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take one for the team

take one for the team

Date: Oct 13 2011


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“Justin did an amazing job. He took one for the team!”

- Actress Mila Kunis talking about her Friends With Benefits co-star, Justin Timberlake. (US Weekly)

“贾斯汀 (Justin) 做了一件了不起的事。他为了集体利益,牺牲了个人利益!”
- 女演员米拉·库妮丝 (Mila Kunis) 谈论电影《利益朋友》的搭档贾斯汀·汀布莱克 (Justin Timberlake)。(《美国周刊》)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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make a sacrifice for the sake of others

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Remember last week, when we told you about how Justin Timberlake put his body on the line for a film by baring his butt in a love scene? Well, his sacrifice didn’t just impress his fans. It won him his co-star Mila Kunis’s respect, too. She says he took one for the team.

Mila says that Justin took one for the team. She means that he made a sacrifice by showing some skin, for the sake of their movie, Friends With Benefits. He did something that would benefit Mila and others, even though it might have been embarrassing or uncomfortable for him.

The expression take one for the team comes from sports. Sometimes, an athlete on a team takes a painful foul or puts his body on the line in some other way in order to help his team win. He makes a sacrifice for the benefit of his teammates.

You can also take one for the team by doing extra work on a group project at school, doing a big favor for your friends, or taking on extra duties at work in order to help your colleagues. You could say that’s what Justin did when he agreed to bare his butt on the big screen.

Have you ever taken one for the team?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Joe has been staying late a lot at work. He’s really taking one for the team.”

“When all the flatmates’ parents were coming for a visit, Christine decided to take one for the team and clean the entire apartment.”

“George stayed up all night to finish a group project. He took one for the team.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

weah44 he scarificed by valuable thing for his friends or family
by weah44
_Ayham_ take one for the team means to sacrifice for the team benifit.
by _Ayham_
Eleniya when someone willingly makes a sacrifice for the benefit of others
by Eleniya
Talia Do to sacrifice, to take the bad part and give the better one(s) to others.
by Talia Do
wwongsapun It's mean someone who are willing to sacrifice for others or team go to success. :)
by wwongsapun
 julito Ready to sacrifice oneself for the team
by julito

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Laura Gl

Saudi Arabia

Maybe I have taken one for the team sometimes in life, dont remeber :P

04:23 PM Nov 05 2011 |



I like meeting all kinds of person and like to make friends with them,so i have many friend in my life,expecial on some social network and in true life,why i have so many friends and can keep long term realtionship,i always try my best to do something if can help my friends,also ,i like take one for our team,i like acting the role as team leader to organize some activity and program,such as football activity,climb mountain and so forth,ever time i will took one for the team and preparing something before the activity,i scarifice my personal time ,but can let my teammates happy,i like that

09:16 AM Oct 17 2011 |



Take one for the team means one is not selfish .he foregets himself for all . The first one in this rank is prophet MOHAMED .prophet of islam . I invite all to learn about him. 

08:56 AM Oct 17 2011 |

Khine Shein


 i really enjoy every time when i take one for the team and i put myself on the line for everyone :D

12:16 PM Oct 16 2011 |

Maria del Alba


True friends are only the ones who take one for the team.

07:06 PM Oct 15 2011 |



South Korea

taking one for the team is hard. to make a sacrifice ^^

03:23 AM Oct 15 2011 |

La Princesse de la vie


well , for me i have taken one for the team many times before , sacrificing for my friends but without hurting myself or harming my interest.

also my friends do that , we all always try to help eachother and take one for the team .

but for me , that behaviour which that actor has performed in the film by baring his butt is so harmful for his rank , dignity and respect , and i’ll never sacrifice for the sake of anybody if i know that it’s against my dignity.

10:13 PM Oct 13 2011 |



United Kingdom

it is very dificult to scarificed friends n


08:09 PM Oct 13 2011 |




well ,i am glad to help others .and you ?

04:27 PM Oct 13 2011 |




I let my friends see my answers in school tests Tongue out

03:20 PM Oct 13 2011 |




Well, idon’t remember that i took one for the team before, but i think it’s a great thing to do  and i hope that i’ll be able to make a sacrifice in the future.

12:20 PM Oct 13 2011 |




when you did a big sacrifice even so painful for the sake of your family,friend or people!

11:49 AM Oct 13 2011 |

khaled abdl samd


Hello! Everyone I want to talk with new friend for improve my english,Actually I don’t want date and don’t to find love,But I just want to have new friends…Keep in touch Contace me:

11:42 AM Oct 13 2011 |

khaled abdl samd



11:40 AM Oct 13 2011 |



United States

respect the ones who takes one for the team))) good job) and ot’s rewarding)

11:36 AM Oct 13 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

when some one made to you sacrifice gladly we should to present our gratitude no body can to be a hero all the time i like to be an athlete for help my team on the winning thank a lot for nice topics very useful article congratulations

02:17 AM Oct 13 2011 |




After a thorough consideration, Mila took one for the team adn quit the chance to go abroad and stay with her suffering family.

01:36 AM Oct 13 2011 |

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