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Future Perfect Tense

Date: Dec 17 2010

Themes: Holidays, Party

Grammar: Future Perfect Tense


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Your birthday is the one day of the year that is supposed to be all about you, when you get to be the center of attention, and it is OK to demand that everyone make a big fuss over you. But not everyone likes to be in the spotlight on their birthday. Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to celebrate your birthday, from having a quiet dinner with friends, to throwing a big bash. You could even celebrate your birthday by bungee jumping in foreign country. If you happen to be Ella, that is. Hear her and Beren talk about birthdays.



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Beren:  I can’t believe that in six days I’ll have been on this earth for 28 years.

Ella:  No freakin’ way. I would have never guessed that.

Beren:  It’s true, it’s true. I can’t decide if I want to have a big bash or kinda keep it low-key.

Ella:  I don’t know. Twenty-eight’s kinda like that weird number that’s not quite a milestone, you know, it’s right in the middle. So, you could go out…

Beren:  I know, it’s not 30…I like to have big celebrations, you know, typically they get a little out of hand. But I don’t know, I’m getting older, I might want to do something small.

Ella:  You could go on a trip. That’s how I like to do my birthdays. Trips.

Beren:  That’s true. What’s the best birthday you ever had? What did you do?

Ella:  My twenty-first birthday I went bungee jumping in Switzerland.

Beren:  Why were you in Switzerland, just for your birthday?

Ella:  Well, I was already in Europe for school for a month. So I just planned it so I could be in my favorite country on my birthday and go bungee jumping.

Beren:  That’s amazing. I don’t know, I usually look forward to my birthday, but this year I’m kind of dreading it.

Ella:  You should just go all out every year.

Beren:  I think I’m going to.

Ella:  Because there will be a year when you just won’t be able to.

Beren:  Like when you’re over the hill? Yeah.


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Beren is having a birthday soon, and she isn’t sure how she wants to celebrate it. It’s not a milestone birthday, so she isn’t sure if she wants to have a big bash. Plus, she is feeling a little depressed about getting older. But usually, Beren does like to celebrate her birthday. Sometimes her birthday parties even get out of hand.

Ella suggests that Beren take a trip for her birthday. That is Ella’s favorite way to celebrate her birthday. When she turned 21, she went bungee jumping in Switzerland. That is the best birthday Ella has ever had.

How do you usually like to celebrate your birthday? Do you look forward to your birthday, or do you dread it? What is the best birthday you ever had?



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I kind of dread it. I like to keep it low-key. Sometimes I have dinner with friends but it´s really been a very long time since I had a bash. I like travelling so taking a trip somewhere to celebrate it sounds great to me.

03:26 PM Jul 18 2013 |

1 person likes this

princess kay


during my birthday time, no body care about it, no body remember my birthday except me. so i was the only one who celebrated my birthday…

01:11 PM Dec 20 2012 |

★beauty girl◑♥◀

South Korea

today is my  bithday,., :D

12:47 PM Jul 15 2012 |




After I became 25 I stopped celebrating my birthdays. Every birthdays says “u r one year older” and I don’t want to be old, don’t want to be reminded of my age. I just want to get expensive presentsWink

07:33 AM Jul 29 2011 |

Sarah Morad

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

thats right candy

08:10 AM Jul 27 2011 |

Sarah Morad

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

in my life i didnt make birthday party that is so sad and bad i hope to make in the future

03:37 PM Jul 26 2011 |




I really like to celebrate my birthday,I liked all of my past parties! In fact,I like big parties,but I like to go a cool trip :)
I celebrated my 25,30,32,35 and my next bash will be my 40 years old! Hehe in a big style! Hehe

01:00 PM Jul 25 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

As for me, I like celebrating of my birthday. Why? :)

Because it`s a great opportunity to see my beloved relatives and friends all together.

I prefer to celebrate it at home. Usually I prepare many delicious dishes. My table is full of them. You just cant leave my home  hungry.

04:28 PM Apr 25 2011 |

Rita - Naima


i just celebrate my birthday in low profile, just want to make it simple..

08:56 AM Dec 21 2010 |



Don't upset, we all can celebrat with you and we wish you a very happy birth day.

10:19 AM Dec 19 2010 |




never celebrated my birthday ..

no one care about it.

09:59 AM Dec 19 2010 |

vadim li

Russian Federation

i also prefer not to do a big fuss on my birthday. i normally invite my friends who are close to me.

09:10 AM Dec 19 2010 |




today birthday me "19 dec"   haha

05:06 AM Dec 19 2010 |

Elena slc

Elena slc

Russian Federation

my birthday is just in couple of days and I`d like to go somewhere out with the friends. usually I don`t give much attention to my birth days and dont celebrate them that much.

11:15 PM Dec 18 2010 |



birthday is day which remember you that many years have passed very quickly

09:51 PM Dec 18 2010 |



Syrian Arab Republic

hay I hope fiende new friend

09:03 PM Dec 18 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

did not sho my comment

06:59 PM Dec 18 2010 |



Russian Federation

I like the way Ella celebrates her birthday:)

As for me usually I celebrate it among friends and there is nothing extraordinary.

06:52 PM Dec 18 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

well for me,it depends,My Bday is just a good excuse to visit or hear my old friends and also my whole family together,so I try my best never to miss it.It always got lots of fun.

03:18 PM Dec 18 2010 |

1 person likes this




i think when peoples gettin older it comes nonsense.but i believe that im gonna n people gotta celebrate all ages in peace n serenity

01:45 PM Dec 18 2010 |

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