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Lose One's Train of Thought
Lose One's Train of Thought English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Apr 29 2014

Themes: Hobbies, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Comparing Quality


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The cars of a train follow each other. The engine is in front, and each additional car comes behind it. One after another, they all travel in a line. It’s easy to find them all, because they all stay together. You can never lose a train car, even if you try.

Our thoughts often travel through us like the cars of a train. One thought creates another, and that one creates another, and so on. For example, maybe you want to eat something sweet. Thinking about sweet foods makes you think of ice cream. And thinking of ice cream makes you remember that you have your favorite chocolate ice cream at home. Each thought travels like a train, one after the other.

If a friend says, “I’ve lost my train of thought!” it means that something or someone interrupted what she was thinking about. She may have been thinking about ice cream, but her mom called her up on the telephone. That phone call came between your friend and her thoughts of ice cream. When the phone call ended, she may not have remembered that she wanted ice cream at all.

What makes Jessica lose her train of thought during yoga class? Find out in today’s English lesson about forgetting.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.











Jessica:  Good. Let’s slowly move into child’s pose.

Marni:  Sorry.

Jessica:  Really breathe into this pose. I want you to think only about your breathing.

Rafael:  Sorry.

Jessica:  Come in. Join us. Now, where was I? Child’s pose. Really feel as though your body is releasing all of its tension, all of your stress.

Lily:  I’m so sorry.

Jessica:  No, no. Please join us. Everyone’s welcome. I’ve lost my train of thought, though.

Rafael:  Child’s pose.

Jessica:  Yes, of course. All right. One more minute, everyone.

Rafael:  That was such a great class. You’re such an inspiration.

Lily:  Yeah, totally. I haven’t gone to yoga in a week and it felt so good.

Jessica:  Thank you. Marni, it was so good to see you in person.

Marni:  I know. It’s been so hard for us to align our schedules. But I’m so glad we emailed, though, because then I found out about the job opening for this guy!

Rafael:  I can’t wait to start. When do I come in?

Jessica:  On Saturday morning at 9:00.

Lily:  I will be there.

Rafael:  You will?

Lily:  Mm-hm. And so will Marni and Jeff.

Jeff:  You persuaded Jeff to come?

Marni:  We did.

Rafael:  Wow. I’m in shock.

Marni:  We’re as surprised as you are.

Lily:  Well, I guess we’d better go. I am so sorry for making you lose your train of thought in class today.

Jessica:  It’s OK. It happens. But don’t let it happen again.

Lily:  OK. I promise! Bye.

Jessica:  Bye, guys.

Lily:  Dude, I like her!


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Jessica is teaching a quiet yoga class, but she keeps getting interrupted. First Marni arrives late, then Rafael, and then Lily. They don’t mean to make Jessica forget what she was saying, but it keeps happening, over and over! Even though Jessica loses her train of thought, it doesn’t seem to bother her.

When the class is finished, Lily, Marni and Rafael tell Jessica how much they enjoyed it. They all think she’s a great yoga teacher, and they tell her so. Rafael asks about his first day and what time he should arrive. Lily and Marni tell him that not only do they plan to come to Rafael’s first class, but Jeff’s coming, too. Rafael could not be more surprised.

Is it easy for you to lose your train of thought? What makes that happen?



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United States

Thank a lot for having to share this

06:08 AM Nov 13 2018 |


United Kingdom

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04:53 AM Aug 13 2017 |



Lesson in the language of the english is very important dissertation assistance and beneficial. It is the international level of the langue and all lessons in this language are taught and comprehended.

03:10 PM Apr 24 2016 |



I am also in same boat, if i vl do one work at home or office meanwhile if somebody call me i vl lose my train of thought. Sometimes if i wanna do some imp work at office as i get distracted by personal matters i lose of my train of thought. There are some moments are like dat

12:54 PM May 05 2014 |




Once i didn’t sleep well ,i was easy to lose my train of thought.No matter how hard i try i can’t pick it back,That’s suck

12:49 AM Apr 30 2014 |

1 person likes this



Oddly enough my own thoughts make me lose my train of thought sometimes, I mean, when I’m focusing on something important, somewhat boring though, I tend to get totally distracted by other thoughts which are more fun.

On the other hand, when it comes to doing something that I think is fun, more enthusiastic, I never get distracted, never lose my train of thought…well maybe just a little bit!!! :-) 

12:15 AM Apr 30 2014 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yesterday I watched football game in person.

09:07 PM Apr 29 2014 |

1 person likes this


United States

Absolutely, it is the telephone ringing. It makes easily to lose my train of though. I work at home; I typed something on PC. Then telephone ringing and answering, as soon as, I forget what I have typed. Unfrotunately, the telephone is often sales for former leader. It is little bit stresful matter for me.

08:52 PM Apr 29 2014 |

1 person likes this



İ often lose my train of thought. but after a while it is ok..

08:47 PM Apr 29 2014 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

 regards  my experinces to lose a train of thought is much more terrible for a teacher who is into middle of  her or his teaching process.

05:09 PM Apr 29 2014 |

2 people like this

wael alattarSuper Member!

Saudi Arabia

One thing I do when I lose my train of thought…. Just forget it and it will show up again when you are not stressed about it… 

10:04 AM Apr 29 2014 |




I was really inspired to write a comment but then I lost my train of thought.

03:11 AM Apr 29 2014 |




@AryelLanes    relax,buddy….:)

02:23 AM Apr 29 2014 |




I hate it when it happens! There are moments when you’re literally concentrated in what you’re doing and bam! Someone suddenly shows up and throws you off! That sucks…

05:35 PM Apr 28 2014 |

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