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Date: Aug 20 2002


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Hi Friends!
Starting a new job is a very exciting experience! This week we had a new member of the team come on board. Listen in as Anna and Beth talk about Anna’s new work experience thus far.
P.S. There are some excellent work related vocabulary terms in this lesson!


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Beth:   So Anna, welcome to English, baby! How is your new job going?

Anna:   Um, I like it! It’s only my third day, but every, all the people I have met have been great!

Beth:   What’s your title?

Anna:   I am a Sales Executive responsible for, uh, recruiting new customers.

Beth:   Congratulations! Uh… How was your interview? Was it tough?

Anna:   Oh, I think every job interview is tough. You’re just never are quite sure how well you did.

Beth:   Well, I’m sure you did great! Uh, how’s your commute to work? Do you have to travel far to get here?

Anna:   I have to travel a lot farther than on my last job. It’s about 20 minutes, but I get to listen to the radio, so it’s not so bad!

Beth:   That’s cool. Do you like the new office?

Anna:   I do! It’s very light, very open, and it’s a good chance to talk, uh, with all my colleagues.

Beth:   And what’s your favorite part of the English, baby! office?

Anna:   Uh, I think I like the energy that each of the people provide. It seems like.. it’s a… I look forward to coming to work every morning.

Beth:   That’s great. Well, welcome!



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Did you enjoy listening to Anna and Beth talk about Anna’s new job? Do you think Anna sounds excited about her position? Beth asked Anna many questions. This is a great way to learn about somebody new, and is a very common practice in North American culture.
When you meet a new friend, practice asking them questions about themselves. This is not an impolite way to speak to someone, as long as your questions are not too personal. Notice that all of Beth’s questions let Anna talk about her life, but not questions forces Anna to tell Beth any information that she might not feel comfortable sharing.
What are some good examples of personal and introductory questions? Do you want to learn more about what questions are appropriate, and which ones are not? Come to the Life Goes On Message board, and let’s talk about it!
Have a happy Tuesday,



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I also think that asking questions is an easy and great way to know someone who you are not familiar with. But I believe that you should be conscious while asking questions! Some questions can have really bad effects on people that you meet them for the first time (or you do not know too much about them)! You should avoid asking personal questions such as his family, his religion and things like that. You questions are better to be around the work environment and the colleagues. Always listen to the person that you are talking with and try to continue speaking about a subject that you think has attracted that person. Good Luck! 

04:05 PM Jun 07 2010 |


Sri Lanka

Its an intresting conversation, that let students to familiar with English. And its great.

11:30 AM Jul 24 2009 |

twana azad

twana azad


it is a fantastic program to let students speak English


08:33 AM Jul 11 2009 |



hiiiiiiiiiii its very nice conversation in e baby..i like it…..its helps us to improve our communication as well as comprehension standred… 

08:19 AM Dec 15 2007 |

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