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The Chase

The Chase English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: May 05 2009

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

What if you started following someone who was following someone else? It sounds like a spy movie, but that’s exactly what happens in today’s soap opera.

Dale and Ella are detectives who have come to investigate Beren’s kidnapping. They staked out her place, and now they have some intelligence telling them where she is. They see her and follow her right into her building!

But Marni and Mason think Dale and Ella are just nice new friends. But when they see them talking into their jackets and running along the outside of Beren’s building, they start to get suspicious.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.









Ella:  OK. So according to surveillance reports, she should be around this area. I think…

Dale:  You know, I read that report, but I didn’t really read that. So is it, like, right around here?

Ella:  Yeah, yeah. She’s…Oh my God! I think I just saw her. We need to…

Marni:  This is kinda cute.

Mason:  I thought they were…I’m sorry. I totally thought they were gonna be open. I thought we could use, kinda, something to cheer us up.

Marni:  I know. It’s OK.

Mason:  But um…

Marni:  Hey.

Mason:  Oh wait, is that…Dale. Hey Dale! Ella!

Marni:  Yeah. What? Hi guys.

Mason:  Did they look weird to you? Kinda…

Marni:  Is she talking into her jacket?

Mason:  It’s a little suspicious.

Marni:  It’s very sketchy.

Mason:  Yeah. I mean, it’s kindacloak and dagger kinda stuff goin’ on over there. It’s…

Marni:  Look, they’re…

Mason:  Who are they…

Marni:  I don’t know. Let’s follow them.

Mason:  Alright. We’ll check it out. Let’s investigate further here. Have they seemed a little weird to you?

Marni:  Yeah.

Mason:  I mean…

Marni:  I mean, what was that? That was really weird. They didn’t…It was like they were ignoring us and then they’re, like, being all secretive.

Mason:  What’s that door they’re going in over there? Isn’t that…Is that Beren’s place?

Dale:  We’re hot on her trail. I think she went right over there.

Ella:  Yeah. I think she went this way.

Marni:  I think they went right over here.

Mason:  You picked up their trail? I don’t know.

Marni:  I thought I saw them go around here, but…

Mason:  There’s no tracks.

Marni:  So…

Mason:  Try it.

Marni:  It’s locked.

Mason:  Mysterious.


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When Dale and Ella finally find Beren, it just so happens that Marni and Mason are standing right there to see them run off. They chase them, but then they follow them to a locked door leading into the basement.

The very same basement where Beren so strangely went after her awkward encounter with Dale and Ella in the elevator. Come back next week to see what happens!

Have you ever followed someone or been followed?



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sima z

sima z


yes i followed someone when i was a little kid ,i followed my sister when she went out to buy something because she did not wanna take me with her, it was so funny but at the last she knew and told my father…...hahaha .but i have never been followed.

anyone tell me is my grammar bad????? 

08:30 PM Jan 27 2010 |



pershendetje  nga uen  jam kosovar gjak shqiptari .united states of albania

01:53 PM Jun 08 2009 |



姐 能帮个忙吗 没有视频啊 怎么解决

01:56 AM Jun 08 2009 |




Yes, both,  just when I was a little kid, kids game you know, but not at the same time I think.


It would be scary being followed by strangers.

06:18 AM May 10 2009 |




I enjoyed watching the soap opera here very much. haha
What will happen next?

02:15 AM May 10 2009 |



Well, just today i was chasing someone, the only reason why was i m too much curious and i observed her very worried, looking for some lost into her bag, she seemed really worried…..i d love to be an investigative journalist!! I ll do.

09:29 PM May 09 2009 |



I don’t want to be followed by someone else. Well, if someone does and did not stop following me then I’m gonna kick his ass and throw him away. Do I have a bad grammar?

07:29 PM May 08 2009 |



I never follow anyone and i guess that no one have followed me, that´s ok because i´m very clumsy like it´s impossible for me to follow someone without be exposed

01:38 AM May 08 2009 |




hahaha Comedy this soap opera! I have already followed someone hehe,but I have never been followed ;)

12:05 AM May 08 2009 |




Once I´ve followed my sister. I thought she was having a hidden date, so I investigated following her way to school, but finally I had discovered she was setting a party for me. It was so embarassing and I´ve learnt not to follow someone that you´re not right this person is up to

07:16 PM May 07 2009 |



I've followed someone or been followed before, but I think following someone is a bit cool you know it has some kind of suspense :P

12:32 AM May 07 2009 |



no one want to be follewed,yet everyone may follow others under certain circumstance.

01:16 PM May 06 2009 |



i will be afraid if somebody follow me .And i won’t chase other people.i think it’s very terrible to be chased by somebody esle.Whether he is a theif or police.whenever i think of it ,it gets terrifying.
However the spy TVs are attractive and
mysterious.so i like to watch these spy TVs,but don’t like these things that happen around me

10:57 AM May 06 2009 |



I´ve not followed for someone and never would to be. I think that to be very terrible to be followed for other persons, to be thief or somebody followed for polices or thiefs in some cases.

01:31 AM May 06 2009 |




no, ive never followed someone and i dont think i have ever been chased by anyone else, so far.

11:41 PM May 05 2009 |




 I wouldn't like to be chased by a thief, a police or a dog or a killer so a stalker really makes me scared but I like to stalk anybody when I have a doubt or curiosity..hihi…my sacrifice or victim can be especially  one of my colleagues or  my dear mother-in-law…wohahaLaughing

08:26 PM May 05 2009 |




I wouldn’t like to be chased by a thief, a police or a dog or a killer so a stalker really makes me scared but I like to stalk anybody when I have a doubt or curiosity..hihi…my sacrifice/victim can be especially one of my colleague or mother-in-law…wohaha!!!

08:09 PM May 05 2009 |



I have not followed anybody. Though I don't know if somebody followed me sometime. It's possible. If you already was stolen then it's probable that you have been followed before. If you are/were a criminal, too.

07:13 PM May 05 2009 |




I haven't done it!! but I already had a jealous girl who did that a few years back! 

04:51 PM May 05 2009 |




I haven't!!  but i had a jeaulous girl that did that! I don't

04:51 PM May 05 2009 |

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