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Learn the Simple Future Tense

Date: Jan 26 2021

Themes: Food, How To

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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OK, so you’ve put on a little weight. A diet will fix that, right? But first you have to pick the right one.

There are so many different ways to diet. You can cut carbs, eat smaller portions, stay away from sweets, or try to eat more fruits and vegetables. No matter which diet you choose, though, you have to stick to it if you really want to slim down.

Dale recently lost some weight. Hear him share his dieting tips with Amy.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amy:  So I remember you had a blog post a while ago about losing some weight, Dale. Is there like a particular diet that you find works well for you?

Dale:  Dieting is basically, in my mind, ways of eating. Maybe portion control or reduction of carbs or sugars. I don’t really have a specific diet, I just like to always make sure I’m paying attention to my diet.

Amy:  I think that’s true. I mean, in general, if you can just cut out a couple things or try not to overindulge, usually that can help you slim down.

Dale:  They say portion control is the number one that will help you to slim down. And one of the things they always say is too much of a good thing is always a bad thing. So too much chocolate cake will turn into something.

Amy:  Do you have a particular weakness that’s hard for you to cut out of your diet?

Dale:  Ice cream.

Amy:  Oh, I know.

Dale:  I love ice cream.

Amy:  But really, what’s the point of living without ice cream?

Dale:  Especially when you put a chocolate sauce on top of it.


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Dale recently lost weight. Amy asks him what diet he used. He says that he just tries to pay attention to what he eats.

Amy thinks that if you cut out a couple of unhealthy foods from your diet and eat smaller portions, you can lose weight. Dale agrees that eating smaller portions is the best way to slim down.

Even when Dale is trying to lose weight, he finds it hard to live without ice cream. Amy loves eating ice cream, too.

Have you ever tried a diet? What do you think is the best way to slim down?

Read Dale’s blog about losing weight.



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eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I’ve never tried a diet, but when I see that I am overindulging myself with some kind of bad food I try to cut it out for a while just to slim down or maybe reduce the portions I am eating of it!

11:16 AM Jun 22 2017 |




i’m in shape and i dont need to try diet, but in my opinion diet should be moderate, gradualy you will get best result! not in one night!!!

exercing is more crucial than diet i think…:)

08:19 AM Jan 11 2014 |

manik athawale


I want say some things about Dieting there are so many people are around the world they don’t have a single bread for their breakfast, lunch, dinner they hungry so much but they didn’t gate what they say about their life they already have so many days dieting do you think about that actually I’m telling my real life story when I go some party I really avoid to have that food I’m thinking other people so that point I come back my house and have simple food. Who are well settle in their home they should at list a week one day dieting or fisting and that day’s balanced food distributed poor people I like this kind of dieting or fisting.

05:17 PM Mar 09 2012 |

Laura Gl

Saudi Arabia

Well, I dont really need to diet I am already so slim LOL! :P . I think the best way to slim down is to exericse, not be lazy, drink a lot of water, and have so much sugar or sweet in your apetite :)

04:29 PM Nov 05 2011 |





08:48 AM Nov 04 2011 |




I am already skinny so, i don’t need to have a diet Tongue out

07:00 AM Nov 04 2011 |




I try to diet too. And I choose the best way for this such as when I take more food on daily, so I will exercise for burn to them. I can not stop to eat my favorite ice cream because I love ice cream….hehehehehehe

10:00 PM Oct 14 2011 |



Russian Federation

I try to choos vegetable dishes and cut down portion.

09:15 AM Oct 13 2011 |



I always go for a strict diet and it really help me to lose wight faster …. but my day will become just like a hell for me _

09:04 AM Oct 13 2011 |




umm,I’ve tried once in my start of teenagerhood i did’nt do it the right way so i slept in the hospital for a week . I’ve stopped eaten healthy food but that was amurder as i was trieng to kill my self slowly .

Now i think that u should cat out the fats or eat but not much coz the body needs all kinds of food and good luck guys

03:57 AM Oct 13 2011 |





02:18 AM Oct 13 2011 |





02:18 AM Oct 13 2011 |




A piece of advice: go to the gym, run or simply walk. And eat a lot of everything…

01:53 AM Oct 13 2011 |




I don´t need to get a diet .  My genetic is very good , I eat a lot …

11:16 PM Oct 12 2011 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

i think the most important thing in diet is to have willpower to contiue ur diet,cut out our favourit meals is not easy

08:53 PM Oct 12 2011 |



United States

I have tried special diets before. I tried fasting on vegetable juice, not to lose weight, just to cleanse my body and clean out my colon. I also starting using Isagenix products which they say is a lifestyle not a diet. I found the quality of their products to be very good. I find the greatest diet is balance same as the dialogue between Dale and Amy suggests. This is a work in progress for me. I’m working on it every moment of every day. I started off today pretty good, with a nice balance. The key for me, I believe, is making positive choices in my diet particularly during times of stress or unexpected changes in my plan and schedule. In the past that has thrown me for a loop and sometimes out of balance. I’d like to improve in this area.

06:34 PM Oct 12 2011 |

Maria del Alba


I’ve never tried a diet or specifically diet. But I tried to do exercise going to a gym and other times I used to eat less amount of food (specially less of bread, sweets, chocolate, snacks…).

My particular weakness is chocolate, also ice-cream and in general terms everything sweet or candy. I’ve always preferred sweet food than savory.

04:46 PM Oct 12 2011 |

alderi chanel


I like banana but, I will try to cook portion

04:02 PM Oct 12 2011 |



 slim  and exercising could make you lose weight.

03:48 PM Oct 12 2011 |



South Korea

 I like to coffee with much sugar and milk. I think I should cut out the portion of them in coffee. I don’t know what portion is good for me. but my tongue knows already the taste.

I want to stick to the principle that is not much sugar. I doesn’t work well. want to slim down? for me, i don’t know.

03:32 PM Oct 12 2011 |

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