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Date: Jul 01 2009

Themes: Romance

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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A good date movie is hard to find. You want something that’s romantic but not too sappy, with enough action to keep everyone interested but not too much blood. And it should be deep enough to give you something to talk about over dinner, but not so heavy that you leave the theater feeling depressed.

The new film Duplicity might be a good option. Part romantic comedy, part spy thriller, it’s a movie that has something for everyone. Now you just need to pick a restaurant…

Listen to Devan and Marni try to categorize Duplicity.


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Devan:  What ever happened to Julia Roberts? I haven’t seen her in a movie in forever.

Marni:  Oh, she’s in that new film Duplicity with Clive Owen.

Devan:  Oh really? She has a new movie coming out?

Marni:  Yeah, she’s got a new movie coming out, it’s she and Clive Owen and they play these two…basically they’re like the head of the security of these two firms. So the whole point is like she and Clive Owen are competing for this patent that these dueling companies are both trying to get their hands on first. And they both have like top level clearance to protect this patent. But they’re actually in love with each other so there are all these complicated…like, it’s a relationship movie, sort of like a spy movie, there’s sort of a lot…

Devan:  So is it a romantic comedy or more of an action film?

Marni:  I would say I think it’s trying to embody both genres.

Devan:  So they’re like lovers but they keep double-crossing each other?

Marni:  You can tell that they don’t trust each other at all. So there’s definitely that element of double-crossing.

Devan:  Oh, interesting.

Marni:  It’s white collar crime basically. So, you know, that’s always good makings for a romantic comedy.

Devan:  Well, it’ll be good to see her in a movie again, ‘cause it’s been so long.


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It’s been a long time since Devan last saw Julia Roberts in a movie. So she’s happy to learn from Marni that Roberts is in the new movie Duplicity with Clive Owen. The film is about a couple who work for rival companies. The companies are both trying to get their hands on the same product that’s worth millions of dollars.

Duplicity combines two genres, romantic comedy and spy thriller. Julia Roberts often stars in romantic comedies, and Clive Owen is known as an action star. So this movie combines both their talents.

Even though Julia Roberts’ and Clive Owen’s characters are in love, they have to scheme against each other for their companies. Do you think that love should come before work? Or is work more important than romance?



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Depends , there is no right and wrong answer here , would you love someone without a job ? when you choose your future hubby , you will definitely take his career into consideration . Your career is something defining you as a person . Especially you come from a tough background , a job paiding all the bills is everything you have . In real life , girls and women left the man for making no money or making too little , so how come a job is not important . 

10:16 AM Aug 28 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i prefer HORROR movies…

02:34 PM Jun 11 2014 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

honestly I don’t like Julia Roberts as a comedy star, but anyway the movie is ,,,,cool!

10:37 AM Jun 11 2014 |



Learnt something from the lesson. Thanks~~

12:10 AM Jun 09 2013 |

1 person likes this




very good ;)

09:27 PM Jun 08 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

keeping balance is a priceless in every issue in our life,love is very sweety,but we need mony to going on,its hard to lose one of them,so we need to get our hands on both of them,and that require wisdom in how to run our life,i am wondering is there any body diplomatic enough?or life needs double-cross from time to tim?

07:42 AM Jan 15 2012 |



I m definitely not a romanticist,but i have to make some romantic things sometime with my wife,some one told me,how to keep your marriage fresh,one way is that give your wife little surprise often,that the secret of success marriage,many womem complains that thier husband treat them not so goog as marriage before,that remind you should increase communication each other,meanwhile do some romantic things like exchange gifts in special day and so forth,maybe you will be feeling your marriage more happy and confidence.

01:54 PM Sep 16 2011 |

mis' indah


Absolutely agree with you…:)

11:59 AM Sep 16 2011 |



very cool

11:04 AM Aug 11 2011 |


Saudi Arabia

of course the love come befor work

we need to know belived and thinking about her or him

then make loving and more activety for love


01:04 AM Jun 21 2011 |

1 person likes this



i love this kind of movie. i think love is most important in our lifes

11:58 PM Jul 20 2010 |

1 person likes this



really fantastic lesson i really like it, it contains the words and phrases i was looking for!

10:25 AM Jun 08 2010 |



very helpful…thnx

08:54 AM Feb 27 2010 |




I agree with you in a way. You can't do something well if you don't like what you do. Just we get a job to have some money for a living and hobbies for our pleasure. Wish you all that your job were your hobby and vice versa.

11:52 AM Jul 07 2009 |



Maybe I'm too romantic and that's for I think that love is more important than work. Did you watch the film 'Love actually'. It's my favourite. Despite this I also think that when we work hard we should love this because without passion we won't do anything well. I work at school,and I love my job, so work and love can go together

11:29 AM Jul 06 2009 |

Eternal Love

Saudi Arabia

hiiii Iam a new friend i want to learn english and i whis in the future i can speak like native speaker

i want also find friends who help me more to learn English

12:14 AM Jul 06 2009 |


Russian Federation

if two people who work together hadclose relationships and then parted it'll be complicated to coexist in one circle every day


07:21 PM Jul 03 2009 |

1 person likes this




Both are important in the correct measure ;)

11:52 PM Jul 02 2009 |

1 person likes this




I don't know…I think both can come at the same time…Of couse that,we have to think about building our practical life before our emotional life…But in fact,things happen at the same time,because when two people are,they can build a life together :)

07:41 PM Jul 02 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

A very good lesson, well love can come at anytime, it does not matter whether before or after work.

06:42 PM Jul 02 2009 |

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