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Bar Games

Bar Games

Date: Jun 04 2010

Themes: Hobbies, Party

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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A lot of things are more fun after you’ve had a beer or two. Maybe that’s why bar games are so popular. In bars and pubs, you can find all kinds of ways to amuse yourself, from competitive games like darts and pool, to games you can play by yourself as you try to drown your sorrows, like pinball. Find out which games Devan and Jeff think go well with a drink.


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Devan:  I was thinking about going and playing pool tonight. Are you good at pool?

Jeff:  Sometimes. Usually after a couple drinks.

Devan:  Yeah, you have to have the perfect amount of booze in you and then you can play just right?

Jeff:  It’s a fine line to walk.

Devan:  Do you like any other bar games, like do you like to play darts or ping pong or foosball?

Jeff:  Ping pong’s fun, but not usually at a bar. It’s a little out of control.

Devan:  Yeah, have you ever had a bar game get ugly? Like playing with a stranger, get in a fight?

Jeff:  No, I can’t say I have.

Devan:  It seems like you could be walking a fine line there when you’re drinking alcohol and you’re playing competitive games. It seems like that could be really fun, or it could become really competitive and drinking can like alter your mental state so that you might start getting more competitive than you should be.

Jeff:  That’s always a risk.


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Devan is planning to play pool, which is a common bar game. Jeff sometimes enjoys playing pool, but usually only after he has had a couple drinks. Some people think that a drink helps them loosen up and play better. But if you drink too much, it can have the opposite effect and make you a worse player.

Devan asks Jeff if he has ever gotten in a fight over a bar game. He hasn’t, but he agrees that drinking and playing competitive sports could be a dangerous combination.

What bar games are popular in your country? Do you enjoy playing darts, pool, foosball, or ping pong? Do you think drinking could help people play better?



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United States

I like to play pool here in the United States. I definitely think drinking a few beers helps calm your nerves when it comes to a game like Pool, but can easily have a negative effect if you drink too much. We also like to play a lot of nonconventional bar games where drinking IS the game,

01:07 AM Apr 15 2012 |



I learned English at school and afterwords, to improve my skills, with the help of these lessons – http://bytesland.com/view/English-Lessons-Cambridge-English-Vocabulary-in-Use-Pre-intermediate-intermediate-Kyleyx . What I want to say is: it is good  to learn the language on your own, but you will never succeed in this if you don't speak and communicate using this very language.

10:09 AM Mar 23 2011 |




I like to hang out with friends and going in a bar but I don't drink booze not at all…I guess bar games is more common in pubs…Here in Brasilia there are some pubs and in it has some play games as poor and darts…I like playing poor but I confess I'm muff :P Ping Pong tables are more common in places called "Clubes" here is like olympics centers with swimming pools,sport courts,leasure area and ohers and I really like playing ping pong and I'm good ;) hehe

03:13 PM Jul 11 2010 |




I know what you are talking, but I would not say

02:31 AM Jul 09 2010 |




09:24 AM Jun 10 2010 |


tar_banSuper Member!

Saudi Arabia

just i play ever week pool by internet :) 

in saudi arabia no Bar . and we cant drink alchool . 

08:08 AM Jun 08 2010 |




rather "throw some boozes" at home with my friends !!!


09:59 PM Jun 07 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


In China,lots of people go to bars.But compare to foreigners,Chinese are more like to stay at home.

I like playing pool,and I lots of things about snooker.Recently,something bad happened to John Higgins.I don't know it was true or not,but I still like him.

05:42 PM Jun 07 2010 |



I use to play pool and card games but I'm not so good, so the alcohol helps me as a justification… like: "Hey I'm not bad, I'm just a bit drunk" lol (:

03:24 PM Jun 07 2010 |




the girl's speed is too quick to me, :-(    I tried again and again, but still feel hard to catch her, well, tell myself, do it again.

11:48 AM Jun 07 2010 |




I feel it difficult to follow devens accent but jeff's is ok to me …  why it is so

08:40 AM Jun 07 2010 |



Tanzania, United Republic Of


07:31 AM Jun 07 2010 |




i like pimball after some booze!!

09:28 PM Jun 06 2010 |

thewaytoyourhartSuper Member!


I agree that drinking even a small amount of alcohol; like some glass of beer can help u to play better, u can really enjoy the game, and help u to lose ur initial inhibitions. I've tried it on several occasons and it realy works, but it's also true if u step over the border u would probably lose. I think I m quite good at bar games foosball, pinball and pingpong. What s more at drinking as well..;)

08:32 PM Jun 06 2010 |




I think that maybe when we first have a couple of drinks that it sort of relaxes us and we can for a moment "get into our game."  I know that when I first start to, say, shoot pool," I am not relaxed – my mind isn't "racked up" if you will.  So I am guessing that having a couple of beers helps speed up our getting relaxed or into the game.  However, after a few more drinks, when we think we are "in the groove," we are far from it.

For me, whenever I get into doing anything, I try to mentally prepair myself – and without the use of any unnatural inducements.

As far as having more fun with drinking than say, with being sober - again, I would say that whoever believes that has never enjoyed having "true fun." 

For example, "Making Love is so much sweeter (fun) sober."

05:48 PM Jun 06 2010 |



i wanna a new lesson to comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05:30 PM Jun 06 2010 |




In my country is common  to play pool in pubs .

01:51 PM Jun 06 2010 |



in china ,we always play pools,table tennis,but not usually after drinking,and i don't think drinking could help we play better.because i we don't know the peferct mount  to control ourself.

09:27 AM Jun 06 2010 |




Thanks God that making a comment is not only for super members :{Cool

07:36 PM Jun 05 2010 |

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