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Cheapskate English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Feb 16 2010

Themes: Fashion, Sports

Grammar: Be Able To


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Since Jason decided that the best way to win an Olympic gold medal and save his friends might be speed skating rather than luge, he’s going to need a pair of skates. There’s one problem, though. Skates are expensive, and Jason is a cheapskate.

A cheapskate always has to find the best possible deal. Cheapskates don’t spend money to save time. They would rather spend a lot of time looking for the best price to save money. Being a cheapskate is different than being thrifty. To be thrifty is a good thing. It means you find creative ways of saving money. But to say someone is a cheapskate is an insult. Cheapskates are too thrifty.

Find out what happens to Jason as this cheapskate looks for the cheapest skates in Vancouver.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.




Jason:  If I’m gonna win the gold, I need a new pair of skates. And I only have five dollars. Well, that’s a lie. I have a lot of money, but I’m a cheapskate so I’m only gonna spend five dollars on my skates. Let’s begin the quest for the cheapest skates. These, they’re all hundreds of dollars. We gotta find some cheaper skates ‘cause I’m a cheapskate and I don’t want to spend all my money.

Jason:  So, I’m here in a sporting goods store. Do you sell skates?

Skates_guy:  Yes, we do.

Jason:  Oh, yeah. Whoa. So, will these skates make me go fast?

Skates_guy:  Yes, they will.

Jason:  Sweet. Will I be able to win the gold in these skates?

Skates_guy:  Yes. Yes, you will.

Jason:  Ah, well, these are a little pricey. What’s your least expensive skate?

Skates_guy:  You’re gonna be looking at $399 right here.

Jason:  Oh, man. $399, that’s a lot.

Skates_guy:  Is that too much for you, cheapskate?

Jason:  I don’t know. I think it might be. I think I might…I’m gonna have to seek a bargain elsewhere.

Skates_guy:  Oh, really? Well, fine then.

Jason:  Do you believe in me?

Skates_guy:  I do.

Jason:  Thanks, man. I needed that. I’m gonna go find cheaper skates just like these, only the ones that cost less, and win the gold.

Jason:  What was I thinking, looking for cheap skates in a sporting goods store? They’re only gonna have nice skates. I’m a cheapskate. I need the cheapest thing possible and nothing is cheaper than free. So, I’ve been checking out all the different dumpsters around Vancouver, and I got a good feeling about this trash can. Maybe we’ll find some skates in here.

Jason:  Oh my gosh! A pair of skates! They’re even my size, elevens! Perfect! Now I can compete! I was a cheapskate, and I held out for a good deal, and I wanted cheap skates, and I got free ones. Cheapskates get all kinds of good deals and find things in shady parts of town like this one. Well, let’s get to the ice and show Shani Davis who’s boss.


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Jason is determined to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics so he can rescue his kidnapped friends. He goes shopping for some skates so he can try to win a gold medal in speed skating. The only problem is that Jason is a total cheapskate. He only wants to spend $5 on skates, and the least expensive pair he can find costs $399!

Fortunately, Jason is a clever cheapskate. He goes searching for some skates in a dumpster, and he gets lucky. He finds the perfect pair of skates at the perfect price: free!

Even a very thrifty person might not be willing to wear a pair of skates that he found in the dumpster. Jason’s extreme bargain-hunting is what makes him a true cheapskate. Too bad there’s no gold medal for that.

Where do you go shopping for bargains? Do you know anyone who is a cheapskate?



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oh, cheapskates are so funny.

03:32 PM Feb 22 2010 |



what a nice lesson


01:37 PM Feb 22 2010 |



wow,so nice

12:37 PM Feb 22 2010 |




Technology is the first,money is the second!lol

10:09 AM Feb 22 2010 |




Hello All,

 I need a english teacher or someoneto speake leanguage english.Please help me learn English !!!


08:37 AM Feb 22 2010 |



What a beautiful lesson! my roommate  is a big cheapskate but any how it is not my business, it is the life he leads. Nearby my suburb there is a store called GoodWill and it is really cheap place for shopping to both cheapskates & thrifies. By the way I think Jason changed  his idea about Lunge after the accident of the Ukrainian athelete; so Jason is cheapskate about his life too:) like any one of us. Do u agree with me guys?

06:51 AM Feb 22 2010 |



South Korea

 oh this is my storyFoot in mouth

saving is good but too much can be bad sometimes.

06:28 AM Feb 22 2010 |


Sri Lanka

There is an opportunity cost for everything. You cannot get the best and the cheapest at the same time.


03:10 AM Feb 22 2010 |



Russian Federation

I usually go to buy new things to the near mall. That's offen my best bargain, but sometimes, Im being a very big cheapskate, if I think that Im able to find butter price.  

09:01 PM Feb 21 2010 |





01:55 PM Feb 21 2010 |



this lesson is very good to learn     jkisses

01:29 PM Feb 21 2010 |



so dont be a cheapskate but thrifty of course

12:29 PM Feb 21 2010 |



wow, it's so perfect, a cheapskate finally found a cheap skate,haha…

09:54 AM Feb 21 2010 |



Syrian Arab Republic

good lesson and good words to save goona,thrifty ,baragin and more words

but I thing Joson was near to be stingy more than thrifty

07:09 AM Feb 21 2010 |

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