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Opposites Attract
Opposites Attract English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn the difference between "your" and "you're"

Date: Mar 29 2011

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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People usually think of the perfect partner as someone who is a lot like themselves. You imagine that the love of your life will like the same music, movies and food that you do.

But there’s also something attractive about someone who is nothing like you. Someone who does things you would never do and says things you would never say.

Some people say that opposites attract. This can be true in nature—look at magnets. But is it true in romance? Find out as Marni asks Ella about her boyfriend Jeff.

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Marni:  So, Ella, how are things going with Jeff?

Ella:  It’s going good. Yeah!

Marni:  You know, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you just seem like such opposites from one another, I was kind of surprised when you started dating.

Ella:  Yeah, we definitely don’t have many similarities. So I just take it as a case of opposites attract.

Marni:  How do you think you’re opposites?

Ella:  Well, first off, he’s a total morning person, and I’m a total night person. Like that’s when I get the most energy, so it’s kind of a struggle when we want to go out on a date. So we always have to meet at like, lunchtime or something. He likes cold wintertime. I like summery spring-like weather.

Marni:  It seems like you’re really optimistic and Jeff is kind of brooding.

Ella:  This is true, yeah. I kind of try to see the bright side of things so he kind of brings the darkness to every situation so that’s definitely different outlooks on that situation. But, you know, opposites attract. Makes sense.

Marni:  Well, I see how you’re opposites. But how is that opposites attract? I mean if you’re so different from one another, I mean, what works in your relationship?

Ella:  Hm. Pizza! I hate the crust. I hate the crust, you know? I will eat the whole body part and Jeff loves the crust, so therefore, you know, like a little puzzle that matches in. So that’s how it works for us: pizza.

Marni:  OK. Well, that…pizza.

Mason:  Oh, hey ladies, Ella, what’s going on? Look at my jacket on backwards, how opposite of me. Hey, I just finished eating the crust, you want the rest of this? There you go.

Ella:  Mason, thank you! You knew. That’s so sweet. It’s my favorite.


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Marni says that she is surprised that Jeff and Ella are together. They seem so different. Ella agrees. She says that they have many differences. Jeff is a morning person who likes cold weather and she likes to stay out at night and prefers warm weather.

Ella says that maybe she and Jeff like each other because they are so different. She says they fit together like a puzzle. For instance, she doesn’t like pizza crust, but Jeff loves it. That way, when they eat pizza, she can give all the crust to him and not have to waste it.

Mason, who likes Ella, must have overheard her say “opposites attract” because he suddenly shows up with his jacket on backwards! Then eats the crust off the pizza and gives it to Ella.

Do you think Mason could finally win Ella’s heart by pretending to be her opposite? Do you think it’s true that opposites attract?



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Miss Fabulous


it is not true that opposites attract-just saying..think abt it..all you think is the contrary..so how do you want to come along well with the other if you never agree?

10:05 PM Sep 28 2011 |


Czech Republic

Isn’t that what a relationship is all about? They have their differences and similarities which makes them a good couple. If things were to go wrong during their relationship, they seem to be the type of couples that are able to sit down and cOmpromise on their disagreements. I love the part where she don’time to eat the crust and he eats them right after her.

02:02 AM Jun 19 2011 |

wad almrein


may be ,although they are different in their concerning.you know any good relation to be continue there must be compatibility between the couple. Ithink  if they are married their relation won`t succeed .

06:20 PM May 17 2011 |

wad almrein



05:55 PM May 17 2011 |



no i don’t think so but there are main advantage between them that is’’ they complete each other ’’

04:00 PM May 14 2011 |



every one has a pros and cons ,no body is perfect

04:55 PM Apr 16 2011 |




If opposites attract, what about "Birds of a feather flock together"? :)


01:01 PM Apr 03 2011 |

ali touliSuper Member!


sometime it works between couple.

03:01 AM Apr 03 2011 |




03:51 PM Apr 01 2011 |



Nah, I married a guy whose an opposite of me and believe me it's not fun. Ex is I like to travel, but he's such a homebody. I like to read, but he's only into his TV. I thought it would work, but it didn't.

03:40 PM Apr 01 2011 |



Opposites attract doesn't work in relationships, just in nature, like magnets.

The idea seems to be romantic and actually it is in the begining of the relationship. But then, over the years, the differences won't be so pleasant. It´s real life, unfortunatelly…

04:10 PM Mar 31 2011 |

1 person likes this




i think its nonsense about opposites attract.they are going to fall in that kind of boring soon or later that i swear.and i think Mason maybe is a better chiose for Ella, cuz he know how to follow it what Ella like.it means he won't aginst Ella's habbit.

04:38 AM Mar 31 2011 |



It's not gonna work Mason, cause it should come naturally, opposite attract seems more got the opposite of both habit, characters etc. But, commonly in my way usually I'm looking for a person who got similarities.

03:01 AM Mar 31 2011 |



It is just a phisics law.Talking abour relashionship,it doesn't work.I could swear that.



11:53 PM Mar 30 2011 |



United States

brooding people can look on the bright side as well.))) but it really depends what makes them think or feel so))) and , btw, it's the truth, opposites really attract!)

03:06 PM Mar 30 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

no. in romance thing it dosen't work. Cry

12:41 PM Mar 30 2011 |


Viet Nam

Ella is smok'in hot.  I believe someone can get her heart but  will hard to keep it. She is optimistic and Jeff is brooding? Poor him!

09:56 AM Mar 30 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

Mason is kinda foxy,methinks,and such a stubborn love seeker too,he's doing everything to get the green light from Ella,now he is blandishing by pretending to be her opposite.. Could she notice??? The upcoming episodes will answer…

Yes,often opposites attract,just like in the yin-yang concept = unity of opposites

09:21 PM Mar 29 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

The similarities is not an issue in the love , we don't need to find the identical copy of our self to have a relationship with.

sometimes the differentiation makes the life more attractive but meanwhile it needs kind of adaptation to keep going and survive for ever.

we also can't ignore that's in some situations we have to find some one who's not to much different just to keep things easy to manage.


well then  ... Opposites Attract is like any other issue all over the world could and couldn't are all exist with some restrictions and conditions :) .  

08:53 PM Mar 29 2011 |

Miss Fabulous


 i dont think that opposites attract. It may seem romantic in some ways such as the pizza example but these are little things, if it comes to coming along well  together such contradictions only create problems and conflicts that can make the partners unhappy. 

07:45 PM Mar 29 2011 |

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