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Dumped in a Text

Dumped in a Text English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jan 13 2009

Themes: Romance, Tech

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

As the saying goes, “Breaking up is hard to do.” So if you need to dump someone, the question is, what’s the easiest way? Breaking up in person can be messy, but writing or calling can make you seem like a coward.

Marni and Amanda are sitting on the couch having a conversation about their boyfriends when Marni gets a text from her long-distance, online boyfriend, John, whom she has only seen once in Vegas. Guess what it says…

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So, how are things going with Mason?

Amanda:  I asked for some space.

Marni:  And how did that go?

Amanda:  And he, um…I think he was a little ticked off, a little offended. Because I think that normally it’s the guy’s role. You know? They’re asking for the space and it’s kind of expected, and the girl gets all sensitive, but we kind of switched roles there and I think he was taken aback. It’s OK, though.

Marni:  I’ve been expecting John to to call.

Amanda:  Who?

Marni:  John. You know.

Amanda:  Oh, J Dog?

Marni:  Yeah. I know. I really like him so I just…

Amanda:  Can I see it? OK. Just go ahead. Go ahead. I’ll pretend like I’m not here.

Marni:  Sorry. We’ll just…

Amanda:  OK. What’s it say?

Marni:  What?

Amanda:  Just tell me.

Marni:  “Hey. Sorry girl. Not feelin’ it anymore.”

Amanda:  Like, feelin’ what?

Marni:  Well, you are a…

Amanda:  Did he have a fever?

Marni:  He’s breaking up with me.

Amanda:  No. I don’t think he would do that in a text. I mean, who does that?

Marni:  I don’t know. Apparently J Dog does, because what is this saying, “Not feelin’ it anymore”?

Amanda:  I’m sorry, hun.


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Wow. Breaking up with someone in a text message. That’s pretty low. Could you read the text? It said, “Hey. Sorry girl. Not feelin’ it anymore,” but it was spelled like this: “Hey, sry grl, not feelin it n e more.” John couldn’t even type out full words to break up with Marni!

Things could be worse. At least they don’t live together.

What should Marni do? Call John and try to get him back? Yell at him? Forget about him? Have you ever dumped someone? How did you do it?



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patricia genesis


If i were marni i can’t back with him because he is a coward because he didn’t  said the things her in her face

02:13 AM May 31 2011 |



Russian Federation

Everyone should cope with it successfully. You can make yourself.

09:58 AM Mar 21 2010 |




you go to shop to buy a bucket of ice-cream and the next step its would buy two bins of pills and eat up all! finally yousurvive it by luck then travel to LA and KNOCK OUT the faggot guy! this is my opinion 

06:35 PM Mar 11 2010 |



It's not a big deal, just let it go, finally you will find your Mr Right.

05:19 AM Feb 27 2010 |




05:05 PM Jan 22 2010 |



firstable, you must  think about why you want to dump a relationship, if you already realized that there is no more love between both of you, so what's the reason to continuing together?, both could be work better  just as couple good friends, but instead of this you realy are fall in love one or another, well this is hard, because one part will be affected with this decision. 

08:29 PM Oct 30 2009 |



i just didn't understand the end of the message that the girl recieved ,, i mean, ur a book chic..is not u is me !!

07:35 PM Jun 25 2009 |

Da Mike

Da Mike

United States

Distant dates ain't worth the trouble esp when it pulls on for too long without a possibility of gettin' together for a ride. Take note fellas 

02:18 PM Mar 18 2009 |




when your heart full with someone is happiness

06:07 AM Mar 15 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

very good


01:56 AM Mar 12 2009 |




well,that is fine.Because we don’t rellay need a boy or a girl in our life,right?we can live a indepedent life on our own.Maybe we will feel happy when we are single.what do you say?

02:41 AM Mar 11 2009 |


United Kingdom

hey you dont need that boy,you are so sweet and beautiful girl bealieve m,now kick his ass for me..Laughing


07:54 PM Mar 10 2009 |



hold her head up height and continue with her life

10:20 PM Mar 04 2009 |



hold her head up hight and continue living her lile

10:19 PM Mar 04 2009 |




my god,my girlfriend what's breakup with me.I'm so grievous  

01:26 PM Mar 01 2009 |



really  iwanna share with u this good marvellous works so ihop u can find to me some space

03:04 PM Feb 28 2009 |


Sri Lanka

good lession

02:17 PM Feb 26 2009 |


South Korea

It’s a 1st time to see this darama. In my case, I think it’s not serious thing. It’s just joke to embarassing for her.

02:22 PM Feb 24 2009 |




thta's so funny. i broke up with my girl friend by a text message lol, it was very conffuse cause i texted her and seh couldn't believe that, so after that she was looking for me at school oh my good whe seh found my i was with another girl. when seh saw us, ... imagine the ending.

 greeting from mexico


12:23 AM Feb 24 2009 |




    Actually, i have not  dumped anyone at all. i even never fall in love with somebody. Maybe i am not good enough. i have never sent a message like that.but i have sent some messages to the boys i like and told him i like him.

     but if i were Marin . i am sure i'll ask John out ,face to face. i want to find the answer.

10:10 AM Feb 23 2009 |

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