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Can You Keep A Secret?

Can You Keep A Secret? English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Mar 30 2010

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Imagine that the person you have a crush on can hear all of your thoughts. Yes, all of them. Now imagine that person doesn’t like you back. All your thoughts about how good-looking and great your crush is would only make things more awkward between you.

Sound ridiculous? Maybe, but that’s exactly what’s happening in today’s episode of As The World Learns. Ella has the ability to read minds. And even though she tries to push Mason away and Jason suggested that maybe she doesn’t like him, Mason doesn’t get it and continues to pursue her. See what happens when she reads his mind and finds how her rejection is making him feel.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Oh, hey, Ella, what’s happenin’?

Ella:  Not much. Just got back from the bathroom.

Mason:  What is up with those shoes? Are you kidding me? Those are like ninja shoes. Those are crazy, mad, stealth! What? Totally scored some points with that one.

Ella:  Thanks. Gross! Mason is checking me out. I should probably wear a trash bag to work. I’m glad you’re really into shoes. I didn’t know you were so passionate about them.

Mason:  Um…I mean, yeah…I read Manolo’s shoe blog and, you know, stuff. Do you like shoes? Huh. OK. Not having the effect that I wanted, so I gotta step up my game. I’m getting a little worried. The window is closing.

Ella:  That was really funny, though. It just takes a while for jokes to click in my head, you know. Whoa, shoes!

Mason:  I mean, like, why did you say that, like, right now? I just…That was just kind of weird. I mean, I thought…

Ella:  Didn’t you say something about…

Mason:  I didn’t say anything then. No. I was thinking…

Ella:  OK.

Mason:  ...some stuff.

Ella:  OK. So I have a confession. So, you gotta promise me you’re not gonna say anything to anyone else.

Mason:  You kiddin’. I’m down. I’m diz-own. I’m cool. I mean, we’re simpatico.

Ella:  I was working in the office late one night because Devan told me to, and I went…

Mason:  You should whisper it in my ear.

Ella:  Personal bubble. Thanks. Ah, so…I was working and I think I was abducted by aliens because I can hear everything you’re thinking right now. Even…Yeah, right now.

Mason:  Right now?

Ella:  Exactly what you’re…Yeah. That’s inappropriate.

Mason:  OK, so…

Ella:  Yeah, I’m…

Mason:  I mean, like everything?

Ella:  Yeah. It’s kind of been going on for a couple of weeks, so anything you’ve ever thought about me, you know, within about a twenty foot range, I can hear. So…I didn’t want to tell anyone and freak them out, but I just thought you should know because, you know, I just want to be able to confide in someone because it’s just been eating me up, you know?

Mason:  We are so bonded right now.

Ella:  Um-hm.

Mason:  I’ve never felt closer to you. I trust you with my thoughts.

Ella:  Thank you.


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Mason runs into Ella in the office and compliments her shoes. He uses a lot of slang and tries to be funny, but she thinks it’s gross that he’s checking her out. Mason thinks about how he’ll have to try even harder to make Ella like him, so Ella decides to stop him by telling him her secret.

After Ella explains that she can read minds, Mason promises not to tell anyone. He also says he feels really close to her now. Do you think Mason will keep Ella’s secret? Was it a good idea for her to tell him about her psychic ability?



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Yes, sure I think he’ll keep her secret because he likes her, and he wouldn’t hurt her. And no it wasn’t a good idea to tell him the psychic ability because she doesn’t like him back an by telling him a secret about her she ‘ll make him feel that she trust him and like him back Cry

02:22 AM Jul 30 2012 |


Saudi Arabia

every thing is bad and too bad

07:06 PM Dec 10 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes a little more.

06:55 PM Jul 14 2010 |




i guess he will not because  he  is  her's  close  friend  but  because  he afraid  she will know  if  he  tell the  secret to anyone  because  she can  read  mind  , i think she  must  has  tell her  secret to one  she  trusts , 

04:43 AM Jun 20 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like it

 it's really helpfulSmile

07:28 AM May 01 2010 |




thanx alot e baby 4 that lesson

05:56 PM Apr 23 2010 |




yeah of course!

04:08 AM Apr 21 2010 |

will smith

Saudi Arabia

i think that she told a secret because usually most of women  cant save secerts

it lives in thire nature, and yes i think he should keep it to own her trust

10:43 AM Apr 20 2010 |


United States

The story was very funny but the only thing is when two people knwo the same thind is not a secret . Of course i can keep a secret.

04:20 PM Apr 14 2010 |



He will, but it would not serve him to be a close friend with Ella.

01:46 PM Apr 11 2010 |



i would feel unconfortable when talking to her u know she can read everyone´s mind.   really wierd

02:31 AM Apr 09 2010 |



That was funny, i guess he will always be closer that 20 feet , just to score some points.

08:58 PM Apr 07 2010 |



The secret that known by more than one isnt a secret…

11:38 AM Apr 06 2010 |

1 person likes this




i always did.

08:19 PM Apr 04 2010 |

Rasha El-badry


I liked that!!!

08:22 AM Apr 04 2010 |




loool…that was lil funny… i think Mason will keep the secret, because he is so into her. Ella is cute though but have strange confession of hearig someboday's thoughts. its kinda extra ordinary power..

01:38 PM Apr 02 2010 |




it is interesting

i think Mason will keep the secret, he want to hold Ella's heart

09:25 AM Apr 02 2010 |


South Korea

this epidsode is very interesting!

I think if Mason loves Ella from the bottom of his heart he would keep her secret.

but it seems so difficult that Mason can get Ella's heart because she is a psychic who can read people's thought.





03:22 AM Apr 02 2010 |

glassy heart

Saudi Arabia

If Mason really love Ella, he will keep Ella's secret,

hmm i dont think its good idea to tell mason about her psychic ablility bc he well feel wory every time he gona say sth  to her…

my regards johnLaughingthx

08:51 PM Apr 01 2010 |



loooooooooooooool nice shoes

04:53 PM Apr 01 2010 |

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