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Date: Sep 23 2009

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Sacha Baron Cohen’s humor walks the line between hilarious and offensive. In his last movie, Borat, Cohen played a racist, sexist, and homophobic Kazakh journalist. The film drew angry protests from a number of different groups, including the Kazakh government. Yet in spite of all the controversy, the film was nominated for numerous awards including a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar.

Now Cohen is back with a new character who, like Borat, is both hilarious and controversial. Bruno is a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter. In the film, he interviews real people who have no idea what’s in store for them. Find out what Devan and Ella think about Bruno’s crazy hijinks.


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Devan:  So, I just got back from seeing Bruno.

Ella:  How was it? I am really hyped about that movie.

Devan:  Don’t take your parents with you. But as long as you go with some friends, it was great. I liked it. I thought it was hilarious.

Ella:  So same style like Borat, or how would you describe it?

Devan:  Yeah, it’s similar to Borat, where it plays on stereotypes. And he’s playing a lot of practical jokes on people who aren’t realizing what’s going on. But this time the stereotype is like he’s a super flamboyant, gay TV reporter for a fashion channel. And he just…you know, it just goes from there, from him getting fired from that job and then coming to America, trying to become a movie star.

Ella:  I heard that there’s lots of nudity. Is it in poor taste?

Devan:  That’s all relative. A lot of people would say it’s in poor taste but I personally found it to be really witty and smart humor.


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Devan just saw Bruno and Ella is excited to see it. Devan says that it’s not a good movie to see with your parents, because it might be embarrassing or uncomfortable. There’s a lot of nudity in the film and some people might think it’s in poor taste. But Devan thinks it’s really funny.

The style of Bruno is similar to Borat. Sacha Baron Cohen interviews real people as the character Bruno. The people he interviews don’t know that a practical joke is being played on them, and they often end up looking foolish.

Have you ever played a practical joke on anyone? Do you think Sacha Baron Cohen is funny or offensive?



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12:58 PM Sep 23 2009 |



i never saw it before,but i'll try! i promise


12:24 PM Sep 23 2009 |



Sounds funny. I like Cohen´s kind of humor. It´s some kind of controversial and intelligent, too. There again will be many hidden messages in this movie, as there were in Borat. Starting with the fact, that the main character comes from Austria.

I don´t know yet, what he wants to tell us with that.
But I know, that Governor Schwarzenegger is from Austria.
And as a German, I know that our neighbors, the Austrians don´t have the best reputation in Europe. On the contrary, they are told to be slowly thinking and stupid. Just prejudice, of course.
And that idiot who started World War II was Austrian, too.

I´m looking forward to seeing this movie, particularly to get to know what Cohen wants to tell us.


09:56 AM Sep 23 2009 |



Bruno is a really entertaining and funny movie, although there are times when I thought that he has passed the limit of vulgarity, because this movie was not supposed to show that much nudity (my expectations of course^^)
All in all, I would recommend it!

05:55 AM Sep 23 2009 |



Sacha Baron Cohen´s style is unique, intelligent and very funny, so i hope that movie will be like Borat and funny in the same way. I´m hyped to watch it!!

01:53 AM Sep 23 2009 |



Sacha Baron Cohen´s style is unique, intelligent and very funny, so i hope that movie will be like Borat and funny in the same way. I´m hyped to watch it!!

01:52 AM Sep 23 2009 |

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