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Oscars 2011
Oscars 2011

Learn about the simple future tense.

Date: Feb 23 2011

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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The movies nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards are as different as a cartoon about toys and a western about a one-eyed bounty hunter.

Black Swan, Toy Story 3, The Social Network and True Grit are just some of the films that will be competing for awards this year, while actresses like Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, and Michelle Williams compete to see whose gown makes the best impression on the red carpet.

Hear Jason and Amy talk about their favorite films of 2010.


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Jason:  This year’s Oscar selections seem pretty legit to me. Like some years I am skeptical that these are actually the best movies, but most of them seem pretty good.

Amy:  I don’t know. I am worried that The Social Network is going to win everything, and I just didn’t think that that was a very good movie.

Jason:  Wait, you think it’s going to win everything?

Amy:  Well, I do. It seems like that’s the movie that everyone is talking about, and I thought that True Grit and Black Swan were a lot more interesting, and just much better movies. I mean, The Social Network was an interesting topic, I guess, but I just didn’t think there was anything that special about it.

Jason:  It definitely wasn’t flashy. So that’s why I’m surprised, ‘cause I feel like those movies…I mean, the Oscar nominated movies are typically Avatar or some big over-the-top kind of thing. And it was just, you know, some people and a company.

Amy:  Right. I actually thought it was kind of boring.

Jason:  I think it’s supposed to define the times though. And that’s why it’s such a big deal.

Amy:  That’s true. Well, I guess that’s why I think it’s going to win.

Jason:  Well even if it does, I hope Natalie Portman wins best actress, because she rocks.


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Jason thinks that the movies nominated for Oscars this year are pretty good. Usually he is disappointed by the nominations. He thinks awards go to flashy movies, rather than the best movies of the year.

Amy disagrees. She doesn’t think The Social Network was a very good movie, and she hopes it won’t win a lot of awards. But she thinks it might win because it is a movie about the world we are living in right now.

True Grit and Black Swan are two other movies that were nominated for Best Picture this year. Amy enjoyed both those movies. Jason enjoyed Natalie Portman most of all.

What was your favorite movie of 2010? What did you like about it?



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Viet Nam

Last night, I watched the movie "The King's Speech". And now i could understand why it took lots of awards. Although I like Christophe Nolan, Director "Inception"most, I have to recognize "The King's Speech" is such a great and touchy film and Director of this film deserved to receive the award Best Director. The educational and social values of this film are so profound! 

I will try to find the documentary film which won the Oscar award because its trailer impressed me truly. 

04:10 PM Mar 01 2011 |


United States

hello friends, I love to watch movies spicily animated movies , toy story 3 is my favorite movie they won best movie avoid in oscars

10:51 AM Mar 01 2011 |



Viet Nam

I am excited waitin' for OSCAR 2011:) I truly love Natalie Portman and her amazing acting in movie "Black Swan". This film brings me a lot of emotions and makes me choke in many scenes. I wish she could get the award which deserves with her ability and exertion. 

12:21 PM Feb 25 2011 |



Russian Federation

I haven't seen the movies nominated on Oscar this year yet. I hope I'll them soon. For me the best flic of 2010 is Inception. It's not nominated as the best movie? O, no. I'm disappointed. 

07:17 PM Feb 24 2011 |




I hope more and more chinese movies will be nominated for Oscars.This year,blockbusters like The the bullet fly and If you are the one II,should be awarded,i think.haha!

12:46 PM Feb 24 2011 |



The Oscar is goona go to Inception.

02:56 AM Feb 24 2011 |



I believe that movies like The social network is a kind of fever. Everthing about social network, internet and the big apple will win money and prestige.

03:52 PM Feb 23 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i can't choose one…. all of them are in same grade to meLaughing

01:26 PM Feb 23 2011 |



Yeah, I totally agreed with what the Amy said! Cause we are living in this world now, so it's gettting a lot of more and more citizens about the Facebook, The Social Network, it's talking about the history of the Facebook company, the CEO of this special company, and also it's just like another digital world for the young teenagers today, so it's getting more support. I have been watching this movie, but its content not very good!

01:15 PM Feb 23 2011 |




That's definetely too hard to say, i mean , for me at least,coz i'm a movie big fan, and I'm always watching some kind of new Hollywood movie, and that makes me get a little bit confused to say which movie was the coolest of 2010. But, well, I guess that Inception because of the pretty complex history, and the awesome group of actors… Besides, the central point of the movie has a lot to do with personal experiences, so I really enjoyed this movie, and I'd be glad if it could be nominated for the Academy Awards. It's such a great movie.

08:05 AM Feb 23 2011 |




“The social network” is my favorite movie of 2010…it definitely has nothing special like special effects, famous actors or the greatest play of actors but showing up the ordinary life of young people and their further success by implementing their knowledge, interests, enthusiasm, makes this film something like personal. So I would nominate this movie as the Best Picture of 2010.

06:23 AM Feb 23 2011 |




I don't understand how those final awards come up and I don't think it's all about flashy movies, otherwise the The Hurt Locker wouldn't have won over Avatar last year.

Actually I like the Inception the most. It's kinda related to my own experiences, which is pretty cool.

05:38 AM Feb 23 2011 |

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