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Date: Oct 29 2009

Themes: Romance


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“He loves posing for pictures. He’s going to be a lady-killer.”

- Singer Usher talking about his son, Usher V. (People Magazine)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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man who is very attractive to women

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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With Halloween coming up, lady-killer probably makes you think of horror movies. It definitely sounds scary, and it’s pretty weird that Usher called his one-year-old son, Usher V, a lady-killer. What kind of baby would kill ladies?

Luckily for Usher V’s mom and women everywhere, lady-killers don’t actually kill ladies. They just charm them with their incredible good looks and amazing powers of seduction.
An extremely cute baby might be called a lady-killer. And little Usher V is definitely a cutie.

Like players, lady-killers often don’t treat women very well. They might cheat on them, lie to them, or break their hearts. But even the most ruthless lady-killers aren’t actually murderers.

The female version of a lady-killer is a man-eater. You might remember the definition of man-eater from our lesson on the movie Jennifer’s Body. A man-eater is a very attractive woman who takes advantage of men. So what happens when a man-eater and a lady-killer get together? We don’t know, but Man-eater vs. Lady-killer sounds like a cool title for a horror flick…

Are you a lady-killer or a man-eater? Do you know anyone else like that?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“He’s not unattractive, but he’s no lady-killer.”

“Josh is such a lady-killer. It seems like he’s dating a new girl every week.”

“I like shy, sweet guys better than lady-killers.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

I think a lady-killer means a man who is popular among girls.
by Mr.Bean's wife
Evelinutea lady-killer - man, who breakes womans hearts
by Evelinutea
chomo many girls will crazy about him..!>///<
by chomo
Colibri an extremely attractive man who, popular among women
by Colibri
by cenderella_0.o
A lady-killer is a boy who makes women fall for him very deeply
by monacovalentina
It means that he's gonna be extremely attractive to women, a chick magnet..
by Guada. A.H.
Turmeric This cuty little quy is supposed to be extremely attractive for women. Killer here means breaking their hearts.
by Turmeric
_Sasha_ "lady-killer" means a heartbreaker, a hunk
by _Sasha_
Sezai A man reputed to be exceptionally attractive to and often ruthless with women.
by Sezai
immajin The girls will fall for him!
by immajin
tianyq0709 like chick magnet,ladys love~~
by tianyq0709
fedorame It means someone(male) who is quite attractive and is liked by almost all the ladies.
by fedorame

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My admiration is not up enough to be lady-killer, Girls mostly love a guy with athletic body and looks manly than skinny boy like me, I’m not smart enough to win girls heart either. I have a friend who is really lady-killer, he knows how to get more attention from a girl, kinda a play boy he is but really lady-killer looks so much attractive and charming.

05:27 AM Feb 22 2012 |

Azim Kurbanov


very sexy Cool

05:02 AM Mar 17 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

being lady-killer is not always good i am a sort of and some times i wanna be saty out of troble

coz girl are all troble


11:33 AM Jul 16 2010 |




hehehe Lady-killer sounds comedc…Here in Brazil the guy who meets or dating many girls is called "Pegador" (is similar to "Stallion" or "Taker") :P

06:39 PM Nov 05 2009 |




a man, charmming, gentle, treat woman good but not by heart.

12:18 PM Nov 04 2009 |

Simon terminator


If i could be there behalf usher i could do same thing . Which usher had done. U r really good dad.

08:55 AM Nov 04 2009 |




I used to think (man, i have to check the words' meaning each time, lazy me) that lady-killer means murderess. Shame on me, now I know its real sense.

09:39 AM Nov 03 2009 |



it's so funny

01:12 AM Nov 03 2009 |



Lady-killer and Man-eater, it's gonna be awesome because they'll know how smart are they on cheating each other. It might stimulate the creativity.. :P

When one of them is losing, there will be no pain..

07:24 PM Nov 02 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think there are many men who are lady -killer and even they feel proud  for what is in their charectors,but the women are so sensetive and also faithful,there are very few women who are men_easter….poor women!

08:42 AM Nov 02 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

lol, so every man wana be a lady-killer  

06:28 PM Nov 01 2009 |




I think man-eater or lady-killer aren't one we try to be. They're heartbreakers from their birth, naturally.

I understand they're dangerous, but…......actually they're so attractive.

02:08 PM Oct 31 2009 |

go surfer

go surfer


I am not a lady-killer , but i have extremely attractive to chick , bec i am a surfer haaaa!

03:19 AM Oct 31 2009 |




Lady-killer like to entangle above among girl who always have good look and flexile .it is opposite of gentleman-killer.

09:21 AM Oct 30 2009 |

Shinichi Lover


haha,what a cool slang!..I saw many of lady killers and man eater but,I like person with good ethics..

08:29 AM Oct 30 2009 |



Russian Federation

Recently I saw a movie about a lady-killer who fell in love with man-eater. The flick is called "Spread".

08:13 PM Oct 29 2009 |




a lady-killer is one man who gets a lot of hearts´womens, take care about that for one night or a bit more, and after that he breaks it down.
It isn´t something cool, but that happens.

07:16 PM Oct 29 2009 |



i think, most women wish to be killed.

and some people know how to do.

so nice to have a dream, but later comes the true.

lady killer make a social work, is not devil. only imposible one.

02:07 PM Oct 29 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi there! I am not a lady-killer but my friends blieve that: 'I am'!!!! But in my opinion that is a great lie. Because I have no relationship by any girls or women except my mom and my sister and our closed reletives. So I think they want to tempt me whenever they want.Cool

08:01 AM Oct 29 2009 |




cool slang Cool

07:14 AM Oct 29 2009 |

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