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Summer Jam

Summer Jam

Date: Jun 25 2021

Themes: Music, Weather

Grammar: Be Able To


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What makes a perfect summer jam? It has to be a catchy, upbeat song. It should have the feeling of a carefree, sun-filled day. It should make you want to dance. And you’ll know it’s the hit of the summer when you can’t help but hear it every time you turn on your radio.

So what is this summer’s big hit? Is it “Alejandro” by Lady Gaga? Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”? Hear Jason and Devan’s nominees for this year’s song of the summer. Then add your own.


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Jason:  Well, it’s officially summer.

Devan:  It is. I’m packing up all my sweaters and jackets and putting away all my depressing, sad music and busting out the pop records.

Jason:  Yeah. Do you know what the song of the summer is going to be?

Devan:  There’s a few songs that so far have a lot of potential to be good summer songs, but I don’t know if they’re going to be the summer song.

Jason:  What was last year’s for you?

Devan:  Oh man, I can’t even remember that far back. Do you remember?

Jason:  LCD Soundsystem.

Devan:  Oh yeah, “All My Friends,” that was definitely the jam of the summer. But it’s always gotta be something that’s upbeat, you know, that creates like a happy mood when you listen to it, because in the winter you spend all winter being cold and gloomy and listening to some sad Elliott Smith or something, but once the weather gets warm I need something that I can just like kick back and kinda like listen to and…

Jason:  Yeah, it’s a balance, the summery song, because you need to be able to kick back to it, but you also need to be able to be energized by it and want to go ride your bike and play sports outdoors and stuff like that.

Devan:  Yeah, it’s gotta have a positive mood, for sure.


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Now that it is summer, Jason and Devan are ready for some summer tunes. Songs of the summer are usually upbeat and catchy. They put you in a happy mood and make you feel both energized and relaxed.

Neither Jason nor Devan is sure what this year’s big summer hit is. Jason thinks that last year’s summer jam was “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem. Devan agrees that that was a perfect summer song.

What do you think the song of the summer is this year? Do you prefer listening to catchy, upbeat songs or sad songs?



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Anybody interested to practice English and to share knowledge.. add me at skype.. We will have chating, voice calls, conference calls.
skype id: cruiser40403

11:44 AM Jan 19 2013 |




I think it will be country music.Although my father believes that country music is for afternoons in winter,I still have a different feeling from him.

11:14 AM Jan 19 2013 |




The last years’ summer jam in my country was ” Ai, se eu te pego” ( If I catch you) and then became famous worldwide. My favorite is Firework by Katy Perry coz’ its an upbeat song wich makes me feel happy.

04:32 PM Sep 20 2012 |



I prefer to hear cheerful music, almost all the time, electronic music in the day. jazz and blues at night.

08:57 PM Jul 30 2012 |

ramn sekhon



06:12 AM Apr 03 2011 |




I love metric, paramore, kesha and Taylor swift's songs. It's winter here in my country, but it's weird 'cause still hot here even if it's raining. These days I love listening to ALL YOURS by metric, it's an eclipse soundtrack. It doesn't make me bored though I've listened to it over and over everyday LOL.

02:57 PM Aug 16 2010 |




hits for this summer are amazing…especially for the World Cup there are many upbeat and catchy hits there…but my favorite,Need You Now,What If,Jar of hearts,those has been my favorite so far..

04:25 PM Aug 15 2010 |


Viet Nam

I want to learn English from there but i dont know where the new word is. Could all of u show me. Thank u

05:41 AM Aug 15 2010 |



Syrian Arab Republic

for summer 2009 : run away for avril lavinge

for this summer: california gurls for katy perry

12:46 AM Aug 15 2010 |



summer 2009 (or was it in 2008?): Yves LaRock – Rise Up 

summer 2010: David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi – Memories

05:36 PM Aug 14 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


Now, it's too hot outside, so I am not in the mood for some hot summer songs. I'd like some cool and simple songs.

Actually, I prefer sad songs which are more tasty. Catchy upbeat songs maybe can make you happy, but that kind of songs will not last a long time. Sad songs can be popular forever.

03:49 PM Aug 14 2010 |


Hong Kong

i prefer to listening to sad song

12:47 PM Aug 13 2010 |



last year jam summer jam was "i know you want me"  by pitbull , so cool jam Cool

01:57 AM Aug 13 2010 |

ali bouf


hi how r y doing babe i hope that y engoy ur holidays in this hot summer 

03:28 PM Aug 12 2010 |




I haven't any label of summer songs,I really like rock,heavy metal and drum'n'bass and this kinds of musics make me feel good regardless of season ;)

09:06 PM Aug 10 2010 |



this summer i am not listening too much to music but the most attractive song for me is that of knaan (waving flag)

01:50 PM Aug 10 2010 |



i am not a big fun of music but in summer i prefer listening to happy songs that makes me energized and make me want to dance? this year there are many songs that i want to listen like "baby" by justin bieber, lady gaga "alejandro" shakira, her song of the mondial cup , "alors on danse" by stromae…

10:18 AM Aug 10 2010 |




i don't understand what does "bust out" mean, who can help me? had better make some instances for me thank you.

07:51 AM Aug 10 2010 |



South Korea

I don't like listening to any song but I like the sound of rains hitting on my window in summer

11:44 PM Aug 09 2010 |



I prefer upbeat songs,I like the black eyed peas

06:20 PM Aug 09 2010 |

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