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Vintage Clothes
Vintage Clothes

Passive Voice

Date: Jul 06 2011

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Passive Voice


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When your clothes wear out, you get new ones, right? Well, why do they have to be new? Used clothes can be an inexpensive way to get things that used to belong to someone else but are new to you.

Plus, the only way to find some cool styles is by wearing vintage clothes from different times in fashion history. If you want to look like Michael Jackson, what better way than finding clothes from the ‘80s that Michael might have actually worn?

Jason wears a lot of vintage clothing. Listen to him discuss it with Ella.

此外,如果你希望在穿着上体现酷酷的风格,唯一的方法就是穿着时装史不同年代的复古时装。如果你想有迈克尔•杰克逊的调调,最好的办法就是去找那些 80 年代款式的衣服,没准儿迈克尔就穿过其中某件呢。詹森有许多复古时装。请听他和艾拉讨论此事的谈话。


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Jason:  I find myself wearing vintage everything.

Ella:  Really?

Jason:  Yeah.

Ella:  What is it about vintage that you like so much?

Jason:  I just think that the cuts and the materials look better to me. Like the…I don’t know, like a nice vintage leather jacket is better-looking than anything I can find in a store normally, these days, to me.

Ella:  I don’t know, with vintage clothes, I feel like they’re pretty expensive.

Jason:  They are. They’re getting more expensive. There was a time where you could just show up at a thrift store and there’d be all these cool clothes that apparently no one knew were cool and just gave to this thrift store. And now there’s a difference between used and vintage. Like you just give away your clothes that are used, but if you have something that represents a trend from the past, like you can sell that, and then people will pay a lot of money for it. But I think new clothes are expensive too. Do you ever wear anything vintage?

Ella:  Yeah, occasionally. I like vintage dresses. But a lot of the stuff from the 80s and stuff, I’m just not very interested in. It’s a style that I just wish everyone would forget.

Jason:  That’s the thing though with vintage, it’s like everything worth forgetting is forgotten, and only the items worth remembering are saved.


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Jason loves wearing vintage clothes. He thinks clothes from the past look better and were made better than clothes you can find in the stores today. Vintage clothes are all Jason wants to wear.

Ella wears vintage clothes sometimes, but not very often. She thinks vintage clothes are too expensive for clothes that aren’t new. Although she likes some fashions from the past, she prefers modern-looking clothes. She thinks a lot of the trends from the past should just be forgotten.

There is a difference between vintage clothes and used clothes. Clothes that are considered vintage are usually more desirable. Unfortunately, that also means they’re more expensive!

Do you like to wear vintage clothes, or do you prefer new clothes? Are vintage clothes expensive or inexpensive in your country?



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So weird ,Iwas with some friends today in a charity garage sale ,I heard the word vintage for the first time and was wondering what it means ,by luck I got this lesson ,really I like this site very much and I did learn a lot since I am a member in ebaby thx a lot for every body who are trying to help us learning even a word ..

09:15 PM Jan 31 2012 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

hello mnal welcome Kiss

03:01 PM Aug 23 2011 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

it could be a sylish when i wear a vintage clothes occationally , as for me , i like fashoin clothes more i thinl thereer better to me , so  i perfer it to any .

there is a defference between used clothes and vintage clothes according to the story above . so i never ever think to possess used clothes .

03:09 PM Jul 19 2011 |

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i think people have different opinion in clothes, every one have kind of colthes which make him comfortable , i wear jens awlays i think its good wear for me.,,,,,,,

09:02 AM Jul 17 2011 |




I like to wear new clothes because I think the vintage clothes doesn’t match my age anymore and  it gives me more age than I so I don’t like it ..the vintage clothes isn’t too expensive the new fashion is always more expensive ;)

10:46 AM Jul 15 2011 |




in my opinion, vintage is just a style, new clothes with a vintage style is also ok. in fashion industry, all the stylish things are unavoidably expensive!

02:07 AM Jul 12 2011 |



If you feel nice in this clothes, you may wearing it and enjoy it. But I prefer a new clothes 

05:36 PM Jul 11 2011 |


Serbia and Montenegro

just not my cup of tea. plus i thing its becoming trendy in a bad way. like someone is wearing it just to be cool

12:42 PM Jul 11 2011 |



I yassine from morocco

08:35 PM Jul 10 2011 |




08:34 PM Jul 10 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

to me i really like to wear vintage clothes and is inexpensive in my country the new clothes is more expensive

01:52 PM Jul 10 2011 |




Sort of, I think some cheongsam is very cool, but I prefer buy it new, not a used one. Maybe I’m just a neat freak…  I think for clothes, new ones are more expensive.

05:30 AM Jul 08 2011 |



I really like vintage clothes, but they are expensive and I and cannot afford to buy them, otherwise used clothes are a good alternative to save money and sometimes you can find things that are unique, nice and almost new. Modern clothes are good too, but sometimes if you see something that you like and you can’t afford it…it’s sad… I don’t know, in my opinion you can mix used clothes with vintage and modern clothes.  This is what I do!

08:20 PM Jul 07 2011 |




My cousin who is living in California  likes to go to Good Will 

 ( the place where people go and give away their used clothes  ) and buy

 for a few dollars very good  outfits.  When her collegues asked her  :  you

 look  gorgeous, where did you buy  your clothes ? Oh, I bought it at a boutique  is her reply.    


09:24 PM Jul 06 2011 |



Russian Federation

I lost weight and got from the loft my old clothes I wore 10 years ago. Smile

07:37 PM Jul 06 2011 |



i dont like vintage clothes. i prefer to buy new one which isnt expensive n i feel comfrtable in them. vantage clothes r too expensive and above the all m not gonna buy those cloths which have been worn out by some one else.never.

06:14 PM Jul 06 2011 |




I don’t like vintage clothes, Why I don’t like this? Because I think, Perhaps owns of clothes may be dead, I feel terrible. I like to buy new clothes but inexpensive.

05:40 PM Jul 06 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in fact im in vintage too, because it reminds me past nice moments and of course vintages are not used.Cool

03:47 PM Jul 06 2011 |



to me, i don’t like wear vintage clothes. fist of all, if it is desirable, it might be expensive; secondary, i couldn’t feel comfortable in a clothe someone eles worn before…... here, in canada, the second hand clothes are not really cheaper than new. i prefer new clothes.

03:28 PM Jul 06 2011 |




I think it’s more comfortable to wear brand new clothes because you feel that they are really yours, but I don’t think that buying vintage clothes it’s bad.Vintage clothes are very inexpensive and cheap, and they are very useful for poor people for example.

10:52 AM Jul 06 2011 |

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