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Picky Eaters
Picky Eaters

Gerunds and Infinitives

Date: Aug 22 2011

Themes: Food

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Food brings people together like nothing else. It’s something we all have in common, since everybody has to eat. And sharing a meal is a natural way to spend time with others, whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, a big family feast, or a low-key potluck with friends.

But picky eaters make it difficult to bond over a meal. We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to food, and not everyone is an adventurous eater. But picky eaters often have trouble finding anything they like on a menu, and they usually don’t enjoy trying new things. Find out if Amy and Jason are picky eaters.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  Want to go grab some lunch?

Amy:  Sure, yeah, where do you want to go?

Jason:  There’s a Thai place that I want to try.

Amy:  Oh, Thai, I don’t know. I don’t really like spicy food.

Jason:  Oh, OK. How about sandwiches? There’s this good sandwich place that I heard about.

Amy:  OK, yeah. That could be good. Do you think that they have, like, some bread that doesn’t use regular flour? ‘Cause I’m kind of trying to stay away from that. And I don’t really like mayonnaise either, and they put mayonnaise on sandwiches a lot. But I’m sure I can find something.

Jason:  Um, I have no idea what kind of…if they have special bread or if they don’t use mayonnaise. It sounds like you’re a pretty picky eater.

Amy:  Well, I like stuff that I make for myself. But to be honest, it is hard when I go out to eat to find things that, you know, that I like. I mean, I just…I don’t know, there are a lot of things that really just don’t appeal to me, like mushrooms, onions, anything spicy…

Jason:  What’s so bad about those things?

Amy:  I guess I like kinda plain foods. I don’t like anything with too much flavor.

Jason:  Wow.

Amy:  Well, what about you? I mean, you just eat everything?

Jason:  Yeah.

Amy:  There’s nothing you don’t like?

Jason:  Yeah, I mean, I ate sheep intestine in Turkey and bugs in China. Put it in front of me, and I will eat it.


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Jason and Amy want to go to a restaurant for lunch. But they can’t agree on anywhere to eat, because Amy doesn’t like any of Jason’s suggestions. She is a picky eater.

Amy says that she prefers making food for herself to going out, because she often has a hard time finding anything she likes on a menu. There are many foods she doesn’t like. She especially doesn’t like spicy foods or anything with a strong flavor. She prefers plain foods.

Jason is the opposite of Amy. He’ll eat anything, even strange foods, like bugs. He enjoys trying new things.

Are you a picky eater, or do you like to try new things? What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten? What foods do you dislike?



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I like thai food, and mayonnaise sandwiches. what a pity that Amy are such are picky eater, she would lost a tons of delious foods. Just like my wife. 

08:35 AM Sep 17 2013 |

learning English only

United Arab Emirates

I am not a picky eater. I like to try new things but they must be good for eating and delicious and appeal to me. I don’t like spicy food much but i don’t mind to eat. It’s just not my favourite food.

11:39 AM Aug 01 2012 |

Bonnie PN

Hong Kong

I am a picky eater too. I dislike spicy food, onion and green onion.

02:33 PM Apr 21 2012 |




I think i am a picky eater. I prefer making food by myself. Only in that case I know what is put in food. I like trying new things but sometimes am disappointed with all that. And would never try something like bugs and sheep intestine. It’s just too strange to me. Laughing

04:52 PM Aug 28 2011 |




i am a picky one.

06:37 PM Aug 27 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

if i not picky the foood before noon my day is not pass…..so cool..i love this kind of behave….

08:58 PM Aug 25 2011 |




actually I’m  not a picky eater ,i eat every thing that eatable Cool

05:21 PM Aug 24 2011 |



I think I’m definitely not a picky eater,actually,I ‘d like trying any food which can be eating,whatever is looking good or not,I like sea food,vegatable,coarse food grain,I don’t like meat nowadays,because they are not healthy for our body,everybody says,disease because to eat not correct,so eating right and excrise are the keys to good health,I used to like eating hot pot,because this food famous of china,but now ,i rarely eat that,you know,the oil of hot pot normally use again and again,use again by return and filtration,how disgusting,besides,as we all know ,oil while use againg and againg lead to people got cancer.

07:28 AM Aug 23 2011 |

Vina Novalina


yeahh i am a picky eater but yeahh i think it is not bad cuz we are what we are eat ;)... if i dont like some kind of food i wil never try it but i like try new menus that seem yummy on my eyes LOL . I love eating especially chinese noodles. Love it…

05:53 AM Aug 23 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

i like  to try  nw  things 

strange? i think when  im    small   i mix  food    but  in  the  end  its  not  tasty and ugly

 i disslike  some  meet  

 but   never mind  sea  food  fish or shripm… 

03:44 AM Aug 23 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

yes i’m picky eater.

03:32 AM Aug 23 2011 |

snowy wu

snowy wu


i also like spicy food.huh..Innocent

01:42 AM Aug 23 2011 |




I confess “I am a picky eater.” Innocent

I don’t eat cheese; and also Bugsss of course ı think they are not deliciousUndecided

12:52 AM Aug 23 2011 |



I love cakes! Especially with wipped cream

10:25 PM Aug 22 2011 |




I confess “I am a picky eater.” Innocent

I don’t eat cheese; and also Bugsss of course ı think they are not deliciousUndecided

10:00 PM Aug 22 2011 |




sometimes ..;) i like

09:57 PM Aug 22 2011 |




umm , yes sometimes . I like trying new things over and over .

The strangest thing i’ve ever eaten is ,,umm nothing crosses my mind i guess nothing !!

.. In fact i like all kinds of food ^^

08:36 PM Aug 22 2011 |

Talk Now

Talk Now


i am a picky eater , but sometimes i like to try new things, the strangest thing i have ever eaten is seaweed , i don’t dislike any kind of food i like every thing .

08:02 PM Aug 22 2011 |



Russian Federation

Am I a picky eater if I don’t like to eat bugs ? 

07:41 PM Aug 22 2011 |



United States

I’m a part time picky eater. But when i’ m hungry i close my eyes and open up my mouth. I strive myself to eat food i dont like because for some odd reasons they all seem to be very healthy. I guess its all about getting used to the food itself.i use to despise brocoli and spinach now their my best friends or any kind if vegetable, a meal is not complete to mee if i dont see green on my plate. Broaden your horizon try out new dishes at least twice, especially if a foreign friend offered them to you, it comes across a bit rude if you reject their offers. If the dish doesnt do you good your system wilk kick it out

06:19 PM Aug 22 2011 |

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