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Pop the Question
Pop the Question English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn the Zero Conditional

Date: Aug 16 2011

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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You can do it at a fancy restaurant or at home. You could do it on a bench or a mountain top.

Do what? Pop the question. Asking someone to marry you is an extremely important moment, and everyone has their own idea of the best proposal. But most agree that it should be romantic and it should be a surprise. Kneeling is usually a good idea.

Devan hopes her boyfriend Jason will ask her to marry him. Well, it looks like he got the hint. He just wants to get in some practice before he pops the question.


3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Jeff:  Hey, Jason, I’m gonna take off. You want a ride?

Jason:  Uh, no, I’m good. I have some stuff to finish up.

Jeff:  Alright. Uh, see you tomorrow?

Jason:  Totally. Cool.

Jeff:  Alright man.

Jason:  See ya. Will you marry me? Will you marry me? Will you marry me? Will ya marry me? Will you marry me?

Mason:  Uh, dude, are you proposing to that chair?

Jason:  No, no, that’s ridiculous. I just dropped a contact. I’m looking for it.

Mason:  Contact, eh? You wear glasses. Were you…are you crying?

Jason:  No! I just got a little emotional thinking about Devan and our future and I got a little emotional, OK?

Mason:  Oh my God. You’re going to pop the question, aren’t you?

Jason:  Alright. You caught me. You caught me. I’m going to ask her to marry me. But you can’t tell anyone, OK?

Mason:  No, no, of course. But uh you can’t…I mean, that’s why you pop the question. It has to be a surprise, right? It’s totally more romantic if it’s a surprise. Right?

Jason:  Exactly.

Mason:  I get it.

Jason:  Good. So I can trust you?

Mason:  No problem, man. You can totally trust me. Now, dude!


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Jeff asks Jason if he would like a ride home from work. Jason says he still has more work to do and has to stay.

As soon as Jeff leaves, Jason kneels and begins asking his chair to marry him over and over. Mason walks in and asks him what he’s doing.

After fighting it for a moment, Jason admits that he is planning to pop the question. He is practicing asking Devan to marry him. Mason is very excited and promises to keep it a secret.

How should Jason pop the question to Devan? What is the best proposal you could imagine?



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Wow..romantic and sweet boyfriend!!Someday I will pop the question to the girl that I love.Baby,please say yes!!

08:19 AM Mar 16 2014 |




Mason is right – unexpectedness is the key to make it romantic. So, Jason should first break up with Devon. She would be totally devastated, then out of blue, he pop the quiz to Devon.  That should be the most surprising and memorable proposal ever!  On the other hand, this might risk that Devon fail the quiz.  OK, I’m being silly but I can’t help it. What’s the best marriage proposal? This is so like a topic you find in women’s magazines lying around in dentist’s waiting room. I can’t deal with it.

02:02 PM Mar 15 2014 |



no doubt kneeling is a romantic expression to pop our question but i ithink some other things are very important too. like our words, surroundings, situtaion, time etc. if someone is somebody who is near and dear to us wanna pop question we get the hint before. many people might have experienced the situtaion and they know very well how is it? these are the most romantic moments when someone pop question to you, so it should be romantic and sophisticated in every way. its on us how we make it special for our beloved.

07:49 PM Aug 14 2012 |




Men should think about this and you girls don’t expect, it won’t be something surprising if you know what you’ve already expected or you might get disappointed when you never get what you wanted it to be. Right? so you girls would better leave it for men, Ok :D

07:04 AM Mar 09 2012 |




I’ll put the ring inside her favorite ice cream and after he opened and want to eat it, she notice and will be surprised and on that time I’ll pop up the question lol, isn’t it cool, can you imagine that.

06:58 AM Mar 09 2012 |


United States

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12:49 AM Jan 04 2012 |

abang leak

abang leak


i think it would be more romantic if we take the girls into the restaurant for having dinner at restaurant under the fullmoons light and grab her hand to pop the question romantically to her and give a ring while you pop the question to her

12:37 PM Nov 01 2011 |



I think all women are looking forward that from men,i have a suggestion that a man should be preparing some flowers and ring when you want pops the question

meanwhile ,you should kneeling with one leg front of the girl who you want get married.

08:44 AM Aug 30 2011 |

1 person likes this

Sri Hartati Purba


Pop the question is a beautiful moment that a woman waiting for…

07:47 AM Aug 30 2011 |




Pop the question , it’s totally new for me. And it’s hard to connect it with proposal if I didn’t read the conversation.

Maybe, Jason can take his girlfriend to a mountain top, and say to her: marry me of fall down?. LOL

12:23 PM Aug 24 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

he should tell you will marry me or i will suicide

07:49 AM Aug 22 2011 |



Russian Federation

When people are romantic and feel like poping the question it is always nice to observe them, they are so nice and sincere at that period of their life. And I agree with those who thinks it does not really matter where it happens. What is really important is to get a proposal from a dude whom you love. Of course kneeling and a dimond ring are also great!)))))

08:18 PM Aug 21 2011 |




I just think about your dream marriage proposal, marriage proposal, such as My match and I have always a romantic night under the moonlight My Valentine I want to marry him by smothering him with kisses. My wishsomeday like you in real life with an extraordinary great to be with a womanlike that, and dream of making a marriage proposal, it causes shock, nowwildly imaginative, even my heart.Kiss

07:38 PM Aug 20 2011 |




Adult human life, marriage proposal or to propose a time the process is quite beautiful, the people they liked the romantic happiness in a marriage proposal while they may not be sufficient to explain the world literature, because no trace of it at the moment so that he or she is a fascinatingmoment in a life of two people to cover all the not enough words to tell younever to be starting. I was always a romantic night under the moonlight I want to marry My Valentine by smothering him with kisses.

07:32 PM Aug 20 2011 |




My imagine, I would like someone say proposal to marry with me on the beautiful beach  under of the moon light. It’s a great  ,if he close my eyes while to put a ring on my finger the same time take soft kiss on my lips, and whisper nearly on my ear. ” please you marry with me”

11:39 AM Aug 18 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

talk  with her directly.

01:19 AM Aug 17 2011 |



i don´t believe what makes special pop the question be kneeling, but the creative, something diffrent is enough

11:52 PM Aug 16 2011 |

juan luis armenta perez


Pop the question, Oh God. is a big moment. since, you are nervous and you are thinking of what she will say.  Embarassed

11:20 PM Aug 16 2011 |




pop the question

11:14 PM Aug 16 2011 |

misael181Super Member!


This video was excellent!!!


08:33 PM Aug 16 2011 |

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