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map out

map out

Date: Sep 08 2011


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I’ve been mapping out my outfits for the next day every day since I was little.”

- Actress Rachel Bilson on her love of fashion. (InStyle)

—女演员蕾切尔·比尔森 (Rachel Bilson) 谈论她的时装情结。(《InStyle》杂志)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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plan; design

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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A map can help you get where you’re going. But is it really necessary to have a map in order to get dressed in the morning?

The actress Rachel Bilson says she likes to map out what she is going to wear the next day every night. But she doesn’t actually need to use a map in order to pick out her clothes. She just means that she likes to think about what she is going to wear and plan her outfits in advance.

Any time you plan or design something in advance, you can say you’re mapping it out, even if you don’t actually use a map. To map something out means to come up with a plan before you start doing something.

A writer might map out his ideas for a new novel before he begins writing it. Or a doctor might map out the steps his patient needs to take in order to get well. A professional athlete might map out her training schedule in preparation for a big competition.

Of course, it is also possible to use an actual map to map something out. When you map out the route you are going to take, you look at a map and plan how you are going to get somewhere.

Do you map out your outfits before you get dressed like Rachel Bilson? Do you like to map other things out before you do them, or do you prefer to be spontaneous?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I like to map out what I’m going to do at work every day before I get started.”

“If you don’t map out your route, you might get lost.”

“Before we move all our stuff into the new apartment, let’s map out how we’re going to arrange our furniture.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

by diazbarreiro
dearpesar change, new design, different type
by dearpesar
moonlits to plan what to wear.
by moonlits
Manu4 Planning, preparing.
by Manu4
Talia Do Plan, describe or portray (something) precisely, arrange in detail.
by Talia Do
 julito thinking what she would be wearing the next day
by julito
hamikurd to plan or arrange something in a careful or detailed way
by hamikurd
oksana08 to prepare or plan
by oksana08
sadafh to plan carfully how sth will happen
by sadafh
smilymu something like plan, delineate, or arrange in detail ..
by smilymu
kittywhite plan
by kittywhite
cubi1604 Prepare outfits to dress
by cubi1604

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Russian Federation

That’s right. But some happy people do not have to map out in order to get it.

05:25 PM Sep 12 2011 |




 mapping out the things is very important to me , cause by mapping out i will know what i’m going  to do exatlly 

04:06 PM Sep 11 2011 |



i map out always before i make important things. Because i am an industrial engineer, it’s my business :) Also, mapping out is very cool words ;)

02:49 PM Sep 11 2011 |



thanks to ebaby. i get to learn new all exciting and cool words such as map out.

01:54 PM Sep 10 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

i like map out,

02:24 AM Sep 10 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

ti is very important to me maping out every step i `m going to do coz i dont like  wasting time.


11:16 PM Sep 08 2011 |




I think that it’s important to learn Phrasal verbs because they are frecuently used by native speakers, to be more fluent especially in spoken English try to use them as much as you can.

I map out somethings, but not always.

11:14 PM Sep 08 2011 |



map somthing out (plan or prepared in advance) in which I select a process or senario-steps- for somthing to be done in certain way that I think it is right, yes I usualy map out what I am going to do .

08:59 PM Sep 08 2011 |




I like to map out  some important things to do  in order not forget about  them.

08:31 PM Sep 08 2011 |




Actually come up with something sounds better than map something out)....from my point of view I don’t see the right way of using it in spoken english…these all short forms are annoing me…lets talk grammatically right that it’ll be nice to hear and give a pleasure) 

05:35 PM Sep 08 2011 |

1 person likes this

coolgirlis me

Viet Nam

preparing st befor doing it

02:53 PM Sep 08 2011 |

coolgirlis me

Viet Nam

i map out important things that i should do everyday.

02:46 PM Sep 08 2011 |

cool dreams


I prefer to be spontaneously,but if i have a very important thing ,maybe i will map out to get the best result .especially if my future and my career depended on that thing

02:10 PM Sep 08 2011 |




I think I mostly do things spontaneous. Map out is just for important person.

01:38 PM Sep 08 2011 |




If you do not  map out where you are going, you may end up somewhere else.

01:33 PM Sep 08 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

its meaning is to make or draw plans for something ….iam not spontaneous in choosing what i will wear,Even on working life level  is important to map out,,,,Smile

12:28 PM Sep 08 2011 |




i like to map everything when mapping make doing this something more easily and accurate but there are somethings in life that expecting something is impossible

11:53 AM Sep 08 2011 |


Saudi Arabia

I think it’s difficult to map out your future plan without a clear goal :)

11:22 AM Sep 08 2011 |




Salam  i map out my plan for next days but some times am spontaneous :)


11:16 AM Sep 08 2011 |



Mapping out our activities is a good thing. In my office, all employees have a copybook in which they plan their work daily. It help us to save our time and to be organised.

10:19 AM Sep 08 2011 |

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