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Move On
Move On English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn the past progressive tense

Date: Mar 22 2011

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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You don’t often choose the way you feel about something. You just feel it. Feelings are hard to control. Sometimes, feelings like anger and disappointment can be a problem long after the thing that angered or disappointed you is over. When that happens, it’s time to move on.

When you move on, you make a conscious decision to stop caring about something. You decide to stop letting something from the past affect the way you feel. People often have to find a way to move on after terrible things happen like an accident or the death of a loved one.

But you can have a hard time moving on after a small problem too, as Jeff discovers today. He thought that a disagreement he had with his girlfriend Ella was over. She, however, may not have moved on yet.

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1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jeff:  That’s what I was saying. I can’t believe she did that.

Ella:  It’s so weird. Ha ha.

Jeff:  Hey, look at that! Right out front.

Ella:  I know. Isn’t it awesome? I just…

Jeff:  Yeah, good deal.

Ella:  I didn’t want to make a big deal, because, you know, I didn’t want you to call me a showoff again.

Jeff:  What? You’re still mad about that?

Ella:  Oh, come on. It was two weeks ago, and I was just trying to share my achievements with everyone, and you kept calling me a showoff. Like, that was totally uncalled for.

Jeff:  You’re still on that? You’re still mad? Why don’t you just move on? It was two weeks ago.

Ella:  Move on?

Jeff:  Move on!

Ella:  What do you expect me to just…You want me to just walk away? Like, what do you mean, “move on”?

Jeff:  Just forget about it and get on with your life.

Ella:  It was insulting. How could I forget about that?

Jeff:  It’s in the past.

Ella:  How am I supposed to move on?

Jeff:  I can’t believe this. Again? Just move on.

Ella:  I’ll show you moving on.

Jeff:  What? Ha ha. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hey! You’re taking me literally? No…come on. Come on, babe.


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Ella and Jeff are leaving a building and getting in Ella’s car. She is parked right outside the door and Jeff is impressed that she got such a good parking spot. She says she didn’t tell him because she didn’t want him to call her a showoff again, like he did a couple of weeks ago when she was talking about awards she has won.

Jeff is surprised that Ella is still upset about being called a showoff. He expected her to have moved on by now. But she says she doesn’t know how to move on from it. She is mad at him and doesn’t think it was right for him to call her a showoff.

Finally, Ella gets in her car and drives off. She literally moved on. She went somewhere else. But can she move on from her disagreement with Jeff?

Can you think of a time you had to move on?



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Sumer wql

Sumer wql


Although i am a girl who can’t easily move on unhappy things,my mother always told me i should do that good,and i would pick it up,to be a happy girl with a happy life~

02:50 PM Jul 29 2013 |



the girl’s oral english is so good that i envy her so much.

01:07 AM Jul 08 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

yes i can move on if there is love.

02:10 PM Mar 27 2011 |




  move on to live happily. don't think about what happened in the past just learn and be careful in the future .KissSmile

02:31 PM Mar 25 2011 |




I think everybody in a point of his or her life needs to take steps to move on.We all as human beings are always facing problems and difficulties which some times bring us hard times as well. Without learning how to move on in these circumstances we will not be able to live in peace. Forgetting and forgiving are mail tools to overcome our stressful life and escape ourselves from all unimportant thoughts which keeps our minds busy.

01:02 PM Mar 25 2011 |




               I had learn lesson and change my mind another religion.I though all of the people just keep walking as made a unhappy day.u gonna find another window to  make u a peace.

01:04 PM Mar 23 2011 |

tariq shah khan


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04:04 AM Mar 23 2011 |




I had to move on after breaking up with my girlfriend which was a big deal.

03:42 AM Mar 23 2011 |

Najwa Al-harthi

Saudi Arabia

very good lesson , i love the video !

this is what I usually must keep telling my SELF ….  oook just move on !!!

because if  I still care about what happened in the past or even ten minutes ago , My life will turn bad for me and also for who around me…

so people don't forget to MOVE ON !! 

08:34 PM Mar 22 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

When i am agitated or going through an irritating situation,i just do not let it rattle my bones that much…
Life goes on,SO,i besta move on \:D

07:44 PM Mar 22 2011 |



Viet Nam

 The lesson  really fits my current mood. Yeah, that's right. I should figure out the nagging feeling weighing on me and move on

05:02 PM Mar 22 2011 |



hello baby

04:17 PM Mar 22 2011 |




When you move on some things that you feel uncomfortable ,maybe you will live a better life. 

03:43 PM Mar 22 2011 |

Vina Novalina


Don't keep crying because of an mistake. Learn from it & move on. Don't waste your life blaming yourself because of something that's gone.

03:11 PM Mar 22 2011 |

1 person likes this




Sure, just move on! nothing like a day after another day! Peace!Cool

01:58 PM Mar 22 2011 |




Oh! The lesson is direct to my life. I like , Sometime should to be move on if when happen is terrible time. I don't want make who disappointment . The last night I live in terrible time. I decide to stop! for have to concious on time. I'm OK. I like this lesson…

10:55 AM Mar 22 2011 |

Lu Yanfang

Lu Yanfang


every time when I feel some kind of sorrow , I would try to find out a comfortable way to abreact . one who wants to live a happy and meaningful life should learn to move on.

09:50 AM Mar 22 2011 |


Viet Nam

Yes sure, you must move on sometime. But I am sure that Jeff will be literally more with Ella.

Poor him. But Ella is mok'in hot isn't she?


08:34 AM Mar 22 2011 |

Amar pandey


If you are unable to deal with the situation you are going through, you had better move on. However don't forget to have lesson ( Have experienced that would enable you to deal with the scenario like this next time) from it. After all time is not going to wait for you anyway…........

06:41 AM Mar 22 2011 |




When something bad happens and I can't change it by my own effort, I have to move on.

Btw, Ella is such good an actress. She's so mean, what a bitch.

06:10 AM Mar 22 2011 |

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