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Aftermath English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: May 26 2009

Themes: Friend

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

It’s hard to imagine something as crazy as going for a walk one night and seeing two of your friends arresting the evil twin of another one of your friends. But that’s what happened to Devan and Jason last week on the soap opera. They were out on a romantic walk when they saw Dale and Ella arresting Evil Beren, who had kidnapped Beren months ago.

So after a night like that, what do you do the next day? Watch as the group tries to decide if they still want to be friends with Ella and Dale, who ever since the first night they met, have been lying to them.

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3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.













Beren:  And then, after my evil twin traded me to the police for her demands...I don’t know what they were really. Money probably. Here I am.

Devan:  That is so insane.

Mason:  It’s like “Days of Our Lives” crossed with “General Hospital” crossed with “Twin Peaks.”

Marni:  It’s pretty crazy.

Beren:  It was really crazy. I mean, we look exactly the same. Who would’ve thought?

Devan:  I know. I mean, I didn’t even know you had a twin.

Beren:  I didn’t know I had a twin.

Marni:  Were you separated at birth?

Beren:  I don’t know. It could be a clone.

Marni:  Wow.

Mason:  Is she a monkey clone?

Beren:  Maybe. I’m not sure.

Devan:  I’m so glad you’re back, but what’d you guys think about the fact that Dale and Ella were lying to us this entire time about being cops? I don’t know if I can trust them anymore.

Marni:  Yeah.

Mason:  I hadn’t thought about that.

Marni:  I don’t know how I feel about that. It kinda stings a little.

Mason:  It stings a lot!

Beren:  They saved me. They rescued me.

Devan:  They did save you, but can’t we still be…Do they even want to be our friends or were they just using us? You know?

Mason:  Can I trust them?

Marni:  Yeah. I don’t know.

Mason:  Guys, guys.

Dale:  Hey. Hey guys. How you guys doin’?

Devan:  Speak of the devil or the cops.

Dale:  I know you guys are kinda mad.

Ella:  So, you know, we’re cops, but we were doing this for the good…We had to save you, you know.

Beren:  I understand.

Ella:  We couldn’t blow our cover. I mean, headquarters would kill us, basically.

Devan:  But you lied to us.

Ella:  Yeah.

Ella:  We had to. I mean, would you rather us lie and then her be dead?

Devan:  Do you even value our friendship?

Dale:  We do. That’s the reason why… We do! I value your friendship. Don’t you remember all the good times? I mean…

Mason:  Dale.

Dale:  When we played football?

Mason:  Look what I’m drinking right now.

Dale:  I know. Remember the time we were drinking? Remember the time you were sick and I took care of you?

Mason:  You think…

Dale:  Remember the three-legged race? Remember all those times?

Mason:  Just holding this hurts.

Dale:  Well, you know, you have to remember we really did this for Beren. We wanted to. Without her being kidnapped, we would never have met.

Ella:  That’s true.

Dale:  That’s important.

Ella:  I mean, we still want to be friends and hang out. Just set aside that we’re cops.

Dale:  Just forget about that, OK? We’re friends, man.

Devan:  I want to be friends.

Dale:  It’s important!

Devan:  Yeah! Friends.

Dale:  It’s important.

Devan:  High-five. I’m so glad you were kidnapped so we could meet them.

Dale:  I’m glad you’re OK.

Beren:  Thank you.


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Everyone is in shock over what happened to Beren. Mason compares the events to the plot of some famous soap operas. As the group is talking about Beren’s rescue, Devan brings up Dale and Ella. They’ve been so nice, but they’ve also been lying. But the lies saved Beren’s life. It’s complicated.

Just then, Dale and Ella walk in. They explain that they really like Mason, Devan and all their friends and that they hope they can still hang out. At first, everyone is still mad at them, but Dale reminds them of the fun they’ve had and starts crying and everyone agrees to stay friends.

Would you have stayed friends with Dale and Ella? They did save Beren, but they also lied. Have you ever discovered that a friend lied to you?



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it's has allitle difficutl expression but i was so pleased when i was watching the video and iam glad they came clean to them istead of pretending as cops

08:03 PM Jun 24 2009 |



it's has allitle difficutl expression but i was so pleased when i was watching the video and iam glad they came clean to them istead of pretending as cops

08:03 PM Jun 24 2009 |




We were dancing when my sister's cameKiss

03:09 PM Jun 01 2009 |



Russian Federation

Now, Devan, Beren, Mayson can have a different walks of life: pimp, procurer, drug dealer, thief.. Because they have a cover from law in the face of  Ella and Dale.So.. good luck guys, have a fun!

10:08 PM May 31 2009 |



Hell Yeah, I'd definitly stay friends with them. They'd a perfectly good reason to lie and they are sincere and they still want to be friends so yeah I'd be friends with them

08:37 PM May 29 2009 |




What matters is the friendship and Dale and Ella are friendly people,because the lie was for a good cause ;)

10:29 AM May 29 2009 |




I think the lie was for a good cause…they deserve to be forgiven ;)

10:25 AM May 29 2009 |



This scene is difficult to solve. I figure out that everybody is a bit suspicious of Dale and Ella. If I were they I would be aware of these guys. They have not be honest with they friends, so maybe they have more hiden secrets. Who knows?

03:30 AM May 28 2009 |




At first, id be very mad because i hate lies, i mean lies like that, to hid what you really are, i know nobody is perfect, in that case it was necessary for the investigation.I did discover that i friend and also a boyfriend lied to me it was really bad, you know, when you trust someone blindness and then you see the truth its frustrating, even though you keep the friendship, whatever, it wont be like the same before, its weird…

12:43 AM May 28 2009 |




I think they hdd done that just because they wanted to see their friends safe and sound. I´ve already discovered that a friend of mine was lying to me and He turned out in my first enemy, but that is another story I don´t wanna share.

08:36 PM May 27 2009 |


Viet Nam

  Yes, one friend of my has just  lied me and it make me really mad. he said that he love me, at first i think he tell joke but at last i believe him, i'm too stupid. 

02:15 PM May 27 2009 |




As for me, If I have a friends like that, I would give them a second chance but they need to explain to me why did they lied. it's really importantant to know the reason before judge them.

01:09 PM May 27 2009 |

baqir ali



06:22 AM May 27 2009 |



So, it´s very hard to forgive someone who has lied to you, but sometimes there is a good reason and you´ve to think about it, however, lie is lie, being honest is better

12:54 AM May 27 2009 |




I hope my friends never lie to me!

10:17 PM May 26 2009 |


Dominican Republic

if friendship ends never has begun.

07:38 PM May 26 2009 |



Russian Federation

No… I have no friends in police. But i am not sure it is good:) So my friends have no reason for lying.

12:57 PM May 26 2009 |




It's difficult – when you friend lie to you, is that really friend? But when it's your very good friend, do one lie can desteroy all this good things from the past? Friend and love aren't so easy ;) Happily I've never discovered that my friend lied me. I relly don't know, what I would do. In this case I think I've stayed still friends with Dale and Ella, but this friends will has never been the same. I couldn't trust them in hundred percent.

09:17 AM May 26 2009 |




never,,,I mean they are cops that I have never met this,like coolest people,
and here, I am shaming to say I had lied my friends something,,but I am still sorry by now~that feeling is worst,and interrupt my name ,my honesty!Although I had apologized to him ,,,

07:32 AM May 26 2009 |




 Friendship is the kind of love. That will make us keep in toch. I like that poem. I don't know who is wrriten that poem.

But recently I feel so sad coz somoene who makes me feel bad and sad is my best friend.

07:20 AM May 26 2009 |

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