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It Just Slipped Out
It Just Slipped Out English, baby! Video Lesson

Engagement English Lesson

Date: Oct 07 2011

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Anyone who is learning a language knows that you’re not always in control of what you say. Sometimes things just don’t come out the way you want them to…or when you want them to.

If there’s something on your mind, it usually finds a way to your lips before too long. It’s hard for people to avoid talking about what they’re feeling, especially around people they care about. When you say something you didn’t mean to say right then, you can say, “It just slipped out.”

Jason has been planning to ask his girlfriend Devan to marry him. He recently missed a very romantic opportunity to propose. See what happens when they’re leaving work one day. You never know what will slip out in casual conversation.


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Jason:  Can I please just use the bathroom on this floor?

Devan:  I think the other girls will know if you do.

Jason:  How will they know?

Devan:  They’ll just know.

Jason:  Come on.

Devan:  Alright. Fine. Make it quick though. Hi, mom. Yeah, sorry I didn’t call you back the other night, I had a girls’ night out. Yeah, It was great. It almost didn’t happen though because I forgot my ID at home, but then Jason, being a total sweetheart, ran all the way across town to bring it to me. I know. Isn’t that so sweet? He ran on foot. Yeah. No honestly, he’s totally amazing. He’s by far the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. I just can’t even imagine my life without him. Yeah, he’s really great. We’re actually about to go home right now though, so can give you call a little later? OK. I love you. Bye. Whoa. How long have you been standing there? I love you.

Jason:  Will you marry me?

Devan:  What? What? Are you serious right now?

Jason:  I am totally serious. I didn’t mean to ask you like this. It just slipped out.

Devan:  How does something like that just slip out?

Jason:  I guess, I’ve been looking for the right time to say it and it just came out accidentally, but I’m totally serious.

Devan:  What? After all these years of dating, this is how you pop the question? This is how you propose to me? No. I want a proper proposal. Get down on your knee.

Jason:  Devan…

Devan:  Yes! Yes, I will!

Jason:  I thought you wanted the proposal.

Devan:  I’m sorry. It just slipped out.


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While Jason is the restroom, Devan gets a call from her mother. She tells her how much she loves Jason. He overhears her, walks out and kisses her. Then he says it, “Will you marry me?”

Both of them are surprised. Jason says he didn’t mean to propose just then. He says it just slipped out. But he has a ring to prove he is serious.

Devan says she wants a traditional proposal. She asks Jason to get on one knee. He does, but she is too excited to let him finish. “Yes,” she says. She will marry him.

Have you ever let something slip out or said something accidentally? How did it go?

Watch all the episodes leading up to this proposal here.



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes  i think it has happend for every one .when u shouldnt say some thing and suddenly  forget the sutuation and  say a thing  .in that sutations i just try to make it ok.but u know what is done cannot be undone

12:01 PM Jul 20 2013 |





10:47 AM Jul 20 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

nice event!

03:55 AM Apr 10 2013 |




nice^_* lesson..OK

01:09 PM Sep 07 2012 |

myat lay


I think love is abeautiful flower in our life . but i have to try to listen to understand

more than now.

thanks so much

myat lay

03:18 AM Mar 30 2012 |




so romantic..and funny story..devan is so cute :)

12:57 AM Dec 09 2011 |




cool story ;)

11:48 PM Dec 08 2011 |

City Hunter


I think when someone wants to share his feelings with the one who loves, he will say things unexpectedly or acceidentlly like what happened up’s there…

11:30 AM Oct 12 2011 |

osman farah


so cute .. i think that is true love ,, i like it

01:48 PM Oct 10 2011 |




I like  it ..   I feel the  real love deeply. The boy and girl will be a happy life

05:25 AM Oct 10 2011 |


Viet Nam

It was so nice. I like Devan in this clip. She is totally lovely. It is so romantic. About the love, It is increadible, the couple in love can belive in the unreal thing. The nonsence thing can be truest by them. But it is love love love.

01:58 AM Oct 10 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

 every one over the world has right to the love and select sweetheart as the same time we to live in love without painful i want to decide find a real life without lire i want to be honest if i will say i love you i want to say it from my deep heart i dont want to say that words for won admiration or to live nice time with any girl some times we think the love very easy like any thing in our lives but it.s a big wrong if you think it because the love from my opinion the more thing need to focus in your behavior and your feeling no lie  in love no play no satisfied in love if you dont know what did you want

i guess any one to be a man dissipation believe me you will be the largest loser because you will fall to down untill become unsuccessful

my conclusion the love depend on the desire and a true spirit if you have a good heart you will be the more human being happiest in all the world i wish to every one find a real sweetheart my greetings to all

03:08 PM Oct 09 2011 |




It Just Slipped Out  It seems will happen often,sometimes u didn’t mean to say it ,but u just slipped out,Jason says he didn’t mean to propose just then. He says it just slipped out. But he has a ring to prove he is serious.It seems he really prepares for it,otherwise he don’t carry the ring with him all the time.
Is it essential to get down on your knee to propse in Western country?

12:21 PM Oct 09 2011 |




waw so nice lesson l like it:)

10:07 AM Oct 09 2011 |

Ivy dong

Ivy dong


It’s really a beauty story,i like it.

09:51 AM Oct 09 2011 |


Syrian Arab Republic

nice lesson. I like it…

08:56 AM Oct 09 2011 |

1 person likes this




05:51 AM Oct 09 2011 |




Sometimes the things that are not planned turns out better ;) :) ....Thanks for the lesson :Wink

05:03 AM Oct 09 2011 |




lol for moha al na hdi.

Sometimes things slip out unintentionally.

but I am expert in covering it up back again.

07:48 PM Oct 08 2011 |

1 person likes this

sedra mohammed


thank u for this lesson

05:44 PM Oct 08 2011 |

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