan:  It’s, you know, it’s only 90. It could be 100.

Jason:  I mean, did you get, like, a bad haircut or something or what?

Devan:  Uh, well, you could say that, I guess.

Jason:  Let me see! It can’t be that bad.

Devan:  Um, no, I mean it looks…

Jason:  C’mon!

Devan:  It looks…OK…OK. I don’t have any hair anymore.

Jason:  What? Why?

Devan:  You promise you won’t tell the rest of the gang?

Jason:  Yeah. Is it a fashion statement?

Devan:  Um, no. Actually, I have cancer.

Jason:  You do?

Devan:  Yeah, I just found out and I’m getting chemo so I don’t have any hair anymore. That’s why I’m wearing a hood. But don’t tell the others till I’m ready.

Jason:  OK, I won’t. What kind of cancer do you have?

Devan:  Uh, breast cancer.

Jason:  Wow. Are you gonna be alright?

Devan:  I hope so. I’m starting the treatment and I don’t have insurance so I’m trying to figure out how pay for it right now, but…I mean I was planning on telling you and I’m going to tell everybody else, but if I’ve been acting a little weird lately, that’s part of the problem. But this will just be beween me and you for now, OK?

Jason:  Yeah. So that explains why you were all sick when Marni saw you on the street. You weren’t even donating plasma, were you?

Devan:  No.

Jason:  Do you have insurance?

Devan:  Um, no, I don’t.

Jason:  Wow. So that’s why you’ve been selling cans and all that stuff.

Devan. Yeah, yeah.

Jason:  Oh my gosh.

Devan:  So now you know.

Jason:  Wow.

Devan:  But it’s gonna be OK, right?

Jason:  Yeah, I hope so.



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It turns out that Devan hasn’t been doing drugs again. She was acting strangely because she has breast cancer. Since chemotherapy causes your hair to fall out, she can’t hide her secret anymore. Jason knows something is up when she refuses to remove her hood in summer weather.

Perhaps the only thing worse than cancer is cancer without health insurance. A lot of people in the United States don’t have health insurance and Devan is one of them. She and Jason hug and both say they hope it will be alright, though they both know it might not be.

Have you ever known anyone with cancer? How does the health care system work in your country?



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this story becomes a tragically note. In Slovakia we have a sociology healthy system insurance and everyone people  have medical care. 

07:16 PM Jan 07 2009 |




although i know devan is hopeless to good treatment…but also best wishes

05:35 AM Dec 05 2008 |




Here in Ukraine we have both state treatment (wich is not so good but in whole it is not so bad) and insuarances. But as for me my employer pays for my treatment according to my labor agreement.

10:29 AM Oct 20 2008 |




health care system in my country sucks! if ure ill and no dough u have no right to be treated .. my dad died of cancer but at least we have tried our best to take care of him until his last days.. he finished 4 cycle of chemo. =/

08:24 AM Oct 15 2008 |



it’s really horible! she is cancer and also has not enough facility to be healthy.
Hopefully someone will help Devan.
You must be funny not depressed.

03:25 AM Sep 11 2008 |



very good

02:28 PM Sep 09 2008 |



Surprised i don`t agree with magic1015.   Although china has poor health care system ,it is not terrible.   As you know,china has the most people in the world.  People`s health care system need more time to improve.  Nowldays,it also devoloping fast. I believe we chinese people will be better.Tongue out

07:02 AM Sep 07 2008 |



Well,sorry to hear that bad news of Devon.Es tut mir Leid.It's  really a great sprit of her to be so optimistic and strong.She is always persist in making her life continue,no matter how hard  it would be,and actually it is.To everybody ,life is not equal.And i'm here for her  for ever.Though she told jason to keep it a secret for this time being.What she really wants is others' understanding and support.If some day the rest of the gang find the truth,they could be with Devon together  all the way till her days of healing comes.If some guy can help figure out how pay  for the chemo and all stuffs ,it will be even better.For the money is the most headache for her right now.

12:19 PM Aug 21 2008 |

Cecilia Yip

Hong Kong

oh poor Devan!Surprised

u know, at first I guessed it may be some kind of reasons like having a bad haircut(like what Jason thought) or so that made her feeling embarrassed of taking off the hood, but it comes out so unexpectedly that I was actually a little bit shocked XD

01:33 PM Aug 16 2008 |




Why this happened to her? she is a beautiful girl, my god! it's unfair!



07:40 AM Aug 14 2008 |




oh ,no,my god

my english is not very good

08:56 AM Aug 11 2008 |


Viet Nam


01:35 PM Aug 10 2008 |



Saint Kitts and Nevis

 Imagine you were told that you had a canser. Gosh! It's awful. I would be at a loss, frightened. I know some people, some of them died. They were very good people, they lived full life. I'm happy that I can help them to have more days of their lives, to help their immune system. If u don't want to have canser have more antioxidants like microhidrin. Devan needs friends now like never before.

04:18 PM Aug 09 2008 |



I am sorry that I hear Devan had a breast cancer, but she doesn't need to worry about it . In nowadays, the medical technical is developed , cancer will not be that much scared. The big problem is the fee of cure, so I wish every government give people a hand.

12:09 AM Aug 09 2008 |

Joanna Bulsa


Actually, I know a lot of people – especially children with cancer, because I'm working on the oncology department. So this is my filed… And I think the cancer is generally a real drama. Fotrunately the health system in our country is rather child-friendly, so we don't have many bureaucratic problems with treatment. But there is still plenty of things to do to improve the outcomes of the cancer therapy… All we can do is hope… (and working a lot for science)

07:09 PM Aug 07 2008 |


Tanzania, United Republic Of


11:44 AM Aug 07 2008 |


Tanzania, United Republic Of

That is really so sad if it was true .. I hope it is not ..

it is free medical care here in my country ..


11:41 AM Aug 07 2008 |

Mapleleaf Man


People! It's fiction. It's a drama, sort of. If you think she really has cancer then you also think that the guy is training for the Olympics. It's just a story. If someone tells you they have cancer, whatever you do don't react the way the guy reacts. If they were true friends, he would have shown a lot more compassion than that. 

08:46 PM Aug 06 2008 |




Tell me its just a making up story.:( 

06:06 PM Aug 06 2008 |




wow.. it's so sad. i could even thought that devan have a cancer. It's really bad disease. And more people have a cancer….Cry

04:15 PM Aug 06 2008 |

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