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Walking Out of Movies

Walking Out of Movies

Date: Jan 20 2010

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Conditionals with "Unless"


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Saying no is hard. We don’t want to cause trouble, hurt anyone’s feelings, or be a bother. So we end up going to parties we don’t really want to attend, paying for meals we don’t enjoy, and sitting through movies that make us want to jump out of our seats and run from the theater.

The alternative is to walk out. Just say no to bad movies. There are some people who have no problem with leaving the theater in the middle of a film and even demanding their money back, but for most, a movie has to be absolutely unbearable before they’ll cut out. Find out if Dale or Jason has ever skipped out on a bad movie.


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Jason:  Hey man, would you ever walk out of a movie?

Dale:  I would never walk out of a movie unless it was painfully boring.

Jason:  Yeah, like so boring that you forget…you can’t stop thinking about your life?

Dale:  Yeah, and what am I going to do next, just constantly looking and trying to figure it out. There’s been borderline movies where I’m actually at the theater thinking if I’m going to step up and get out. I’m debating, am I going to get a refund? Would I complain to the cashier? Do I just walk out completely? Where am I gonna go afterward?

Jason:  Totally.

Dale:  So I just kind of accept the fact that if I’m in a bad movie, I might as well just stay through it and take it like a man.

Jason:  And just stick it out. That’s usually what I do. I feel like…I don’t know, I always feel like “I’ve invested this much time, I might as well see how it ends,” just so I can say I saw the movie. Every now and then I’m tempted to just cut out and just get out of there.

Dale:  Cut your losses.

Jason:  But I just can’t do it. I’ve never done it. Have you ever…?

Dale:  I’ve never walked out.

Jason:  I’ve seen people do it. So it happens.

Dale:  It happens. I’ve heard it. I think I’ve heard somebody walk out on Nacho Libre once.

Jason:  I can see that.


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Neither Jason nor Dale has ever walked out of a movie. Dale has considered leaving in the middle of a movie before, but it always seems easier to stay in the theater and stick it out. It can be embarrassing or uncomfortable to ask the cashier for your money back, and if you already made plans to see a movie, you might not want to change them.

Jason has been tempted to walk out of movies before, too. But he feels like it would be a waste of time to not finish watching a movie if he’s already seen part of it. Both he and Dale have seen other people walk out of movies before. They just can’t imagine doing it themselves, unless the movie was so bad it was actually painful to watch.

Have you ever walked out of a movie before? Why? Do you think it is rude?



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Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

I had never walked out of a movie because sometimes my aim was to learn something from a movie.

11:45 AM Apr 20 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

his is so strange. I was very glad that I had recognized this site. I can talk in English and I understood that you corrected my mistakes. But I never have seen corrections. Does that mean that my English is faultless or not? When I have mistakes in my text and no one correct them, then I never learn from my mistakes.

Did I now have mistakes? If yes, what are they and what must it be? Thanks for answering me.

03:40 AM Apr 20 2013 |




For me it’s never,but my dad had once.He was just watching a boring movie with a big number of people,but soon he found it’s meanless and hard to understand.He decide to go away when he finally found that all the people has gone expect him:(

12:04 PM Jan 19 2013 |




No, I haven’t… but I could have done it. One day, I went to the movies with my friends, but the movie we wanted to watch had already started, so we had to pick up another one. We picked up that movie with George Clooney in it, Syriana. It was awful. We couldn’t understand anything. We tried to pay attention, but we couldn’t. Then we decided to stay there and talk instead, ‘cause we had no place to go. Of course no one complained because we were the only 3 people there, watching that horrible movie. Do I need do say more?

11:32 AM Dec 29 2011 |



Really ! i always love movies and you have a good conversation here for it . I have enjoyed a lot of good movies and they make me addcited to watch movies so that i have to get connected a  glamorous world along with them.

09:57 AM Nov 11 2011 |



i m in love with movies

04:38 AM Jun 25 2011 |



It's strange but i've never walked out os a movie before, even if it was boring and stupid movie :) happens that i was even sleeping in the theater :D once i was sitting in the cinema on the film , named – Bruno , it's DREADFUL film , i wish you never see it . and after 5 minutes watching this film i decided to get out , but don't know why i left. 

and yes, i think walking out of a movie is rude action.  

02:59 PM Mar 05 2010 |




Hummm By the contrary,I guess I have never seen a so bad movie that made me walk out of the theather hehe…It had some times that I went to watch a movie and I wasn't so gullible that the movie would be good,so luckily I ended up been surprised :)

08:23 PM Feb 02 2010 |




All movies deserve their opportunity

11:23 PM Jan 29 2010 |




i've never done that , but if the movie dont like maybe i'll take it like a man bcs they wont want to refound the money. they suckssss !!!

03:59 PM Jan 26 2010 |




I've never walked out of a movie because I've never seen such a bad movie that i felt like cut out immediately. I always look through other people's comments before go and buy the tickets, but recently I failed I gotta tell you. I 've read many good opinions about Avatar, and I personaly didn't like it at all. When at the theater I felt exactly like let's get out of here as soon as we can. And still I sticked it out.

01:50 PM Jan 25 2010 |




Neither have I. And also I've never seen people walk out, because it's easier to stay there and sleep or someting than to complain or demand refund, I think. Once I walked out not to be bored but to feel sick because of too many scenes of violence…

I don't think it's rude to skip out on a ad movie. They have rights because they paid money to watch it. But, you never know, what happens in the end:)

01:14 PM Jan 24 2010 |

your adviser

Saudi Arabia

If I will walking out in the movies I will do that but inside the movies

My Imagnation will not go out of the movie .

05:38 AM Jan 24 2010 |

Bobo Ye

Bobo Ye


i don't like watching movies in theatre cuz there are so many people

i like see movies alone

02:37 AM Jan 24 2010 |




heheheh nice subject but I've never ever walking out of movie  because i know that i'm going to watch fabulous movie but i would surely do it if the movie were unbearable :D:D:D:D Laughing

03:17 PM Jan 23 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


I've never walk out of a movie,and I don't think it's rude to do it.

I am not a big fun of movies.Once I went to a movie with my friends and the movie was terrible.I wanted to leave before the movie was over,but my friends were not.So,I just took a nap in the theatre,when I woke up the movie's over.I felt really good.

Next time,if you guys don't like a movie,just leave.Nobody would judge you.But remember,never try to get your money back from the cashier.

01:01 PM Jan 22 2010 |

1 person likes this




frankily, barely had i been the cinema,unless the movie is really good or many tell me it worth to watch.i'd like to go,and enjoy it.so i wouldn't walk out:)

12:19 PM Jan 22 2010 |




i have never walked out of a movie at movie theather. but at home i do it once in a while. i always want to see the end even if its boring. i dont think its rude walk out a movie unless that doing that dont bother others.

11:57 PM Jan 21 2010 |

1 person likes this






It's funny when people leaving the theater in the middle of a movie. But I'll never leave a theater before the movie ends. I'm a student and for me, money is'nt like stones.  Throwing them into the sea.  I'm not stupid…

11:04 PM Jan 21 2010 |




I have never walked out of any movie before. Not that I have never thought of doing it though. 

05:29 PM Jan 21 2010 |

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