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We Are The World

We Are The World

Date: Mar 15 2010

Themes: News

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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We often think of pop stars as divas who don’t like to share the spotlight with anybody else. But for the right cause, some of the biggest names in the music industry are willing to put aside any differences they might have and work together.

The song “We Are the World” was first recorded in 1985, and the money it earned was used to fight hunger in Africa. Stars like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel all came together to make the song. Not everyone thought the song was a great musical achievement, but it did end up raising over 63 million dollars in humanitarian aid.

After the major earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, artists got together once more to record a new version of the song. This time, musicians as weirdly diverse as Wyclef Jean, Carlos Santana, and Taylor Swift performed the song, and all the proceeds will go to help the people of Haiti. Find out what Dale and Ella think about “We Are the World 25 for Haiti.”


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Dale:  Did you grow up with the “We Are the World” song from 1985?

Ella:  No, no, not at all. I wasn’t born yet.

Dale:  You weren’t born yet, wow. That actually is a shocker. I was probably about 12 at the time, and it’s actually one of those things that is still stuck in my head. It’s been one of the best things that were done as a collaborative group by Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson.

Ella:  So, I don’t understand how this really benefits...you know, it’s a humanitarian song, but like does all the money go to charity or how does that work? Is it just a song about helping people? What’s the deal?

Dale:  It is…when artists get like this get together, any sales from it goes directly toward the country or…at that time it was Africa, this time it’s gonna be Haiti. Every time that song comes up, I remember exactly the time, what it was for, and why everybody was doing it. And the video was where it was so powerful, and I’m sure this time it’s gonna be the same.

Ella:  I don’t know if I’m looking forward to seeing Lil Wayne.

Dale:  The good thing is when you have Lil Wayne and then you have Janet Jackson and Celine Dion on the same stage that’s…

Ella:  Oh yeah, that’s true, that’s going to be a little insane.

Dale:  That’s where it becomes a interesting sight.


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Ella isn’t very familiar with the 1985 version of “We Are the World” because she wasn’t born yet when it came out. But Dale remembers the song very well. He thinks it is a great song and he was impressed by how many artists came together to help make it.

The new version of “We Are the World” is a collaborative effort from a bunch of different artists, including Celine Dion and Lil Wayne. Dale and Ella agree that having such different musicians contributing to the same song is pretty interesting.

All the money that is earned by “We Are the World 25 for Haiti” will be donated to charities that are providing humanitarian aid to Haiti after the terrible earthquake it experienced earlier this year.

Do you remember the original version of “We Are the World”? How does it compare to the new one? What are some other things people can do to help Haiti, Chile, and other countries in need of humanitarian aid?



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Russian Federation

we are the world was very good song for haiti,I enjoyed this song and I can still hear it.all of singers are my favorite Except justin beiber

10:15 PM Nov 13 2012 |



United States

We can do a lot to help people in Haiti and other humanitarian aid.

08:49 AM Sep 02 2010 |




Of course this music is from my time hehe…There were many stars toguether,pretty cool…I haven't heard the new version yet but I promisse to hear it and forming an opinion ;)

I guess this is the first aid that people can do…raising money to send it to all of this countries ;)

02:58 PM Apr 10 2010 |



I think thats song is good because we are the same world for god and we are the children no body more than else

05:03 PM Apr 09 2010 |




I think there is a mistake committed  by the author of the quiz section.

Here is my explanation :

1- I like walking or riding my bike? both walking and riding are gerunds.

2- My roommate has been up all night studying.

Studying is a verb because we are using has been .

I hope this has answered your question. 





09:07 PM Mar 21 2010 |



While I was in the intermediate school, I remember  that our class composed a song with the same style of "We the world" but its name was "we are the Children" it was really beautiful song and we won a prize for it.

08:20 PM Mar 21 2010 |

Rasha El-badry


I liked it. It's so good

05:55 PM Mar 21 2010 |




I don't know about this subject so I don't want to say anything… :D

04:48 PM Mar 21 2010 |

1 person likes this



I was born in 1985,but I definitely didn't know the song by then. When I saw the name "We are the world" tonight,I was not sure that I know it or not.But after I Googled the song and listened to it, I realized I know the rhythm very well.

PS:I hope all the people in Haiti,Chile,and other countries which are in need of humanitarian aid will be helped and better off.

01:30 PM Mar 21 2010 |



ı have remember this song that made to help african people.

ı think good event but thes singer should know that they should help poor people everytime.because They are rich and earn a lot of money with theiralbum..

and They shouldnt forget They pay dept of  their ancestors  that their ancestors stolen from africa people in past.

thats way..pls england usa eorope citizens..pls pay your dept to them.


09:49 AM Mar 21 2010 |

1 person likes this




This song <orginal version of course>always remind me Michael Jackson !!

I even didn't know It was in 1985… I was born in this year :)

09:24 PM Mar 20 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

i like this lesson

08:09 PM Mar 18 2010 |




cool work that famous people do ,,, in my opinion they could also give few money that have save in the bank , i said that bcs everyone knows that they have a bounch of money… but wherever.


12:18 AM Mar 18 2010 |



hello everyone i have a question in grammar part ,question 4 i don't understand why "For exercise, I like walking or riding my bike." does not includes a gerund i mean "walking" and "riding " are gerund??

thank you

09:15 AM Mar 17 2010 |

sadi mohammed


oh yes i love this song because there are lots of famous stars in. also it's still influential today 

i can't for get it….

10:50 PM Mar 16 2010 |




 I remember that day like yesterday.İt was sunday.And I was shocked to see all of those famous singer on one stage.Unfortunally a few of them passed away..

10:10 PM Mar 15 2010 |




I was not born yet too :D

07:11 PM Mar 15 2010 |




Charity song often move me deeply. Of course I think it's a great song.

And I love Italian charity song,"domani." Last year my friends bought it for me. This song is also for earthquake in Italy. I watched its video and love it.

The amosphere a lot of famous musicians get together and trying to express their feeling really touch us.

04:25 PM Mar 15 2010 |



well,i don't actully know more about this song,but i know micheal jackson with, i guess people in china downtown need humanitarian aid in need,they are poor under the standard line.

03:55 PM Mar 15 2010 |

Amanda Chou


wow,it is really a shocker that i don't kown the song .i'm gonna to load it down

03:01 PM Mar 15 2010 |

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