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Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading

Date: Aug 22 2008

Themes: Alternative, Religion


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

The problem with knowing about the future is that it’s never enough. No matter how much you know or think you know about what will happen, there will always be questions. Repeat customers are how psychics stay in business. That, and the fact that they are often surprisingly accurate. Listen to Marni tell Jason about the questions that came up during a recent psychic reading.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Oh my God, Jason. I am totally freaking out.

Jason:  What?

Marni:  I just had this totally crazy tea leaf reading. Have you ever done that?

Jason:  No.

Marni:  So, you get a pot of tea. You drink it. And they, like, read the leaves. And I was told that in a year, I could either have a completely new relationship or a child.

Jason:  Really?

Marni:  Isn’t that crazy?

Jason:  That is crazy.

Marni:  Yeah.

Jason:  It’s really crazy when psychics give big predictions like that that may cause you to do something drastic.

Marni:  Right. Like, the new relationship thing, that could be a lot of things, but she said, “You know, I see a child in this.” And I was like, “Oh my God! I’m gonna have a baby?”

Jason:  Are you trying to have a baby?

Marni:  No! Scary! Extra protection. But yeah, there’s so many forms. I was like, “Maybe I’ll go back and get my palm read or something and maybe that will tell me more.”

Jason:  Maybe. Where’d you find this woman?

Marni:  There’s this psychic tea shop right by my house.

Jason:  She’s got a whole business set up.

Marni:  A whole business and there’s, like, a whole menu. You can get tarot readings or you can get the tea leaves or you can do a really in-depth reading. She’s a medium so she can go into…and like contact people from your past…

Jason:  Holy smokes!

Marni:  I know. I was thinking about talking to my grandmother. And my dog. She can totally talk to your dog. My dog seems like he’s having some issues, so I was like, “Maybe I’ll have the medium come in and tell me what’s going on.”

Jason:  That’s amazing.

Marni:  Yeah! Isn’t it crazy?

Jason:  She sounds pretty legit.

Marni:  Yeah, she’s pretty dead on with some things like, I’m definitely at a transitional period in my life and those things and yeah, maybe that seems open ended, but it’s totally applicable.



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Marni is a little worried. A woman who reads tea leaves in order to tell the future told her that in a year, her life could be totally different. She might have a new boyfriend or a child!

This information makes Marni want to get more psychic readings. The woman who read the tea leaves for her also does palm reading, tarot cards, and can even talk to the dead or animals for you!

Marni trusts her psychic because some of the things she has told her, like the fact that her life is in a transitional state, seem accurate. Of course, the predictions could simply be broad enough to apply to anyone. It’s hard to say, but the promise of knowing her future interests Marni. Does it interest you? Have you ever had a psychic reading? Was it accurate?



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Viet Nam

I don’t think it’s good to trust on a psychic reading because how can we know if it’s true or not. Moreover, what predicted by a fortuneteller  is normally happened in the past, but for the future..

07:03 AM Aug 29 2014 |



Russian Federation

I would suggest Marni  stop wasting her time and trust everyone, promising to predict her future. There is a great number of  such kind of advertisement  in social  nets, but I think there is nothing behind them but empty words and promises.

I think, astrology, numerolgy and palm   and tarot readings are just a business,appeals to curious , depressive or freaking out people in order to get money from them. However, there is so much unexplainable around,and maybe there are  people with some unusual abilities, but these are unique cases.

As for me, I would search  the roots of  the problems at the way of my life and my  life attitude,  instead of trying to  explain them  with  the date of my birth or the position of stars above me. And I will always hope for better without any predictions.

08:52 AM Jan 26 2014 |

nancy ghabboun


In Jordan we do read cup of coffe after drinking it but we always say at the begining that we are doing this for fun nothing more. so I think that these things should be for fun.

12:31 PM Feb 10 2012 |



Russian Federation

Marni, dear!!!! Your speaking is too fast, even for me it's tough, with my pretty nice developed listening skill. I could catch every single word from the whole stream only at the third time, and even then to do that it was necessary to read the script first. The lesson is great and usefulCool

12:10 PM Sep 26 2009 |



Me too.^^ I dont believe in fortune telling. This listening material is really awesome.

12:59 PM Jul 23 2009 |



i dont believe in pyschic reading, only God knows what will gonna happen in my future.

04:15 AM Jul 12 2009 |


Viet Nam

holy smokes????? what does it mean?

08:58 AM Nov 21 2008 |



I don't believe it 

01:30 PM Aug 27 2008 |



That’s it! I agree with Jean. I wanted to be rich too. You choose your future and your life.

02:18 PM Aug 26 2008 |



wow! This article is interesting! I had already gone in fortune teller when I was teenager. She told me a lot of things that it didn't come true. I knew that! Nobody knows the future only God. I believe in 'Medium' but I don't want to keep in touch with dead people, I am ok between living beings. Kiss

02:08 PM Aug 26 2008 |

Felipe Perez


In my opinion our future is a thing that we make and it was not already made. If we know out future I think life lost your meaning. The funniest thing at life is make think in the past, live the present and make the future. Imagine if we know everything what will happen! Certainly it'll make me crazy! 

So… live the life building the future! I believe it'll be better than just live the life waiting for things occurs.


06:48 PM Aug 25 2008 |

Johnny alucard



05:34 PM Aug 25 2008 |




really a very good lesson it shows that either you believe predictions or not it’s all depend on you ,you make your futur .It is true that sometimes people feel curious to knwo about the futur times and i did too but it doesn’t make any sense because ONLY GOD KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO EVERYONE OF US this life is just a reasons to shape by them our futur.
i liked this lesson

04:46 PM Aug 25 2008 |




Many people think in this thing but I think that this people is lonely and they`re in difficult situation and they need think in anything. It´s help them for fight with theirs difficult life.

 All the people is curioslity and we´re want know that will be us in future or talk with the ancest or famuos people or know there are more there of the life.

Some people think in the UFO; but the quiz is WHAT DO YOU BELIVE IT?  I think that all people need think in anything. I belive in myself.

04:44 PM Aug 25 2008 |

1 person likes this



marni is going to have a new boyfriend whith a child.Laughing

09:40 AM Aug 25 2008 |



Viet Nam

I have not totally trusted in it, but i had a try, just for fun and curiousity. Yea, psychics often tell something too general, that could be right for many people. If they could tell you your characters, it is because your appearance and guesture. Normally, the psychics warns some unexpected accidents and unlucky in near future. It is not really bad if you believe and take care, unless you are too serious, anxious about it. You could believe in good predictions, it brings you belief in life, and joy. All predictions me told that i will be rich in the futureLaughing. I know, this will be only dream if i don't have any effort at presents. 

In Vietnam, a lot of people believe in this, even rich and successful ones, especially the olders. We-the youth, modern generation should be trust in science, tech…and ourselves.Cool

02:44 AM Aug 25 2008 |

1 person likes this



It maybe arrive at something corresponding to what had happend,but it would not be the power of psychic.

Even if I guess somthing about you, I have chance to be correct.

But we like to listen sotries of mystery,don't we.

02:07 AM Aug 25 2008 |




I think that one can create his own life .

12:06 AM Aug 25 2008 |




believe or not? all depend on you, and this lesson is very good. I like it. The life is colorful

02:49 PM Aug 24 2008 |




i dont believe in such type of things this are just fakes and nothing else

11:52 AM Aug 24 2008 |

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