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Over The Top
Over The Top English, baby! Video Lesson

The Modal Verb "Might"

Date: Dec 06 2011

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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It’s often possible to have too much of a good thing. Take, for instance, your favorite beverage. Whatever it is, if you pour too much in a glass, it will spill over the top and make a mess!
“Over the top” is an expression used to describe something that is too extreme in some way. If music is too loud, you can say it’s over the top. If someone you just met starts buying you flowers and calling you every day, you could say their behavior is over the top.

But being over the top is not always a bad thing. If you go to a concert and there are lights, fireworks and backup singers, you might walk out and happily say, “That was over the top!” And, of course, what is over the top to one person, may be perfectly reasonable to another. Devan recently got engaged. It’s time for her to choose a dress. But, as Marni finds out, Devan’s expectations may be a little over the top.


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Marni:  This is so exciting. I can’t wait to see you try on dresses.

Devan:  Yeah, I’m excited, too, but I’m kind of nervous. All the dresses in the window were so over the top.

Marni:  Well, what do you mean?

Devan:  They were all so big and pouffy and white.

Marni:  Yeah, most wedding dresses are white. But I heard that they have a lot of different styles at this place. I’m sure you can find something that’s not too over the top.

Devan:  OK, but I definitely don’t want sparkles. I hate sparkles. And I don’t want anything one-shouldered. But I don’t want anything strapless. And I don’t think I want sleeves either. I don’t want anything lacy. I don’t want anything Victorian. I don’t want anything too modern. I don’t want anything totally ‘80s…I don’t want it to have sequins. Marni? Hey! Are you sleeping?

Marni:  No…I uh…It’s just that…I think your expectations might be a little over the top.

Devan:  What? What do you mean?

Marni:  Well, so far all I’ve heard is all the things that you don’t want. I mean, what about all the things that you do want in a dress? There has to be something here that you would like.

Devan:  There is. Like…that!

Marni:  That?

Devan:  This one. I think this is it. I think I found my dress. I think it’s perfect.

Marni:  Well, it’s definitely not over the top.


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Marni helps her friend Devan shop for a wedding dress. They are excited, but the dresses in the window make Devan a little nervous. She wants something simple and they all seem over the top.

Devan begins to list the things she doesn’t want in a dress. The list is so long that Marni falls asleep. When Devan wakes her up, Marni tells her that maybe her expectations are over the top.

But suddenly, Devan sees the perfect dress. She holds it up. It’s plain and white. Definitely not over the top. Do you like things that are over the top, or do you prefer simplicity?



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Saudi Arabia

the dress that was chosen by the girl in the video is very very simple , is she sure that it is wedding dress !! lol .It depends on the girl herself .some girls need a simple touch to shine , while others need more effort to get the dress that corresponding with their body shape ,in some cases , wearing a dress on that have sequins is a comauflage .

07:11 AM Mar 21 2012 |




simplicity is good just for a daily Endeavors,but not for important occasion,like weding,you need to be speacial,speacialy in ur weding,so i prefer to be over the top  a little bit.

11:17 PM Mar 19 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

when I am speaking about sth out of my mind I should say I prefer to wear sth in middle not that much extreme to be called over the top not this much simple(Daven’s choice)but in reality I can not tell you what will be my choice for 100 percent, it depends how do I look in it ? whether it looks good in me or not

12:34 PM Jan 17 2012 |



too high or not cheap

07:24 AM Dec 15 2011 |




why can’t i play the vedio?

06:32 PM Dec 12 2011 |




I have been in this situation with Devan. It’s special day for bride.So which should the nice dress for that day. I like to wear simplicity dress but hidden some thing that to seduce to looking… Hahahahaha

02:56 AM Dec 12 2011 |



I don’t like the wedding dress that Deavan finally chose,it’s too simple,like  a bridemaid’s dress.I like the wedding dress which having lace,sequins,like a princess.

02:34 AM Dec 12 2011 |



when it comes to dresses, I have my own choice. I  like dresses neither over the top nor plain. Instead,I think the perfect dress is the one which is simple.different in style.has its own taste and when you show up.you pay the attention of all people in .It is the dress that makes you special .I think I can be a fashion-designer.lol

08:08 PM Dec 10 2011 |



i love the simple dress too,it’s really perfect and graceful,and and i wanna buy it.

06:30 AM Dec 09 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

i like moman wear simple dress.

02:29 PM Dec 07 2011 |



her taste was awful i wouldnt make the  same choice,  my wedding dress will  be more imperssive and glamorous Laughing

12:23 PM Dec 07 2011 |


selvgaliSuper Member!


Devan is over the top

01:14 AM Dec 07 2011 |




I prefer simplicity, all things with sparkles aren’t for me. I don’t want to look like fireworks. My wedding dress was very simple and i think it was lovely :) 

10:11 PM Dec 06 2011 |




You can get her anything as long as you don’t go beyond the friendship zone without her consent.

yeah kneeling would be overdoing it, espacially in public.

08:23 PM Dec 06 2011 |



thank you snoopyboy for your nice comment. ıt’s great you think it’s not over the top. 

Haha..I didn’t drop on one knee while giving her that necklace for sure. It would be really over the top. :)

06:48 PM Dec 06 2011 |

1 person likes this

Vina Novalina


I prefer simplicity but i think everyone has different perspective about something over the top. For instance, like Friendlover who bought a neckless for his friend’s special day, maybe for him it is not over the top but for his friend it can be, otherwise and like the article said that being over the top is not always bad things in some case hehhe

05:34 PM Dec 06 2011 |

1 person likes this




i like simplicity..because i think over the top have a little like overdressing!!

03:38 PM Dec 06 2011 |


South Korea

audio is not machted to the script

03:34 PM Dec 06 2011 |




I like simplicity 

02:38 PM Dec 06 2011 |




Fret not! Friendlover, your nickname says it all, you  just love your friend and thought buying her a necklace would make her happy. it’s not like you bought her a unicorn.

Did you drop on one knee when you handed the necklace to her?Wink

02:17 PM Dec 06 2011 |

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